Top 10 washing vacuum cleaners in 2018

The washing vacuum cleaner - the integral attribute of damp cleaning of the house or apartment. Without this device it is difficult to clean the dirt that has penetrated deep into the pile of the carpet, or to clean the linoleum from the dried liquid spilled on it in the kitchen or in the living room. Furniture needs periodic wet cleaning, and a washing vacuum cleaner greatly simplifies this task. Also, with the help of this device, it is quite easy to clean up the hallway, where most of the street dirt and dust settles. Without a wet cleaning, the hallway will quickly become a haven for germs and various pathogens of infections or allergies. This article will discuss the 10 best models of washing vacuum cleaners sold today, you will only have to choose the equipment according to your needs and budget.

10. Thomas Multiclean X10 Parquet

The rating of washing vacuum cleaners begins with a device from the well-known brand "Thomas".The prefix "multi-clyn" in the name of the model is present for a reason: the model really allows for a thorough cleaning of the room, because for this it has everything you need. It should start with the cost, at first glance it may seem rather high, but on closer acquaintance with the device, doubts are dispelled. Given the functionality of the device, the price tag of 31,490 rubles seems quite reasonable.

 Thomas Multiclean X10 Parquet

In the presence of a double type of cleaning, dry and wet. For accurate collection of fluid, there is a special option that allows clean up stains with tile or any other smooth surface. The maximum power of the vacuum cleaner is 1700 W, and this is more than enough for any needs, incl. professional cleaning. A strong bag with a 1.8-liter aqua-filter acts as a dust collector. Power control is located directly on the handle (duplicated on the body), which greatly simplifies the cleaning process. There is a high-quality fine filter and a soft shockproof bumper.

As for noise, here “Thomas” also shows excellent results - only 81 dB at peak load.Telescopic tube for suction of dust and debris comes complete with a whole set of different nozzles, each of which has its own functions. The weight of the device is 8 kg, the dimensions are convenient for carrying from room to room.

Of the additional features should be noted automatic winding of the power cord and a large off button for pressing the foot, conveniently located on the body.

The device is parked vertically, which saves additional space in the storage room. There is a separate place to store attachments. The length of the cord is 11 meters - this is enough for cleaning the middle room, as a last resort, you can always use an extension cord. The maximum amount of used bag for garbage is up to 6 liters, for an aqua-filter 1 liter, for washing liquid and suction liquid 1.8 l. Wonderful multifunction device, allowing to carry out complex cleaning of the room.

  • multifunctionality;
  • high quality;
  • the convenience of use;
  • stylish appearance;
  • high performance;
  • large garbage bag;
  • effective wet cleaning;
  • many different attachments;
  • convenient transportation and storage.
  • high price;
  • high noise level at maximum load;
  • a reservoir for collecting fluids is often clogged.

Prices Thomas Multiclean X10 Parquet:

9. Zelmer ZVC752ST

The ninth place in the ranking is taken by the model from “Selmer”. A great example of how quality washing vacuums are. The device is equipped with everything necessary for high-quality cleaning of the room. The cost is 9990 rubles, which automatically assigns the model to the average price segment. The device is supplied in two colors: white and bright blue. The type of housing design is classic, combining two types of cleaning - dry and wet. The maximum power level of the vacuum cleaner 1600 watts. Trash bag is equipped with high-quality aqua-filter, which can be replaced when the need arises.

 Zelmer ZVC752ST

Switching power output to the control unit located at the top of the device. Only in the presence of several speeds. In addition to the main filter, there is also a fine filter, which significantly improves the quality of cleaning. The maximum level of noise emitted under load is 84 dB. The length of the power cord is only 6 meters, but this is quite enough for cleaning a small room.

For high-quality and comprehensive cleaning on a telescopic tube comes a whole set of different nozzles. Some are designed for dry cleaning, others for wet cleaning. Separate nozzles allow you to remove dirt from cracks, collect moisture and remove stains. Very efficiently proven turbo brush.

For nozzles there is a separate place for storage.

The weight of the device is 8.5 kg: of course, this is not the easiest device in the class, but it is quite convenient to use it. Compact dimensions allow you to easily move the vacuum cleaner from room to room. The cord is wound in automatic mode. As the garbage bags can be used universal, up to 2.5 liters. The tank for collecting liquid has a volume of 5 liters, for a washing liquid 1.7 liters. The effective radius is not more than 9 meters. A pleasant surprise will be soft rubber wheelswhich move equally well both on a smooth and fleecy surface. Wonderful device average, which can be safely recommended to a wide range of buyers.

