The nuances of the installation and design of the corner of the electric fireplace

Create an interior accent, add a decorative composition, warm in a cold evening, and just take an empty corner with ease will be able to corner electric fireplace. This unit is easy to use and has many undeniable advantages.

Advantages of a corner electrocenter

A real wood-burning fireplace is, of course, a fantastic, useful and very beautiful thing, but you will not install it, for example, in an urban apartment. And because it can serve as a great replacement for the electric version.

However, sometimes it is not always possible to find a place to install a frontal fireplace, and then it is replaced by an angular model, which has its obvious advantages:

  1. It occupies a small area, and therefore can be installed even in a small room.
  2. Fits perfectly into a corner, so you can not stumble or hurt yourself about it.
  3. Can serve as a stand for souvenirs or TV.
  4. A variety of models helps to fit it absolutely in any interior.

 Corner electric fire

These are just the features that this unit has, thanks to its specific installation site. But it also has all the advantages of any electrical source:

  • security;
  • functionality;
  • ease of care;
  • beautiful imitation of flame;
  • no additional costs for combustible materials.


Like all other options, angular foci may have:

  • Only visual effect.
  • Only heating function with fixed decoration.
  • Flame visualization along with heating.

Its power consumption will depend on the chosen type of device: from 100 W / h for a beautiful image and up to 1 kW / h for combined models.

 Electrical center with flame visualization

For angular electric fireplaces may exist additional functionscharacteristic of their front-end counterparts:

  • smoke effect;
  • sound imitation of burning wood;
  • built-in air humidifier;
  • spraying a liquid with a corresponding odor;
  • brightness and heat radiation adjustment;
  • automatic overheating protection.

Of course, all the additional functions will affect the cost of the unit, but it is very nice to see, listen and feel the “almost alive” fire.

Depending on the features of the geometric shape, corner fireplaces can be:

  • symmetrical;
  • asymmetrical;
  • modified frontal.

Symmetrical fireplaces have a triangular shape with equal sides adjacent to adjacent walls.

 Symmetrical model

Respectively, asymmetricale have different sides.

 Asymmetrical Electric Fireplace

Frontal The fireplace model can also be modified by adding a special section to it so that it fits well into the corner of the room.

 Front model

Decorative design

Beautiful and harmonious will look only the device that is correctly entered into the surrounding interior of the room. The fireplace can be decorated only externally changing its frame, that is, a niche.

There are 3 options for the portal device:

  1. Buying a complex model of electric center with a niche.
  2. Embedding the device in a separately purchased portal.
  3. Embedding the device in a self-constructed niche.


 Corner electrofireplace built into the niche

If it was decided to independently arrange and decorate a niche, then it can be constructed from the following materials:

  • a rock;
  • tree;
  • MDF;
  • metal;
  • drywall

The most common material manufacturing portal is drywall, as this material is quite picky in use and the price for it is very pleasant.

When choosing a finished niche or assembling it yourself, it is necessary to take into account its external decorative design, because it must conform to the general style of the room.

Recently, angular electric fireplaces built into the portal of a material imitating light brick. Such a decorative element adds authenticity to the design.

 Fireplace portal made in light brick

Installation and operation of the electric corner

To install such a device is very simple, it does not require contacting professionals, everything can be done independently. It is necessary to provide only a few points and follow some rules:

  1. A separate outlet is required for the unit.
  2. First a niche is assembled, and then a device is installed into it.
  3. It is possible to turn on the device in the network only after its complete assembly.
  4. The quality of the wiring should be adequate to ensure the safety of the household.

After its installation, you can enjoy family evenings, but you must follow some basic rules of operation:

  1. Children should use the device only in the presence of adults.
  2. If you do not use the device for a long time, you must disconnect it from the network.
  3. The lighting and heating functions need to be adjusted according to the season and setting, so as not to overpay for electricity.
  4. If you detect a malfunction of the device, you need to take it for repair.
  5. Regularly carried out proper care and cleaning of the device will extend its life.

Electrofireplace - an excellent decorative and functional element of the interior, and its corner model can fit beautifully into the environment and at the same time save space.

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