Oral irrigator is a device that can thoroughly clean the gums, teeth, gaps between teeth, help rid the mouth of germs, have a massage effect on the gums, which helps to improve blood circulation and eliminate the diseases of the oral cavity.

The appearance of the first irrigator comes at the beginning of the 60s of the last century, thanks to the research of the dentist Gerald Mauver from the USA. Over the following years, the device was improved and occupied a certain niche in dentistry.

In the device, a jet of water under pressure is sent to hard-to-reach areas of the oral cavity to perform hygienic procedures. The device uses ordinary filtered water, which is fed by a thin stream to the nozzle of the device by a hydraulic pump. To have a therapeutic effect, the irrigator has a special tank filled with antiseptics that are currently needed.

The solutions are commercially available, as well as the irrigators themselves, which are made of three kinds.Portable device, battery operated, stationary, with a large selection of operating modes and irrigator, connected to the water supply.
The device has contraindications, therefore, recommendations of the dentist on the choice of device are necessary.

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