Choosing an electric fireplace for the apartment

Live fire in an apartment building is very risky and often impossible. However, electric fireplaces come to the aid of those who do not leave the dream of basking at the hearth on long winter evenings. This type of device not only performs many functions of a wood hearth, but also has several advantages.

Types of electric fireplaces

Electrofireplaces for the apartment are quite popular for many years. There are several types, before buying a device, you need to decide which one is best for you.

The first type is electric furnace, which is, in fact, a conventional heater, the design of which can be made in any style. The advantages of the device are that it is very compact, it can be easily moved to another place or even transported to another home.

 Electric fireplace

The second type is hearth. The peculiarity of fireplaces of this type is that they do not have a body; devices can be placed in any portal. Foci are very popular among designers, because the appearance of such devices does not limit the flight of their imagination. Such fireplaces will fit into any interior, even the most unusual and futuristic.

 Fireplace in the form of hearth

The third type is wall fireplace. It looks like a large plasma TV, which show only one program. The fireplace does not need additional space, and anyone, even the most inexperienced master, can install it. Among the additional features of this device is heating.

 Wall mounted electric fireplace

Fourth - built-in electric fire. This type is the most natural of all, some models are hard to distinguish from real ones. They are usually built into special portals that you can both buy and make yourself out of drywall. Also, fireplaces of this type can be embedded in a niche in the wall or even in the furniture itself.

 Recessed electric fire

Type Five - outdoor (portable) electric fireplaces. Are a complete composition: do not need installation, portal or niche.

 Outdoor electric fireplace

Which model is better - only you decide.


  • Electrofireplaces are a good choice for those who want to make their apartment more stylish and comfortable. They are safe and easy to maintain - their owners will not need to clean the fireplace from soot after each use.
  • Electric Fireplace Installation very simple and does not take much time, everyone can handle it. Most often, simply select the desired location for the instrument and plug the device into an outlet. With the electric fireplace, unlike the present, there will be no problems - there is no need to coordinate its installation, to provide a foundation and a pipe for the removal of smoke.
  • Electrofireplaces are safer than usual, as they do not heat up the pieces of furniture that are nearby. Yes, and an accidental burn is impossible - the device itself is practically not heated.
  • The fireplace itself, as well as its installation, will cost much less than wood.
  • New models are very realistic: the fire is difficult to distinguish from the present. Particularly successful in this steam options.
  • Electric fireplaces almost do not require maintenance, but the wood will have to be regularly cleaned from ash and dust.
  • The device "feeds" only with electricity, but for the present it is necessary to buy firewood.
  • It has a heating function.Often there is enough power for heating a room about twenty meters.

 Dimplex Electrofireplaces


  • Artificial flame. No matter how believable it is, the present looks spectacular. In low-cost models of fireplaces, the flame is cycled, repeated, in steam rooms - more natural and natural.
  • If you turn on the heating function, it will significantly increase energy consumption.

Varieties of models

In stores a large selection of fireplaces of various designs. The portal to the hearth can be both bought and made independently of drywall. Hand-made portals are of two types - more complicated, lined with stone or brick, and simpler - decorated with various elements of polyurethane. Among the purchased ones there are portals decorated with marble, wood, metal structures or bas-reliefs. There are simple options that are perfect for the interior in the Scandinavian style or in the style of a loft.

By the form of a flame electrofireplaces can be divided into 3 types:

  • The effect of "flame" is created by the oscillation of scarlet ribbons and strips of foil.
  • "Flame" - just an image on the monitor, accompanied by the sound of crackling firewood. This option is called multimedia.
  • Steam electrofireplace - the most natural of all. Its “flame” is obtained, thanks to a pair that is illuminated with the help of red and yellow halogen lamps. Such fireplaces sometimes have an additional function - some models have a reservoir for an aromatic liquid with the smell of burning wood.

 Steam Electrofireplace

How to choose

There are a lot of fireplaces sold now, so the most important thing is to decide before buying what the fireplace should look like and what functions it is desirable for it to have.

If the fireplace is needed only to decorate the interior, then feel free to take the device that you like.

Most importantly, the portal organically fit into the design of the room. Remember that facing is the best from natural materials - stone, marble, wood, but there are quite decent options and high-quality plastic. In any case, the decisive role here is the price.

 Fireplace with stone trim

If from a fireplace additional heating of the room is required, it is worth paying attention on power electric heater. The approximate power of most devices is 2 kW, enough of this for a room of up to 20 meters. With a larger area it is better to choose a more powerful electric heater.

It is also important to be able to regulate the temperature of the air, the brightness of the flame.

Before buying it is necessary to decide on electrofireplace sizes and choose a place for it.

It is better to do this at the repair stage, since an additional socket will be needed for the fireplace. Consider that it is undesirable to buy something unnecessarily large in a small room - it will look out of place.

Electric Fireplace Design and Interior Styles

If you have already decided to buy a fireplace, then the next step is to choose which portal is right for your living room.

    1. If the room is designed in a classic style, then the fireplace is chosen appropriate. The portal should be decorated with stucco or marble, the preferred form is rectangular.
    2. Gold can also be used for baroque or Empire.
    3. English classic style is more suitable for the office, but in the living room is quite appropriate. The portal of the fireplace in such a room can be decorated with wooden panels.
    4. For country style, or rustic style, characterized by coarse natural materials. The best option for facing is natural stone, however, quite good and artificial variants are being sold now.If you are doing the portal yourself, it is better to choose an artificial one right away - it is easier to work with it.
    5. If the interior is planned in the loft style, then the best option for the design of the portal, of course, is a brick. And the brick should be more natural, unprocessed.
    6. If your choice is ethnics, then look at various ceramic tiles (in patchwork style, for example), tiles.

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