Harm to the air conditioner: truth and myths

About the dangers of air conditioning there are ongoing discussions. Someone considers them the cause of colds, and someone - a useful air purifier. What really? Let's try to figure it out.

Common Myths

The air conditioner cools the air, produces ventilation, and also maintains the temperature in the room at the same level. It sucks in the air, processes it, cleans, cools and drains it back into the room.

For people with allergies, air conditioning is a lifesaver, as its cleaning filters absorb dust, pollen and animal hair.

 Allergy-Free Conditioner

Common myths about the dangers of the device:

  1. Reduces immunity: the air conditioner makes the air so clean that the human body gets used to it and can no longer fight with germs. No, in fact it is not. In order to weaken the immune system, the air must be not just clean, but sterile.An air conditioner cannot make it so; it only brings it to optimum purity, which does not hurt, but, on the contrary, makes breathing easier.
  2. Causes colds: this myth is also not justified. People who use air conditioning do get sick often, but only because they use it incorrectly. The temperature of the street and the room should have a difference of no more than 8 degrees. And if we get from the street into a room with a sharp temperature drop, then really, such a sharp cooling can cause a cold. Also, if you are in the immediate vicinity of the device for a long time, and you are constantly being blown over by streams of cold air, then you can easily get sick here. Therefore, to prevent this, it is necessary to properly use the air conditioner.
     Temperature setting

  3. Freon in the air conditioner is harmful for good health. Fears are in fact groundless. Freon is harmful in large quantities, for example, in the event of a leak. But let's remember that it is not only in air conditioners, but also in refrigerators. But for some reason, the dangers of refrigerators are not expressed as often as the dangers of air conditioners.And in order to avoid leakage, you should not install the device yourself - it is better to entrust this business to specialists.
  4. Dry the air: many believe that in the room where the air conditioner works, the air becomes very dry, which does not have the best effect on the skin and respiratory tract, and also leads to rhinitis and dry eyes. There is some truth in this, since the device does reduce the humidity of the air, but it does so slightly, without causing harm. And those who live in regions with high humidity, this function will only benefit.

Risk minimization

There is no harmless technique, but if you use it correctly, you can significantly reduce the risks.

To avoid colds, do not set too high a temperature in winter; keep it within 20-23 degrees. And in the summer, put it on a level not lower than 18 degrees. Try to keep the temperature difference in the room and outside not to exceed 8 degrees. If, for example, the temperature in the street is 30 degrees, do not make the temperature in the house below 22, this can provoke a cold and a runny nose.

It is not recommended to install the air conditioner above the bed or desk, and also to keep it on all the time.Do not forget to periodically (every 3-5 hours) turn off the device for an hour.

 Air conditioning options

Ventilate the room regularly and additionally saturate the air with moisture. A humidifier or a damp towel left near the appliance will help.

If your air conditioner has additional functions, it will not only purify the air, but also fill it with useful ions, which will give you strength and vigor. Well all that is in moderation, so do not abuse the use of air conditioning and take care of your health!

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