A fan is a device that creates movement of air and is used for ventilation of rooms, cooling equipment and other purposes. The axial fans were based on a Leonardo da Vinci helicopter, which did not fly, but created a strong wind. In 1832, Lieutenant General A. Sablukov invented a centrifugal fan, which, after the invention was improved by the author, became widely used in Russia and in other countries.

Mainly produced electrical devices, consisting of a set of rotating blades, enclosed in the chamber of the device and powered by an electric motor.

Domestic fans provide air inflow and outflow in different rooms. Sometimes they are equipped with automatics for switching on and off the device, timer and sensors. Typically, domestic ventilation devices are made of plastic. By types are divided into centrifugal, axial, window and other types. But mainly axial fans are used in everyday life, having a simple design, low power consumption and high performance.

Whichever ventilator is chosen, its main characteristics are: air flow, pressure, speed, power consumption, efficiency and sound level.

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