10 best jigsaws of 2017

Jigsaw is a convenient, compact and versatile tool for processing materials such as wood, steel, plastic. Many believe that the jigsaw is necessary, first of all, to professionals. This is not quite true: there are many simple and inexpensive household appliances. If your toolkit still does not have a jigsaw, and you are thinking about buying one, then pay attention to our rating of the best mains and battery jigsaws of 2017.

10. AEG ST 700 E

On the tenth line is a simple, but fairly high-quality manual jigsaw AEG ST 700 E. Key technical parameters: power - 705 W, work speed is 600-2700 strokes / min, move - pendulum. The frequency of the stroke can be adjusted (only 4 steps). The maximum cutting depth is different - 110 mm for wood, 25 mm for aluminum and 10 mm for steel. Mushroom-shaped handle.The design itself weighs only 2.2 kg and can be used for carrying. special casewhich is also included.

 Jigsaw AEG ST 700 E

Of the useful additional features, you can separately note the anti-vibration system and the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner to blow off sawdust and dust at the cut point. The device is equipped with a device to protect against chipping, and the rubberized sole in turn prevents damage to the material being processed.

  1. Powerful and convenient, suitable for non-professionals.
  2. Excellent quality of a roller and fastening for a file.
  3. Affordable price - from 6,997 to 8,260 rubles.
  4. Low noise during operation.
  5. Roomy case as standard.
  1. There is no way to maintain a constant speed.
  2. No backlight.
  3. When working you have to maintain the power button, which is not very convenient.
  4. Fragile hex key holder.

Prices AEG ST 700 E:

9. Bort BPS-800-Q

We give the ninth place to the top ten of the budget model - the pendulum jigsaw Bort BPS-800-Q. Among similar in characteristics electric jigsaws, it is distinguished by a good price and reliability. The input power of the tool is 800 W, the frequency of the movement of the file can reach 3000 revolutions per minute.The depth of the cut of the tree reaches 80 mm and 10 mm, if you work with metals. There is an adjustment of the frequency of the stroke, only 4 steps. There is an adapter for connecting a vacuum cleaner, a tilt of the sole by 45 ° and a quick clamp for fixing the file. Staple handle optional rubberizedThat provides a fairly comfortable grip. The package bundle includes everything you need: a hex key, parallel guides, spare brushes and a vacuum cleaner adapter.

 Jigsaw Bort BPS-800-Q

This model can not be called perfect, but for beginners it can be very useful.

The cost of the jigsaw - from 1 895 to 3 290 rubles.

  1. High power and efficient performance.
  2. Easy to use.
  3. Functionality.
  4. Value for money.
  5. The ability to connect a vacuum cleaner.
  6. Anti-slip grip coating.
  7. The sole is not scratched in the process.
  1. When processing wood, the file goes to the side at a depth of 50 mm with the stated 80 mm.
  2. Chips quickly accumulate, blowing function is implemented poorly.
  3. Noise at work.

Prices Bort BPS-800-Q:

8. Makita JV100DWE

The next step is a cordless jigsaw, which is great for both straight and figure cuts. The capacity of Li-Ion is 1.3 A * h.The frequency of movement of the file reaches 2400 strokes per minute. Speed ​​can be adjusted. Engine power depends on the force pressing the start button. The maximum cutting depth of wood material is 65 mm, for steel and metals it is 4-2 mm. Of the additional features there is a function of connecting a vacuum cleaner and blowing waste - chips and sawdust.

 Jigsaw Makita JV100DWE

Pay attention to the design of this model. Weight about 1.7 kg, on the case there is a clip-shaped rubberized handle for a comfortable grip. The sole of the tool is cast, made of aluminum. In addition, there is a small protective screen, preventing the dispersion of chips and getting it in the face of the operator in the process. The cost is from 7,490 to 9,711 rubles.

We reviewed the reviews on this jigsaw and give one of them:

“Light, comfortable to hold, hand does not get tired, not noisy, vibration is low. The battery lasts for several cuts, then it needs to be changed. It saves that while one is being used, the other has time to recharge. ”

Andrei, 29 years old.

  1. Ease and compactness, small weight.
  2. Competently implemented anti-vibration system.
  3. Powerful engine.
  4. Includes two batteries.
  5. High performance.
  1. Low battery capacity, need frequent recharging.
  2. Slow cut.
  3. There is a significant side play in the jigsaw.

