Electrofireplaces with the illusion of living fire: safe heat in every home

Electrofireplaces with the effect of living fire are a great addition to the interior. The sound of crackling wood relaxes and gives indescribable pleasure. The original element of the decor will complement and revive the situation in the house or office. Unfortunately, limited areas often do not allow the installation of a wood-burning fireplace. Open flames are not always allowed for technical security reasons. Moreover, in the apartments it is impossible to organize a chimney system. Salvation will be electric fire with the effect of living fire. What is it, how to choose and install it?

Fire in the fireplace - comfort and peace in the house

Live fire in electric fire is a phenomenon that replicates the process of burning wood. A water container and a steam (cold) sprayer are built into the device, discharging tiny drops of water over imitation firewood. The light of the halogen lamps falls on the particles, forming for our perception an image of glowing wood, an inflaming hearth and streaming up smoke. It is important that the backlight be bright enough.

 Electric fireplace

Denote a few basic features and benefits:

  • Various functions: from heating in cold seasons to lighting.
  • Air humidification at any time of the year.
  • Aesthetic appeal. Externally, they look similar to the traditional hearth. Modern advanced technologies endow the fire with a unique, non-repeating pattern.
  • They help to relax after a hard day, create comfort.
  • Safe to use. Suitable even for accommodation in apartments.
  • No need to build a chimney, eliminates the possibility of smoke. No need to think about purchasing and storing firewood.
  • Economical power consumption, commensurate with an iron consumption of 2-2.5 kW in heating mode and 150 W in live picture mode.
  • Can be used absolutely in any rooms, regardless of their size and features.
  • Not picky in care.
  • Can be installed without restrictions and without special permissions to installation.

A bit of history

Electrofireplaces have existed for a long time, therefore in the course of technology development, their improvements have been carried out repeatedly:

  1. The first models looked very unnatural. The effect of glowing wood was created through the use of conventional paint to indicate coals.
  2. Some time later, models imitating the hearth by blowing silk segments with a fan were used in the interiors. In the wind, directed from the bottom up, the flaps fluttered, thus creating a fiery illusion.
  3. Later, the performance became more realistic. This was achieved by LED backlighting. The logs prepared for kindling seemed to be ashamed of ashes, as with a real fire. At the base of the device is a heating system. All that is missing is the sound of cod wood.
  4. Later applied video imagewhich was accompanied by sound effects. This design was located behind a glass panel.Flames dancing on hot coals were visible in the depths. The picture was accompanied by a characteristic crackling of logs in the furnace. It is possible to distinguish such a construction from the present only by the absence of a chimney.
  5. Modern stoves are distinguished by a special realistic imitation. Particles of sprayed water are highlighted. halogen bulbs. Due to this, there is a chaotic flicker of light, as close as possible to this burning. To enhance the impression often use mirrors. Fireplace with video

Types of modern fireplaces and portals

Selecting a heating element, you should decide where to place it. Depending on the intended location, one or another kind of fixture will be used. The area of ​​the room also affects the choice of power unit.

Technologies are evolving, so there are constantly new ways to create the illusion of a flame. In some cases, it makes sense to purchase a unit of minimum configuration, and then purchase add-ons. In addition, you can independently create electric fire, repeating the pattern of flowing flame, glowing coals and burning logs.

Consider the main existing types of electric fireplaces.


Such devices are ready for use immediately after purchase. By preferring this view, you will not additionally deal with facing issues.

Floor view is the simplest design. It is convenient and mobile.

 Outdoor electric fireplace

Perfect for small areas. No additional installation is required. If desired, such a product with ease moves to any convenient place. In some cases, you can even remove it completely, for example, for the summer season. The device of floor type have two versions:

  1. The first view is added models. This is the most popular type. They are installed as close to the wall as possible. Depending on the location are allocated front and corner. Corner electric fireplaces will be an excellent choice for a small area. Suitable for an apartment or a country house. Take a minimum of space and can be installed in any corner. Special conditions are not required. Add-on heater
  2. The second type is detached models. Can be installed anywhere as desired. These fireboxes are quite light, so children or pets can easily overturn them.For such complex units fall is contraindicated.

