What is good electric heater with a humidifier and the sound of the furnace

A city apartment is not a reason to refuse to admire the fire in the fireplace (even if it is artificial) or to warm up around it with the whole family. However, all heating devices dry the air, which rather adversely affects the state of the furniture and the health of the owners. That is why an electric fireplace with a humidifier can solve the problem, and the sound of a firebox will add credibility.

What is a device

The first models of electric fireplaces imitated fire only with the help of a media image, that is, it was just a video picture. Of course, such devices did not show fire with sufficient realism. And so they were replaced by electrofireplaces using their actions at the base of vaporization effect.

Water poured into a special tank, evaporating and illuminating, creates a fairly realistic image of the flame, and when escaping from the fireplace, its appearance resembles smoke. All this makes the device similar to a real fireplace, and the steam also moistens the air quite well.

 Electrofireplace in an interior

How does it work

At first glance, there is little in common between fire and the process of vaporization, but it is worthwhile to understand the principle of the operation of an electric fireplace with an air humidifier:

  1. Through a special hole the water enters the steam generator.
  2. The plates of the steam generator begin to oscillate at a high frequency, which activates the process of vaporization.
  3. The resulting steam passes through a diffuser, which distributes it inside the furnace.
  4. Halogen or LED lights highlight this process.
  5. Sprayed away from the light source, small droplets of water create the effect of smoke and moisten the air.

Since steam is not generated by boiling water, but by high-frequency vibrations, it turns out to be cold and completely safe, that is, it cannot be burned.

With prolonged operation, halogen lamps tend to heat up,therefore, it is not recommended to leave children alone by the open fireplace in order to protect them. Or it is better to give preference in favor of the LED backlight.

 The device of an electrofireplace with the steam generator

Certain filters and the location of the backlight make the fire so real, and therefore such models are called electric fireplaces 3d. Indeed, the fire in them looks voluminous and "alive."

Types of electrocenter with steam generator

Based on possible variants of electrical sources with a steam generator, it is possible to introduce some of their classification, based on the possibility of direct access to the artificial flame. You can select the closed and open options.

For families where children and animals live, for safety reasons, it is better to give preference to closed models.

The closed fireplaces happen two types - with a lattice or with glass. The choice of a particular type can be based solely on personal aesthetic preferences.

 Closed electrofireplace

Open models allow touch the "fire" however, they may not always be safe, especially when using halogen lamps in them.

 Outdoor steam electric heater

Additional functions

It is clear that air humidification is an additional feature of this device, however, such models may also have additional functionality.

With the help of a steam generator or some additional functions, the 3D electric fireplace opens up the following possibilities for its owners:

  1. Enjoy the smell of the fire, if you use special aromatic blends.
  2. Admire the high-quality image of the flame, regardless of the time of day.
  3. Hear the sound of burning wood in the firebox or music using the audio playback function.
  4. Set a comfortable atmosphere in the room.
  5. Use remote or automatic control.

All these features can be a nice bonus to the possibility of admiring a realistic and safe image of the flame.


Electrofireplaces with effect living flame consumes a sufficient amount of energy, about 2 kW / h. However, in different modes, for example, with the heating function turned off, such a unit will consume less electricity.

Different models of water containers have different volumes, but for the most part, one refill is enough for 24-36 hours continuous work. After the water runs out, a fuse is triggered and the device shuts off.

 Water tank in electric heater

The brightness of the flame, the possibility of heating and the visualization of the effects can be turned off, and therefore in the summer you can enjoy a completely cold fire.

Thanks to the resulting pair, electro-steps, of course, humidify the air, but are not full-fledged humidifiers, and therefore it does not make sense to acquire such a device only for this function.

Most of the electric fire with a humidifier can only maintain the existing humidity level in the room.


The use of electric foci with a humidifier requires mandatory compliance with safety rules, plus added rules for working with water:

  • Electrical wiring must be of adequate quality to withstand the required voltage.
  • It is also better to purchase a voltage regulator so that power surges in the electrical network do not damage such a unit that is not at all cheap.
  • There should always be free access to the outlet to which the device is connected, so that if necessary it can be quickly disconnected.
  • Water that is required to be poured periodically into the device should not fall into the surrounding parts and wires.
  • Timely cleaning of internal parts allows to extend the life of the device.
  • It is better to pour filtered water into the device so that no scale is formed on the parts.

Electrofireplace with a humidifier quite realistic imitates the work of this fireplace, and therefore is an excellent solution for installation both in the apartment and in the country. Understanding the principle of operation and following the safety regulations, you can maximize the life of the device.

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