Ovens rating 2017

Every year more and more consumers prefer embedded household appliances instead of classic freestanding ones. This is not surprising: you always want to save as much space as possible in the kitchen, and the variety of built-in ovens, hobs and dishwashers becomes a real salvation. We analyzed the most popular models of built-in ovens on such parameters as technical characteristics, capabilities, quality of materials, cost and collected the opinions of customers. On the basis of the information received, a rating of ovens of 2017 was made in the “price-quality” ratio.

10. Zanussi ZOG 511217 S

The rating of embedded gas ovens in 2017 opens the Zanussi brand, which has recently released gas-type kitchen appliances, and this model is worth mentioning. Its value today is about 30,694 - 37,389 rubles. Oven capacity - 74 liters. There is a grill and sometimes the necessary function of the skewer.Three heating modes (convection, unfortunately, is absent). Like many similar models, this oven is not equipped with self-cleaning. The body is designed in a pleasant beige color, the oven is equipped hinged door from the threefold tempered glass.

 Oven Zanussi ZOG 511217 S

  1. High-quality and fast heating.
  2. The case does not overheat.
  3. Sound timer.
  4. Gas control works smoothly.
  5. Spacious oven.
  1. High cost for the stated characteristics.
  2. No convection.
  3. There is no protection from children, and also protective shutdown.

Prices Zanussi ZOG 511217 S:


At the ninth position in the ranking of the best located embedded model from MAUNFELD. This is a relatively young European brand specializing in high-quality and modern kitchen appliances. The electric oven offered at the price of 19,700 rubles has a stylish appearance and high functionality. The model gives the impression of a premium class equipment, despite the very affordable price. This is made possible by the use of quality materials in the finish: the opening and control handles are made of metal, and the heat resistant glass is installed in the front of the control unit.

The oven is roomy enough: its volume is 58 liters. Energy consumption is at a high level: class A. Control is carried out using electronic touch programmer and mechanical handles. It has everything you need for full cooking: grill, convection, upper and lower heating, which can be turned on together or separately. There is an intensive baking mode. Integrated lighting allows you to visually monitor the process of cooking. Inside the chamber is covered with a special enamel, which is easily cleaned from the drops of fat.

The advantages of the model include the presence of tangential cooling, protecting kitchen furniture from overheating.

We should also talk about the glass door. It is made double and has a mirror tint, which creates the effect of "luxury" technology. The inner glass has a tramp line, so that when the oven light is off, its contents are not visible, and when it is on, you can watch the cooking without any problems. External glass does not heat up, which makes it safe to use the oven in families with small children.

  • "Expensive" appearance at a reasonable price;
  • 10 heating modes;
  • touchscreen;
  • ease of care;
  • double glass with tramp line;
  • bright lights;
  • tangential cooling.

Judging by the reviews of customers, this model has no disadvantages.


8. Samsung NV6786BNESR

Another model from the category of electric ovens ranks eighth in the ranking. The Samsung NV6786BNESR oven has an electrical connection type, a spacious volume of 70 liters, grill and convection function. Moreover, the convection is double here, since the construction consists of two sections with separate ventilation for each. You can load two dishes at the same time and set different temperatures for them. Electricity consumption can be controlled independently by setting the heating of only one part of the oven. It provides a huge number of modes (25) for almost any type of product: meat, fish, vegetables, frozen foods. The cost is from 28,870 to 36,951 rubles.

“In terms of functionality and workmanship, it’s head and shoulders above eminent counterparts for the same price. Well assembled, nothing rattles or dangles, high-quality enameling, the metal does not bend. "

Vladimir, 42 years old.

 Oven Samsung NV6786BNESR

  1. High quality materials.
  2. Durable oven glazing.
  3. Surfaces are easy to clean.
  4. Multiple heating modes.
  5. Simultaneous preparation of two dishes.
  6. Stylish silver case.
  1. Fingerprints remain on the glass surface.
  2. Sometimes condensate flows.
  3. Fewer trash in picking.

