Interior design with electrofireplace

Today, thanks to the specialists who offered its electric analogue instead of a wood-burning stove, you can not only heat your home, but decorate the room, because the electric fireplace in the interior is the dominant element that can say a lot about its owner.

What is an electric fireplace

In Russia, the history of the fireplace has a couple of centuries. It so happened that they installed them in the homes of rich boyars, and later, in the era of Peter I, already in the palaces. It turns out that since ancient times, the fireplace was an indicator of the well-being and wealth of its owner.

It is difficult to operate a traditional fireplace. It is necessary to monitor the condition of the chimney, clean it, which requires hard work.

An alternative to a wood-burning fireplace is an electric fire, which differs from a wood-burning one by the absence of a chimney. And the fire that we see when we turn on the device in the electrical network is not real. This was made possible thanks to the technology with which you canimitate himby passing on the screen. Heating of the room occurs due to the heat emitted by infrared radiation. But most often such fireplaces act as a decorative element, and not heating.

 Electric fireplace

The advantages of technology

  1. Compared with a natural fireplace, the installation of electric does not require the construction of a chimney or foundation. It turns out that when installing such a device, the need for additional erections disappears.
  2. Fireplace requires only electricity. Artificial flame does not need coal or wood. This allows you to avoid smell, soot and smoke in the house.
  3. The technique is completely safe for children.
  4. Having decided to install such a device in your home, you will not need to receive permission from the specialized services.
  5. The cost of an electric fireplace with installation is much less in comparison with wood,requiring a decent financial outlay. Exceptions can be only devices made of expensive materials.
  6. Some models have a heating mode, which becomes especially useful during the cold season.
  7. Modern electrofireplaces are endowed with air humidification functions.


Guided by the method of placing the electric heater in the interior of the room, there are several types:

Wall mounted electric fireplaces are placed on the wall or in the wall, it remains only to correctly and beautifully arrange such an arrangement in the interior. Most often such devices are not deep, therefore, choosing them for installation in an apartment, we can assume that they will not require a lot of space.

 Wall mounted electric fireplace

Walls - set along the wall.

 Wall mounted

Island Fireplaces placed in the center of the room, so that the hearth can be approached from all sides.

 Island fireplace

Corner. Despite the fact that this type of device requires installation in a corner of the room, do not forget that the fireplace is still the preferred element in the whole room design.

 Corner model

Built in fireplaces. The design of such devices involves embedding them in furniture or wall.To install the equipment in the wall, you need to prepare a niche in it, not forgetting about its framing.

 Built-in electric fireplace

Mobiledevices do not require a permanent location, so they can be freely moved around the apartment, or taken away altogether, for example, to the cottage.


When choosing a future electric heater, their other important characteristics should be taken into account. For example, electric fireplaces can be not only a decorative element in the design, but also perform the function of heating.

Many manufacturers build sound simulations of crackling coals into their equipment in order to bring the owner of the electric fireplace as close as possible to the real feeling of burning firewood.

The maximum natural flame compared to that recorded and displayed on the electric screen will look installed. Fireplaces of the new generation are endowed with an electric hearth with a 3D flame effect.

Disadvantages of electric fireplaces

Before purchasing such equipment, it should be noted that despite all the advantages that the owner of such an instrument receives, there are also disadvantages that it is important to know:

  1. Some models can not be called quiet, all the fault is the presence of a fan in them, whose work can not be called silent.
  2. Fireplaces endowed with heating function consume a significant amount of electricity, creating a tremendous load on the network, which is important to consider when installing equipment. Decorative electric fireplaces that do not have this capability take significantly less energy, no more than an ordinary kettle - 2 kW.
  3. When several appliances are included in the network, including an electric fireplace, there is a possibility of a failure.
  4. Despite the attempts of manufacturers to recreate the real flame, at a close distance the sense of reality will still be lost.

Electrofireplace in an interior

Properly selected and decorated portal sets the tone for the entire design concept. Electrofireplaces today are executed in various styles that allows to issue practically any design of the room with their help.

Putting a sofa in front of the fireplace, or chairs you can get a great place to relax, where you can read your favorite book, relax or lie down.

You can install an electric fireplace in the living room yourself, without resorting to the services of designers, you should only take into account a few simple subtleties.

 Electrofireplace in an interior

Definitely, such a device is able to attract maximum attention.Therefore, it is undesirable to place in this room any additional bright decorative elements that will compete in importance with the fireplace. The exception can be made to a television set by many over the hearth, which is not very correct, since these two objects will distract everyone’s attention .

When choosing a place to install a fireplace, it is important to consider the lighting in the room. It will be good if neither street light nor artificial lighting falls on it directly. 

Making the living room in classic style, the electrofireplace should be chosen decorated with a stone or a tree. Based on the tastes of the owner, he can be both luxurious and more restrained. Above the focus, designers often recommend hanging a big picture. A fireplace area, on the advice of the latter, should be decorated with artificial stone or decorative plaster. On the floor it is amazingly beautiful in this case will look laminate or parquet.

 White electrofireplace for a drawing room in classical style

Electrofireplaces of white color are very popular, which are preferred not only by ordinary customers, but also by professional designers.It is no wonder, such electrofireplace is universal, therefore white color will ideally fit into any interior. So, the center of white color will decorate the hall, living room or bedroom not only in light colors, but in dark ones, since it will be advantageous to look at the contrast.

Insert fireplace in the living room country not problematic, because it will be perfectly in harmony with the high ceilings of the spacious room, especially if it is a country house. Over electrofireplace often hang weapons and trophies, obtained during the hunt. The fireplace area is decorated with stone or wood.

 Country-style living room fireplace

Electrofireplace with a clear shape and a minimum of finish to fit perfectly in styleshi-tech and minimalism. 

 Electrical center in hi-tech design


Modern electrofireplace - really universal, multifunctional element that can decorate the interior of any room. Everything else, it is a good alternative to the traditional fireplace for installation in city apartments, where it is almost impossible to install a chimney.

The big advantage of electric fire is the presence of the heating mode and the function of air humidification.

Today the market offers a wide range of such devices, made in different styles, which allows them to fit into the interior of any room.The main thing is to show your creativity at registration, and guests will appreciate this masterpiece, and will want to be your guest a little more, enjoying the warmth and comfort emanating from the fireplace.

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