Air purifier

An air purifier is a modern device used to clean the air from dust and other small particles, gases and microorganisms harmful to human health. The main mechanism of operation of this device is filtration, and air masses circulate due to fan operation. The first primitive filtering elements began to appear at the turn of the 18th-19th centuries, and the quality of air purification made mankind puzzled with the rapid growth of industrialization.

Currently, filters are applied at several levels: mechanical, electrostatic, carbon, HEPA and photocatalytic. The device is a plastic case equipped with ventilation and filtration systems. The principle of operation of any air cleaner is based on the deposition of harmful impurities on the surface of the filter and forcing clean air through a fan. In modern models, several levels of cleaning have been implemented, from coarse to fine, capable of eliminating even dust mites, which is indispensable for allergies.

Various models of air cleaners are produced: from the simplest devices with one type of filtration to combined air purification systems. Purpose and price of the device depends on the quantity and quality of the filters used.

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