How to choose the right electric heater

Modern electric foci perform, first of all, a decorative function, but can warm the room and emit smoke, imitating the burning of firewood in a real fireplace. And therefore you need to pay special attention to the choice of the size of the electric fireplace in order to optimally combine the desired result and material costs for the purchase and maintenance of such an instrument.

Varieties of electric fireplaces

According to the type of room where the unit will be installed, the size of the electric heater may be different:

  • mini;
  • average;
  • big ones.

Mini electric fireplaces characterized by small size and good mobility. This option is perfect for a bedroom or study, and can be brought to the country, so that you can pass the cold evenings around you in the circle of loved ones.

 Mini electric fireplace

This option is also good because it consumes a small amount of energy, so large electricity bills will not be a problem.

The smallest versions of the device occupy only 1/8 square meter of the room.

Average electric fireplaces are perfect for installation in a large room or in the kitchen. The standard size is about 60x60x30 cm, but you can always find an option that is best suited to meet the requirements of certain owners.

Depending on the method of installation, there are the following types of artificial foci:

  • mounted;
  • floor standing;
  • embedded.

 Outdoor electric fireplace

A fireplace with medium dimensions can be of any type, and depending on its additional functions, it will consume the appropriate amount of material resources when purchasing and energy during operation. Many buyers stop on this option.

Large fireplaces usually installed in homes with an area of ​​more than 50 squares. It is here that the unit can occupy half of the wall, and, of course, such options look very nice. Especially good is a large electric heater with heating function, in this case, you can avoid using a portable heater.

 Big electric fireplace

The dependence of the size of the fireplace from the area of ​​the room

Choosing an electric center for an apartment, you do not need to give preference to too large options, since they will overload the interior of the room. It is better to use the following tips:

  1. When choosing an electric hearth, the following rule applies: the smaller the apartment, the smaller the fireplace.
  2. It is desirable that the device occupies no more than 1/50 of the floor space, then it will optimally combine the beauty of visual effects and the economy of energy consumption.
  3. For large rooms, it is desirable to select a large unit, otherwise the small one will simply be lost.
  4. Very effectively, the fireplace looks in a special niche, the size of which must also be taken into account.
  5. When choosing a device with additional features, you need to consider how much it will consume energy and how much it costs.

Some variants of electric fireplaces have two modes of operation with different power - 1 or 2 kW. Usually this is enough to maintain the heat in a room of 20 square meters.

Choosing a device in the modern market for electrical household products is not difficult, thanks to a wide range with different sizes and functions.Everyone will be able to find a suitable option for your taste and wallet size.

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