Prices Samsung NV6786BNESR:

7. Fornelli FGA 60 Destro

The Italian brand Fornelli has already established itself as a manufacturer of high-quality household appliances for the kitchen, and this gas oven is no exception. The volume of the oven is 70 l, there is a built-in tangential cooling system, so the heat practically does not flow into the room during cooking. In stock 3 modes of operation, skewer and grill function. Inside the oven is illuminated (the power of the light, though small - 25 W). The door is folding, equipped with triple heat resistant glass. Convection, unfortunately, is absent.

Black body, stainless steel framing and tinted glass oven look stylish and concise. The cost today is 23 853 - 34 326 rubles.

 Oven Fornelli FGA 60 Destro

  1. Large volume of the oven.
  2. Sophisticated security system: gas control, safety shutdown.
  3. Quality gas grill.
  4. Panels are easy to clean due to the presence of catalytic cleaning.
  5. There is a mechanical spit.
  1. When heated, the oven glass and the control knob mist abruptly.
  2. Not very convenient mechanical timer.
  3. At the lower level of cooking dishes can burn.

Prices Fornelli FGA 60 Destro:

6. Gorenje BO 73 CLB

The rating of the built-in modern ovens of 2017 continues the model of the well-known brand Gorenje, and we place it in the sixth place of the top best. It can be called one of the most practical and functional: with an oven capacity (67 l) there is also 9 heating modes, including grill and convection. The function of defrosting products is available. Electronic control, additionally help the standard rotary switches and a sound timer. The package also contains two types of trays, telescopic rails, grilles for several levels inside the oven.

“Triple glass. Everything is easy to understand, you can wash separately. Telescopic guides, very convenient. They are also removed, so washing is easy. ”

Natalia, 26 years old.

 Oven Gorenje BO 73 CLB

  1. Many cooking modes.
  2. Panels are easy to clean.
  3. The glass does not heat up at all.
  4. Beautiful and stylish appearance.
  5. Convenient management.
  6. Reasonable price, taking into account the characteristics: 25 500 - 36 390 rubles.
  1. Oven lighting can not be turned off during work.
  2. Clock settings are lost.
  3. Sometimes there are failures in the fan.

Prices Gorenje BO 73 CLB:

5. Delonghi FGB 4

Gas independent oven Delonghi FGB 4 is located in the middle of the rating. The cost of the model is from 32,320 to 39,320 rubles. The capacity of the oven is 60 liters, the maximum heating temperature is 250 ° C. There are 3 heating modes, including grill and convection. Spit is missing. The rest corresponds to similar models in this price category: protected oven doors, cooling fan, electric ignition. Control is carried out by rotary controls. This model provides hydrolysis purification ovens. In general, the oven is reliable, buyers have left a lot of positive feedback.

 Oven Delonghi FGB 4

  1. Built-in exhaust system.
  2. Gas grill.
  3. Oven glasses are easy to clean.
  4. Build quality.
  5. Nice design.

No significant downsides have been identified. Some customers have noted that the timer sometimes slows down, and the oven doors overheat.

Prices Delonghi FGB 4:

4. Kuppersberg OZ 969 WH

Premium electric recessed ovens are presented by Kuppersberg, and one of the most high-quality models is ranked fourth. In the presence of 10 modes of heating, a 59-liter oven equipped with catalytic cleaning.

In addition to the main modes, there are also 18 special automatic programs for more precise settings to your liking.

The control is fully touch, there is a color display, electronic timer and clock. Embedding the oven in the kitchen set will be easy: dimensions are quite standard - 59.5 x 59.5 x 54 cm, the white case is created in a modern style.

 Oven Kuppersberg OZ 969 WH

  1. Build quality.
  2. Huge selection of heating modes.
  3. Food does not burn.
  4. Rich equipment.
  5. Touch control.
  6. Cleared control panel.
High cost: from 59 830 p. up to 71 990 rubles.

