Water heater

A water heater is a device for heating water in the right amounts, used at home. For these devices use different power, ranging from liquid fuel and ending with electricity.

In ancient times, people heated water, throwing hot stones into it. It was possible to heat the water even up to 100 °. And already in the XIX century, a device working from solar energy was patented. Soon, this device had to be abandoned, as gas came to replace the energy of the sun.

Modern water heaters are divided into flow and storage devices. Such devices operate at the expense of electricity, gas or steam and water heat exchanger. Each type of device has its positive and negative sides, differing in power, design, energy source and method of assembly.

Storage water heaters or boilers these are capacities of 3050 liters, having inside TEN. The device does not require large power consumption.At the time of heating water affects the size of the device and the power of the heating element. Works from the usual outlet.

Flowing water heaters do not have a water tank. Heating occurs through a heat exchanger, which immediately supplies heated water. In addition to electricity, gas is used as a power source.

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