 Freestanding fireplace

Mounted or wall mounted

These furnaces are installed on the wall. Their appearance resembles a thin TV. They are elements of decor, as well as perform the function of heating. Can be used as a source of additional lighting, to a certain extent. Wall electric fireplaces have small size. In this regard, the heat is released in insufficient quantities for full heating. Sometimes models are purchased only for decorative purposes, without heating possibilities. This option is suitable for those who select interesting solutions for the interior with a view to decorating.

 Wall mounted fireplace


Recessed electric fireplaces installed in a pre-prepared fireplace portal. Thanks to this arrangement, they look exactly like a real hearth. In the manufacture of frames for such furnaces used various materials. For these purposes, suitable wood, ceramics or stone. They can also be used as decorative elements, and they also do an excellent job of heating.

It should be borne in mind that the thickness of the portals exceeds 30 sentiments, which makes it difficult to install them in small apartments.

To give originality and uniqueness to this decorative element, you can frame your own hands, taking into account your own wishes and features of the interior. But do not forget about ventilation. The choice of frame depends on the design of the room. One of the varieties - bilateral fireplaces. Designed for installation in the room adjacent rooms. Thus, you can enjoy the view of the hearth in each of them. Built-in electric fireplace helps save space. Unlike outdoor, there is no need to allocate for them a special place.

 Recessed electric fire

Important points when choosing a model

An electrofireplace system with a simulated live fire effect and an original flame pattern is a combination of two systems: copying live fire and warming.

It is better to choose the option with independent systems. In this case, it will be possible to use the device at any time of the year, regardless of the temperature outside the window.

The first step is to understand what settings should be by your fireplace:

  1. Dimensions. Depend on the area of ​​the room in which it will be installed.
  2. Registration. It is selected for the interior style.
  3. Heating power depending on the area.
  4. Functionality
  5. The amount of electricity consumed.
  6. Prices have a very large variation. Simple basic models are offered at the most affordable prices, as well as stylish solutions that have artistic value.

Remember that a good unit cannot have a low cost. First, it will be bad to cope with heating. Secondly, the visual image will be much poorer. In addition, as a rule, cheaper devices consume much more electricity. Sometimes it may even not comply with fire regulations.

Installing the firebox and fireplace portal

With freestanding fires problems can not arise. But the wall is a little more complicated: you need to take into account their weight when attached to the wall. For heavy need at least 4 points of attachment to the wall.

The finished portal model can be purchased at the store, or you can create your own design. To do this, follow these guidelines:

  1. We get the firebox, which copies the fire center, and we deal with all the nuances of the electrical device operation.
  2. After that, we proceed to the selection of material and the development of the project, taking into account all the characteristics of the unit.
  3. We calculate the optimal thickness of the portal, taking into account the size of the fireplace. For a harmonious image it is important to observe the basic requirements for the ratio of the dimensions of the heating device and the room. In this case, the width of the device should occupy about half, and the height of 2/3 of the room.
  4. We think over the shape and design of the facing in advance.
  5. Choose a place to install. Wall - suitable for spacious apartments. Corner - for small ones.

The portal is created to emphasize the presence of the fireplace and pay attention to it. Facing should not shade and close the center.

 Fireplace device

Electrofireplace scheme


Electrofireplaces with the effect of living fire will give your home a sophisticated look. Playing flames accompanied by a characteristic click of the logs will create a special charm and comfort. The heating element will fill the room with warm cold evenings. The desired visual image can be achieved by choosing original framing under the interior. In addition to ready-made options, you can create a lining with your own hands. Properly executed installation will allow you to enjoy the beautiful view of the hearth, as close as possible to the real flame.

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