The computer is still not able to compete with the person when creating paintings

Russian specialists from Moscow State University conducted an interesting experiment. They offered to restore the missing fragment of the picture to the artists and the artificial intelligence system, after which independent users evaluated the results obtained.

For reference. The process of restoring a lost part of a picture or image is called Image inpainting. This is a rather complicated technology, which implies the restoration of the source as close as possible to the original, most often the original is even unknown. In this way, you can restore old images or remove “extra” objects from the image.

Retouching is used quite often by both professionals and amateurs. It is no secret that sometimes during a photo session, something or someone extra gets into the frame. As a result, even the most successful shot can be spoiled at the wrong time by a flying bird or by a randomly passing person.In our time, all this can be fixed. At the same time, automatic photo processing technologies are becoming more sophisticated, so soon a person will only be able to set retouching options, and the program will do everything for it.

Now it is also possible. But the experiment, comparing the results of the work of real artists and computer technology, determined the winner, and he became a man, not a machine. 215 users, not knowing who is the author of this or that work, evaluated the extent to which artists managed to recreate objects from an aesthetic point of view. As a result, in only one of six cases, the program was able to circumvent the person, in all the others - the unconditional leadership belonged to the "natural pen."

The conclusion suggests itself - the machines are not yet able to compete with a person in the field of art, that is, where everything is decided not by logic and accuracy, but by taste, aesthetic perception and personal evaluation. But considering the intensity with which specialists are working to improve artificial intelligence systems, it can be assumed that very soon everything can change.

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