Sterilizer (drying oven) is a special device for disinfecting instruments from all existing harmful microorganisms. Sterilization is carried out at high temperature, but without an increase in pressure. The device was invented by the French scientist Denis Papen in 1679. The action of the sterilizer is based on the properties of hot air, to give dry heat, which contributes to the disinfection of equipment.

Although sterilizers may differ in the form and method of heating, they are all made of heat-resistant metals and asbestos. Inside the device there are shelves for dishes, instruments, a thermometer is mounted at the top and a fan is also installed there, which closes during the procedure. Before sterilization, the instrument is carefully washed and wrapped in paper, which is removed immediately before use.

Sterilizer's scope of application is medicine, cosmetology, industrial laboratories. During the disinfection process, the instruments do not deteriorate, the erosion of glass objects does not occur, the devices do not require special care and are easy to operate.Modern models of devices are able to control the processes occurring in them, do not allow overheating and are connected to a computer to adjust the operating parameters of the drying cabinet.

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