Top 10 best fridges in 2018

Today, the refrigerator is an essential attribute of any kitchen. The demand for this type of technology is quite high, and where there is demand, supply is invariably born. To choose the best refrigerator, you need to take into account many criteria: this and customer reviews, and value for money, and reliability of the manufacturer as a whole. We will present the rating of manufacturers of refrigerators, which have already gained confidence in the market of household appliances, as well as give 10 models that you should pay attention to when buying appliances in 2018.

Leaders in the production of refrigerators

Below are the best brands, buying products which you can be sure of quality.

  1. Indesit. A brand that needs no introduction and is known to almost every domestic user.The slogan of the advertising campaign is the phrase “Indesit will last a long time”, and it describes the main direction in which the company has been operating for a long time. One of the most reliable manufacturers of freezing equipment on the market.
  2. LG. High degree of reliability combined with advanced hardware stuffing. AlDzhi is one of the most modern and influential corporations in the Asian region. Only original components and their subsequent high-quality assembly are the undoubted guarantor, the business card of this technological giant.
  3. EYELID. Turkish manufacturer of household appliances, which entered the domestic market at the beginning of zero. Separate models of the presented brand are still in service, which is able to tell about the company much more than a lot of graphs, indicators and eulogies. One of the most reliable brands that can be found in retail chains.
  4. ATLANT. Belarusian brand, which managed to establish production in the post-Soviet transitional production. The factories of the company are equipped with the latest technology, “Atlant” is not inferior to Western and Korean competitors, and, often, costs less.A wonderful choice for anyone who is not used to overpaying for a well-known brand and unnecessary options.
  5. Electrolux. The expression “made wisely” is ideally suited to the Swedish technology, equipped with the latest technical innovations. Reliable, time-tested brand with a rich history. The most reliable brand of today's rating. Products "Electrolux" has all the characteristics to be considered the benchmark of quality and reliability.

10. Pozis RK FNF-170

The rating of refrigerators for quality and reliability opens the model from the company "Pozis", located on the tenth position. This is a modern and reliable device, sold at a reasonable price - an average of 20175 rubles. The refrigerator has two compartments and two doors, the freezer is located at the bottom. Defrost compartments occurs by No Frost technologyThe minimum available temperature in the freezer is -18 degrees. The useful volume of the device is 314 liters, 220 is allocated for the main part, the rest of the space is given to the refrigerating chamber.

 Pozis RK FNF-170

The material of the body is plastic, there are only two color solutions: metallic shade and white gloss. Management is carried out with the help electromechanical unit with a class of electricity consumption A. Compressor model one. There is no ice generator on this model. The shelves inside the chamber are made of strong scratch-resistant glass. The door can be outweighed if necessary.

The stated maximum noise level of up to 40 dB, which is a pretty good indicator in this class.

The total weight of the device is 73 kg. A good, balanced model that can be recommended to everyone in search of a simple and at the same time reliable technical solution.

  • reliability;
  • strong and durable case;
  • good build;
  • classic design;
  • comfortable shockproof shelves;
  • spacious main camera;
  • low power consumption;
  • famous brand.
  • the price could be lower;
  • equipment;
  • the design of the legs, with time the coating becomes uneven, stability is lost.

Prices Pozis RK FNF-170:

9. Saratov 452 (KSh-120)

The next model, ranked in the rating of reliability, from the domestic manufacturer. The Saratov company has been producing refrigeration equipment for more than a decade, it’s a rich history, experience and customer focus. The cost of the device is only 7612 rubles: the refrigerator can be called one of the most affordable today. Of course, for such a price one should not expect a rich technical component from it, but the model copes with its main responsibilities - cooling products - perfectly.

The layout of the freezer unconventional: it located on top. The body is made of white glossy plastic, which is easily dirty, but also easy to clean. The control unit is combined, electromechanical, electricity consumption class B (not more than 219 kW hours per year). The camera is one, as is the compressor.

 Saratov 452 (KSh-120)

Manual freezer and freezer defrosting. The refrigerating compartment has a volume of 107 liters, the freezer is quite small, only 15 liters. There is no ice generator at Saratov, but the shelves are made of strong glass. The total mass of the device is 38 kg. Very reliable model that is in high demand in the segment of budget devices. Suitable as a second device, or as an option for cooling products in the country.

  • affordable price;
  • good build;
  • reliable compressor;
  • quiet work;
  • low power consumption;
  • convenient management;
  • many shelves;
  • low weight
  • cooling only to -12 degrees;
  • no ice generator;
  • manual defrost.

Prices Saratov 452 (KSh-120):

8. Bosch KIV38X20

The rating of refrigerators is continued by the model from Bosch. A vivid example of how reliable and functional a device can be, combining high technological potential. "Bosch" is considered to be one of the leaders of the European market for the production and sale of freezing equipment, their refrigerators are in consistently high demand, both in Western Europe and in the domestic market. The price tag for this device starts from 36500 rubles. This is one of the best. built-in refrigerators.