Prices Makita JV100DWE:


The seventh place in the top 10 best is taken by the instrument of the domestic manufacturer. Despite a slightly lower engine power (650 W) than the previous models, the BONUS ZL-650EM is not inferior in reliability to competitors. Jigsaw with a pendulum stroke, the maximum cutting depth of wood - 60 mm, steel - 10 mm. Available possibility of adjustment of frequency of turns.

It is worth noting the system of quick replacement of the file, as well as the function of blowing the sawdust in the place of cutting.

 Electrofret ZUBR ZL-650EM

To prevent the penetration of sawdust into the eyes, a special protective shield is provided in the design. The tool is powered from the mains, there is no battery. Metal body, resistant to chipping and scratching, steel sole. The device is quite impressive in weight - 3 kg. In the configuration there is an additional hexagon and saw blade. The cost of the model varies from 2 679 to 3 770 rubles.

  1. Excellent value for money and quality.
  2. Durable metal housing.
  3. The ability to instantly replace the file.
  4. Not heated in the process.
  5. It processes all types of wood, plastic and metal.
  6. Ergonomics and functionality.
  1. Strong noise during operation.
  2. It weighs a lot.
  3. No key fastening files.

In general, this model can be safely considered for purchase, if you are limited in the budget. Reviews speak for themselves:

“I bought this jigsaw for home repair, worked with wood, laminate, plastic, and thin metal. Never failed, it is easy and pleasant to work for them. ”

Vladimir, 46 years old.

Prices ZUBR ZL-650EM:

6. Metabo STEB 65 Quick

In the sixth place is the electric jigsaw model Metabo STEB 65 Quick. Power consumption of the tool reaches 450 watts. The idle speed is 600-3000 per minute. The course of a file - 18 mm. Available round rod. The sole is cast, the handle is made in the form of an arc, equipped with a non-slip coating. In general, a number of useful functions can be noted here: blowing off sawdust, the possibility of connecting a vacuum cleaner, and rapid replacement of files during operation. Control over the frequency of moves is carried out in accordance with the material being processed (whether it is wood, metal or plastic). The cost of the model is 2,998 - 4,720 rubles.

 Jigsaw Metabo STEB 65 Quick

  1. Good performance.
  2. Low price.
  3. The ability to quickly replace the file.
  4. Smooth start.
  5. Rotational speed is easily adjustable.
  6. Comfortable handle.
  1. It copes poorly with the cutting of metals.
  2. According to many buyers, there is an inconvenient round fixing of the file, which does not allow to handle the corners with high quality.
  3. Not very high power.

Prices Metabo STEB 65 Quick:

5. DeWALT DW333K

The next step is a jigsaw of a good, well-proven manufacturer. DeWALT DW333K is a practically professional model with a powerful engine (701 W) and convenient adjustment of the stroke frequency and the cutting speed of materials. This jigsaw is designed primarily for shape cutting. The maximum thickness of the cut is really impressive: 135 mm for wood and 30 mm for metals. Pendulum swing. The mushroom shape of the handle makes it easy to carry the device. You can easily adjust the inclination of the sole without the tool itself, to maintain a constant number of revolutions. Available system of fast replacement of a file. The price is quite high (from 12,228 to 15,390 rubles), but considering the functions declared by the manufacturer, this is not surprising.

 Jigsaw DeWALT DW333K

  1. High power and performance.
  2. Electronic speed adjustment.
  3. Smooth start.
  4. Rich equipment.
  5. Universal clip-fastening files for quick and easy change.
  6. Easy and simple operation.
  7. Long power cord.
  1. High price.
  2. Lack of illumination of the working surface.

Prices DeWALT DW333K:

4. Makita 4350CT

We placed a professional electric jigsaw with a pendulum stroke from the Japanese brand Makita on the fourth line of the top. It is equipped with a 720 W engine with 800-2800 revolutions per minute. The file has a stroke of 26 mm. There is an electronic speed control, which allows you to select the desired rate for a particular material. The maximum depth of cut wood is 135 mm, and metal - 25 mm.

The model has the function of maintaining a constant stroke frequency, which is especially convenient if you work for a long time.

 Jigsaw Makita 4350CT

Also available smooth descent, but to adjust the slope of the sole in this model tool will not work. The body is small, weighing only 2.5 kg. The handle is shaped, rubberized, the sole is made of aluminum. The model has a reduced level of vibration (there is an anti-vibration system). The complete set includes: a set of files (В-22, В-10, BR-13), a key-hexagon, a plate against chips, a cover of the support plate, a suitcase. The cost of the tool for 2017 is from 8 399 to 11 606 p.

