The humidifier is designed to create a climatic background in an apartment or house, which increases and retains the humidity of the air, which serves to saturate it with additional components and purify it from impurities.

The first primitive moisturizing devices appear in the late 19th century. And the first company that began to produce such devices for the home was the Swiss company, which has been the leader in the production of humidifiers of various types and purposes since 1969 and to this day.

The devices are divided into household humidifiers used in homes, apartments, cottages, and industrial, moisturizing the air in warehouses, industrial and construction rooms. Home appliances are compact and silent, have low power and excellent design. Industrial devices are bulky, with great performance, but noisy and very heavy.

Speaking about the useful qualities of household humidifiers, do not forget about human health.A low level of humidity affects the body, leads to respiratory diseases, weakens the immune system, provokes asthma attacks. A humidifier better than other devices will cope with these problems, since it will not allow overmoistening and dry air.

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