The freezer is located at the bottom. Case material - plastic, pleasant to the touch. When you touch the surface, barely noticeable prints remain on it, but you can wipe them off pretty quickly. Management is carried out using an electromechanical unit. Electricity consumption class - a subject for pride of this model, And +.

 Bosch KIV38X20

The compressor is the only one, but there are two cameras. The total volume of the freezer is 279 liters, of which 219 is allocated for the main part and 60 for the freezer. Ice generator is not provided.The shelves are removable, made of durable clear glass. The declared noise level is only 40 dB.

A pleasant surprise was the class of climate impact on the environment - ST. This means that even at maximum load, the refrigerator does minimal harm to the environment.

A great model for buyers targeting the middle price segment.

  • reliability;
  • environmental friendliness;
  • proven brand;
  • great build;
  • fast and gentle cooling;
  • stylish case design;
  • consumes little electricity;
  • productive compressor;
  • fairly quiet work;
  • preservation of cold offline up to 13 hours.
  • mark body;
  • no ice generator;
  • manual defrost.

Prices Bosch KIV38X20:

7. Indesit DF 4180 W

The next participant in the rating of the most reliable refrigerators is the Indesit appliance. The device with an affordable price (19990 rubles) and wide possibilities. The technical characteristics of the model are as follows: a classic case, made of plastic, with a lower location of the freezer, class A electricity consumption, a refrigerator control unit combined, electromechanical. Single compressor running on topical isobutane refrigerant R600a. Cameras are only two, as well as doors. Dimensions are very compact. Defrosting occurs in the No Frost mode.

 Indesit DF 4180 W

Pleasantly surprised by the useful volume of the refrigerator - as much as 302 liters. Under the main chamber 223 liters are allocated, under the freezer 75. There is no ice generator, the shelves are made of glass. The maximum noise level, according to the developers, is 43 dB. Climate Impact N, ST. The weight of the device is only 66.5 kg. Thanks thoughtful legs the case stands firmly on a flat surface. A wonderful budget solution for those who do not want to overpay for unnecessary options. Numerous reviews claim that Indesit refrigerators can serve their owner for years and even decades without requiring additional maintenance. This model confirms this long-standing practice of the company.

  • the manufacturer is one of the most reliable today;
  • beautiful build;
  • reliable fixation;
  • affordable price;
  • productive compressor;
  • good refrigerant;
  • high ecological class;
  • compact dimensions;
  • strong shelves;
  • You can outweigh the door.
  • heavy;
  • case vibration is present;
  • uncomfortable handle for opening the door.

Prices Indesit DF 4180 W:

6. ATLANT XM 4208-000

The device from "Atlant" ranks sixth in the ranking. In 2018, the Belarusian company introduced a new line of models. This unit costs from 11808 rubles, which automatically relates it to economy class solutions. But the budget does not mean bad, and the company "Atlant" once again proves that low-cost models can be very reliable. The freezer is located at the bottom, the body is plastic, in two colors, metallic and white. Mechanical control, electricity consumption class A. Compressor one, two freezers. The freezer is defrosting in manual mode, and the cooling chambers are in drip. The total capacity of 185 liters. The shelves are made of glass. The noise level is 42 dB. The climate class is N. The weight of the device is only 50 kg.

 ATLANT XM 4208-000

  • reliability;
  • proven brand;
  • good nodal assembly;
  • long service life;
  • not heavy;
  • low noise level;
  • convenient shelves;
  • drip defrosting.
  • mark body;
  • inconvenient management;
  • There is a vibration on the body.

Prices ATLANT XM 4208-000:

5. Hansa BK316.3

Best built in fridge today's ranking is located in fifth place. This unit costs 22,619 rubles.Due to the design of the freezer is located on top. Energy class A +, the refrigerant is traditional, isobutane. The main chamber is thawed in drip mode, the freezer is manually. The useful volume of the device is 260 liters, of which 190 are reserved for the refrigerator. There is no ice generator, but there are very convenient shelveson which you can place products of different sizes. The door, if necessary, can be outweighed. Climate control class N, ST. A perfect variant of a compromise model that skillfully balances between high quality, reliability and an acceptable price tag.

 Hansa BK316.3

  • impressive reliability;
  • long service life;
  • beautiful design;
  • the highest class of energy consumption;
  • good build;
  • easy installation system;
  • thawing;
  • strong shelves.
  • small freezer;
  • the compressor works with a slight buzz;
  • There is a slight vibration of the case.

Prices Hansa BK316.3:

4. LG GA-B429 SMQZ

Top-10 continues model from the South Korean corporation "EL". This is a reliable model that will become an indispensable attribute of the kitchen of its owner for a long time. The refrigerator is sold at a price of 33900 rubles.The classic form factor implies the lower location of the freezer. The material for the case is plastic in two colors: silver and metal.

