The massager is a specialized device for carrying out massage procedures in house conditions. The very first massager and several subsequent ones were invented by the Swedish doctor Gustav Zander at the end of the 19th century, who were used to restore heavy patients. And even today such constructions can be found in the sanatoriums of the Caucasian Mineral Waters and Odessa.

Now there is an opportunity to choose a massager for every taste and wealth. Practically each of them has a set of nozzles used for different types of massage, such as vibration, patting, tingling, as well as their combination.

A home appliance will help promote health, stabilize blood circulation, improve well-being, relieve pain syndromes and even lose weight. Their types depend on the area of ​​use. There are facial devices used for medicinal and cosmetic purposes. There are massaging devices for the head, eyes and legs. There are devices to influence the spinal column, as well as the back, neck, upper and lower limbs.

All types of massagers can be divided into large-sized electric devices, such as chairs, pillows, capes, and portable devices that work at the expense of the individual's weight.

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