Prices Kuppersberg OZ 969 WH:


Top 3 opens gas oven from Maunfeld. This model is assembled in Turkey, is characterized by high quality of materials used and reliability. Technique from Maunfeld will last more than a dozen years. At a price of 34,780 rubles, the buyer gets a built-in gas oven 60 cm wide with increased volume - here it is as much as 67 liters. The exterior of the unit is “strict”: the front panel is made in black, and the control and opening handles are made of stainless steel. Triple glass door is heat resistant and produced by the famous German company SCHOTT.

There are 4 heating modes, there is an option "grill".You can control the operation of the oven with the help of classic rotary knobs. A countdown timer will give a signal at the end of the cooking process. Automatic ignitionfull gas control present. Built-in lighting allows you to control the process of cooking. There is also a tangential cooling that protects the walls of the oven and, accordingly, surrounding the furniture from overheating.

The package includes 1 standard and 1 deep pallet, grille, as well as telescopic rails.

Caring for the oven facilitates a special internal enamel coating, literally splitting the fat deposited on it. In addition, the inner glass can be removed for cleaning, which is very convenient.

  • large internal volume;
  • built-in electric firing;
  • full gas control;
  • tangential cooling;
  • easily cleaned surface;
  • grill function;
  • availability of the timer;
  • retractable inner glass.
  • price available not to everyone;
  • There is no internal thermometer.


2. Kaiser EH 6365 W

In the second place of the rating is the model Kaiser EH 6365 W, which combines the functionality of the most top models and an acceptable price (41,450 - 49,420 rubles).The volume of the oven is 66 l, 5 heating options, there is a grill, the possibility of roasting on a spit and convection. In the oven, you can easily defrost food and cook on any of the five levels. In addition, the equipment is rich various baking sheets, which greatly facilitates cooking. Touch control, including the display. The oven is protected by triple glass and equipped with a shock absorber.

  1. Reliable assembly, quality materials.
  2. Telescopic guides included.
  3. Touch control.
  4. Does not overheat.
  5. Stainless steel handles.
  6. Catalytic cleaning system.
  1. Sometimes if the clock is set incorrectly, the oven will not turn on.
  2. Sensitivity to voltage drops.

Prices Kaiser EH 6365 W:


The best oven of 2017 is another built-in model from Maunfeld. This wonderful electric oven, made in retro-design, will delight the owners with its quality and functionality for many years. At a cost of 28,290 rubles. the appearance of the device is very sophisticated: the combination of a beige front panel and gold fittings allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of luxury of the 20s of the last century. SCHOTT triple heat resistant glass has a color close to black when the backlight is off. The door is removable.

The increased volume of the oven - 67 liters - allows you to use almost any dish. 7 cooking modes designed for cooking a variety of dishes. There is upper and lower heating, which can be switched on together or separately, grill, convection, defrosting function of products. Energy class A, which allows you to not worry about electricity bills. Management is classic, with the help of rotary mechanical handles. The built-in timer is located on the front panel and looks like a retro clock.

The internal glass of the oven is panoramic, which allows you to follow the cooking process. This is facilitated by a bright built-in lights. Thanks telescopic guides the dish is easily removable. The external glass does not heat up during operation of the device, which indicates its high level of safety. It is simple to care for a case: the internal surface is made of special easily cleaned enamel. In general, this is a beautiful model with all the necessary functions at an affordable price. Deserved first place ranking.

  • interesting retro design;
  • spacious oven;
  • built-in timer;
  • telescopic guides;
  • triple glass door;
  • easily cleaned inner coating;
  • low energy consumption;
  • 7 cooking modes.

Disadvantages of this model were not identified.



It is often difficult to determine the order of which company’s oven to choose, because today there are many quality models on the market of household appliances. If you decide to buy a built-in oven, then reviews of real buyers will help you to know which is better, electric or gas, because they are usually the most objective and honest. We, in turn, made a rating of the best ovens, based on the opinions of users and the technical capabilities of the models.

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