Air conditioning

An air conditioner is a device designed to provide the room with the optimum temperature and humidity, purified air, and the speed of its movement. Generally, air conditioners are used in the summer to reduce the temperature in the room, and in the winter, on the contrary, to increase it.

They tried to condition the air in ancient Persia, but this primitive method did not reach our days. The first electric device of such a direction was invented in 1902 by U. Carrier. A little later, the inventor created the first air-conditioning system and tested it in the printing house of the city of Brooklyn.

Today, air conditioners, in addition to their main function - to cool the air, have many other purposes. These include devices (split), capable of filling the room with fresh air, and warm air, on the contrary, to bring out. There is an additional opportunity heat the air. In this case, the temperature outside should be at least - 5 degrees.Otherwise, damage to the drainage system may occur.

The modern market represents three types of devices: window, mobile and wall-mounted air conditioners. The latter type is in great demand, as it is a split system, a more efficient model than a conventional air conditioner.

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