Electrofireplace is an electrical device capable, on the one hand, to function as a heater, and on the other, to create visual effects, such as imitation of burning flame and firewood. Consuming from 1 to 2 kW of electricity, the device can heat a room up to 25 square meters. meters

The progenitor of a modern electric fireplace is the usual open hearth. Over time, the fireplace has undergone enormous changes in architecture, proportions and design. Many citizens of different countries participated in the improvement of the device. And today there are such names as English architects R. Adam and D. Stone, Earl von Rumford and other inventors, whose ideas are increasingly used in everyday life.

Fireplaces work as a result of heating a tubular electric heater, the location of which depends on its type: open and closed heaters. The fireplace itself consists of two modules: the portal and the hearth. If the portal is the framing of the fireplace, then the hearth is the firebox.A fan is used to create the appearance of live fire.

The devices themselves can be built-in and portable, wall-mounted and floor-mounted, widescreen and mini-devices that differ in design and heating area. For the fireplace to work, there must be an electrical outlet next to it.

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