  1. High power.
  2. System for quick installation of replaceable saw blades.
  3. Reliable fastening of a cloth.
  4. Reduced vibration during work.
  5. There is a square shank that prevents the displacement of the blade during cutting.
  6. Smooth running.
  7. The metal reducer providing wear resistance.
  1. No backlight.
  2. High, you have to adjust to work with certain materials.
  3. Thick square stock.
  4. The file is slightly offset from the slot in the roller.

Prices Makita 4350CT:

3. Bosch GST 90 E

Bosch electric jigsaw models are also worth mentioning. Bosch GST 90 E hand tools cost 7 359 - 9 250 rubles. For this cost, you can get the following technical features: power consumption 650 W, the frequency of movement 500 - 3100 strokes per minute. There are three speed adjustment stages (a speed switch is used to change the speed). The maximum depth, which in this case can be achieved when working with wood - 90 mm, when working with metal - 10 mm. The model does not operate on battery power via power cord. There is a quick change saw system.

 Jigsaw Bosch GST 90 E

Pay attention to the body.The weight of the construction is 2.3 kg, the handle is comfortable, rubberized, mushroom-shaped. Sole stamped, made of high quality steel.

  1. Mushroom handle makes it easy to maneuver in the process.
  2. Anti-vibration system.
  3. Instant change of files.
  4. Low noise.
  5. Quality assembly materials.
  6. Reliability.
  7. Roomy suitcase included.
  1. The file is quickly exhausted.
  2. When you connect a vacuum cleaner starts whistling.
  3. No backlight.

Prices Bosch GST 90 E:

2.Hitachi CJ14DSL

The Hitachi jigsaws are also notable for their quality and ease of use, but still, a number of characteristics did not allow us to put them in the first place. This battery model with 2400 strokes per minute, the battery capacity is 3 Ah. By the way, lithium-ion batteries are distinguished by an increased level of reliability and durability. Four-step pendulum stroke saw blade.

 Jigsaw Hitachi CJ14DSL

The maximum depth of the cut of the tree reaches 135 mm, steel - 10 mm. In stock LED rechargeable battery, as well as LED lightsThat allows you to work even in low light conditions. There is a quick replacement of saw blades, as well as a button lock from accidental pressing.You can connect a universal vacuum cleaner to blow off sawdust and shavings. The average cost is 14,338 rubles. Anyway, if you believe the reviews, then this is the best battery jigsaw.

  1. Comfortable handle, compact and light weight.
  2. Cast sole.
  3. Keyless attachment of files.
  4. Lack of wires.
  5. High performance.
  6. Rich equipment, including a protective shield, charger, key-hex, glass for precise cutting.
  1. Need an adapter to connect a vacuum cleaner.
  2. Too tight keyless attachment of the file.

Prices Hitachi CJ14DSL:

1. Bosch GST 160 CE

To find out which jigsaw is better, we analyzed a variety of models and identified the undisputed leader - Bosch GST 160 CE. Perhaps, almost The most powerful power jigsaw - 800 W, the number of revolutions - up to 3000 per minute. Extreme depth reaches 160 mm (for wood), and 10 mm for steel. The stroke is 26 mm.

Rapid change of files and saw blade: in the process, these steps can be carried out with one hand.

Bright LED work surface lighting. The double roller arm minimizes the displacement of the saw blade and provides high precision cutting of the material.There is the ability to connect a vacuum cleaner.

The review of this model can be supplemented with a review of one of the buyers:

"A very powerful device, there is the ability to turn on and off the backlight, blowing the chips ... Saws very quickly and cleanly, virtually without chips."

Michael, 51 years old.

  1. Huge power.
  2. High cutting accuracy.
  3. The presence of a smooth start.
  4. Durable molded outsole.
  5. In a complete set there is a set for dust removal.
  6. Comfortable ergonomic handle.
  7. Low vibration.
  8. Highlighting the work area.

Among the downsides, buyers can note perhaps the price: 16,272 - 20,100 rubles. Unfortunately, a similar model not everyone can affordHowever, for a professional, a tool will still be the best option.

Prices Bosch GST 160 CE:


Before buying this power tool, determine first of all his appointment. Amateur masters of carpentry (and just for household needs) are more suitable budget models with the most necessary parameters and functions. It is best for professionals to pay attention to powerful and high-performance jigsaws. If you have studied a large number of electric jigsaws, and do not know which one is better, then use our recommendations,and also reviews on this or that tool. Based on this data, you can make the right choice and be satisfied with the purchase.

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