Pleasantly pleased with the fully electronic control panel device. It is possible to control from a smartphone.


Energy class high, A ++. The compressor installed in the apparatus is inverter, isobutane acts as a refrigerant. This device does not need manual defrosting because it is equipped with the No Frost system. The total volume of the usable space is 302 liters, of which 223 is allocated for the main chamber. In addition to the beautiful display present effective child protection, shelf for freezing and the possibility of hanging the door. Climate impact class N, SN, ST. Model weighs 70 kg.

  • proven brand;
  • excellent quality;
  • good build;
  • robust housing, protected from external influences;
  • bright, readable display;
  • low noise level, only 39 dB;
  • high class of electricity consumption;
  • good design;
  • protection against accidental pressing.
  • heavy;
  • tightness of the door gasket;
  • expensive.

Prices LG GA-B429 SMQZ:

3. Samsung RB-30 J3000WW

The rating of winners opens model from the company "Samsung". The refrigerator exceeds many models of competitors in build quality, while being quite affordable in terms of price. The classical form with the lower location of the freezer is perfectly combined with two variants of the color solution: white and metal. The electronic control module responds well to touch. Electricity consumption is in category A +.

Compressor inverter type with isobutane circulating in it. Defrosting is not required, the cold can be kept inside the chamber up to 18 hours. The amount of ice produced up to 13 kg per day.

 Samsung RB-30 J3000WW

Additional options include a super-freeze and a temperature indicator.

Net volume of 311 liters. The display is clearly visible both in daylight and in the dark. Glass shelves, the door can be outweighed. Noise level up to 40 dB. Climate Impact SN, ST. The device weighs 66.5 kg. A wonderful device for those who are looking for a device with wide capabilities, reliable and durable. Refrigerators from the company "Samsung" always attract attention, being on the top lines of sales and all sorts of ratings.

  • famous brand;
  • corporate design;
  • good display;
  • high degree of reliability;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • low noise level;
  • large chamber volume;
  • does not require defrosting;
  • ergonomic shelves;
  • good compressor.
  • no ice generator;
  • weighs a lot;
  • door gasket dries quickly and loses tightness to the body.

Prices Samsung RB-30 J3000WW:

2. Electrolux ERT 1501 FOW3

Smallest fridge today's rating. The proposed model will cost the buyer only 25,272 rubles. This price automatically puts the device in the middle price class. Due to its compact size, the appliance freezer is located at the top. The body is made of high-quality glossy plastic and is offered in two colors: white and metallic. The control is carried out with the help of a mixed type unit (electrician). The level of electricity consumption And +. The compressor is only one. The device defrosts in drip mode, and the freezers in manual mode.

 Electrolux ERT 1501 FOW3

Despite its small size, the fridge has a rather impressive volume: as much as 136 liters, of which 118 allocated under the main compartment. The thought-over and ergonomic regiments made of thick glass allow to place any products with convenience.

Separately, I would like to note the quiet operation of the device: the maximum noise emission level is only 38 dB.

Climate Impact SN, ST. Wonderful refrigerator from "Electrolux" small in size, with all the necessary functions. It can be used as a second device in the house, as well as the main one somewhere in the country.

  • popular and sought-after manufacturer;
  • build quality;
  • interesting design;
  • a lot of internal space;
  • strong body;
  • performance;
  • energy efficiency;
  • easy and comfortable operation.
  • if the legs do not fit well enough to the surface, the case may vibrate;
  • freezer capacity;
  • there is no ice generator.

Prices Electrolux ERT 1501 FOW3:

1. BEKO DS 333020

Best refrigerator 2018 from the company "BEKO". Affordable cost (13740 rubles) is combined with high quality and effective filling. The top location of the freezer does not interfere with comfortable operation. Stylish case It has two colors: white and silver. Electromechanical control will not cause complaints, and a high class of energy consumption (A +) will help to save on costs.

The defrost is made in the drop mode, storage of cold is possible till 19 o'clock. The total volume of 310 liters. The inside of both cameras has antibacterial coating. The shelves are made of glass. The class of environmental impact on the environment SN, ST. The device weighs only 57, 8 kg. The decisive winner of today's top 10.

 BEKO DS 333020

  • quality;
  • price;
  • small weight;
  • volume main compartment;
  • defrost drip system;
  • reliability;
  • proven brand.
  • there is no ice generator;
  • work may seem noisy;
  • there is vibration on the sides of the case.

Prices BEKO DS 333020:


In the rating there are refrigerators in different price categories. In addition to cost, models are usually divided into embedded and separate. The main thing is that the buyer has a clear idea of ​​what type of refrigerator he needs. It is equally important to determine the optimal cost, for this it is necessary to compare several favorite models. When buying, it is worth being guided by the given rating of refrigerator brands in order to buy a reliable and high-quality appliance.

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