  • two color solutions;
  • high degree of reliability;
  • sealed enclosure;
  • nice looking design;
  • convenient trash suction pipe;
  • many functions;
  • high performance;
  • low power consumption;
  • fine filter.
  • short cord;
  • price;
  • high noise level at maximum load.

Prices Zelmer ZVC752ST:

8. Philips FC 6400

A great option for a home from the well-known and trusted Philips brand. The company is a well-known supplier of household appliances and has a fairly good reputation in the CIS countries, where its products are in high demand. The cost of the device is 11,290 rubles, and we can safely say that it costs this money. For this amount, the consumer receives a set of useful properties, not every one of which will be found in the models of competitors.

The first important advantage of the device is vertical type of motor location. In other words, the user always takes the entire device with him. The second significant plus is no cord, an important part for the implementation of professional cleaning. From now on, the user is not tied to the outlet. A single charge is enough for a full cleaning cycle (up to 30 minutes) after which the device can always be recharged. Of course, there are two types of cleaning, both dry and wet. There is an option to collect liquid from the surface being cleaned.

Another surprise: this model has no bag for collecting dust and debris as such. Instead, it works a special cyclone filter.

Unfortunately, the power level adjustment is not provided, but there is a fine filter. The maximum noise level emitted by the device is 83 dB. Included in the delivery is a turbo brush, as well as a patented TriActive turbo nozzle and a comfortable microfiber cloth for wet cleaning. Park the machine vertically. On the case there is a compartment for connecting a container with a washing liquid with a volume of 200 ml. A wonderful device that will untie the hands of its owner and help you look at the wet cleaning from a completely different angle, without wires and sockets. The device will be of interest to a wide range of buyers due to the good ratio of its characteristics and reasonable prices.

  • famous brand;
  • modern design;
  • capacious battery;
  • no garbage bag;
  • convenient to use;
  • cleans smooth surface well;
  • useful and functional nozzles;
  • long service life;
  • good tightness.
  • filters have to be changed frequently;
  • battery capacity decreases over time;
  • quite noisy work.

Prices Philips FC 6400:

7. KARCHER SE 4001

The best washing vacuum cleaners should have outstanding technical characteristics and an attractive price. All this is fully possessed by the model from the brand "Carher". This is a highly specialized manufacturer, producing washing and cleaning equipment. At a cost of 12,240 rubles, the device has a number of abilities that the nearest price competitors do not have. The classic layout of the device and the presence of dry and wet cleaning are perfectly combined with a stylish and elegant design, made in black and yellow colors.


The peak power of the device is 1400 watts. As a dust collector the standard bag for waste with a capacity up to 18 liters acts. The noise level reaches 73 dB with the largest load, which can be considered a good result. The power cable length is 7 meters. The suction pipe assembly consists of several parts.

The set of delivery includes a variety of useful and functional nozzles: for cleaning a solid surface, for working with crevices, fabric upholstery, spraying foam for cleaning lint, adapted for both hard and soft surfaces.

The dimensions of the device are quite standard, the weight is only 8 kilograms. The reservoir for contaminated liquid has a volume of 4 liters, for a clean similar. The device is easy to use: thanks to its compact size it is easy to transfer from one part of the room to another. The length of the power cord is enough to clean a room of medium size. A lot of nozzles will help to carry out a comprehensive cleaning, without resorting to other devices.

Wonderful machine at an interesting price. A lot of possibilities and bright, eye-catching design can interest even the most experienced buyer. The declared capacity is enough for all everyday needs, including brushing hard pile Recommended for anyone looking for good performance and high technology for a reasonable price.

  • attractive design;
  • many nozzles in the kit;
  • high performance;
  • high reliability;
  • the convenience of use;
  • mobility;
  • long suction tube;
  • moderate sound even at maximum load;
  • high price;
  • the length of the power cord is not enough in all cases;
  • There are problems with the cleanness of the tank for clean water.
  • high noise level at maximum load.

Prices KARCHER SE 4001:

6. Bissell 17132

The rating of the best continues with the device from the firm “Bizell”. This is another highly specialized manufacturer of cleaning equipment, which has concentrated its power on the production of washing vacuum cleaners. The proposed device can be attributed to the high class, its cost is about 21,990 rubles. This price tag includes many quality and essential features and innovations. The main advantage of the device is its hybridity: if necessary, the model can turn into a manual vertical vacuum cleaner. Two cleaning modes are available: wet and dry. The maximum power level is only 560 W, but this is enough to use all the options available. A 480 ml water filter acts as a dust collector, as well as fine filter media. The power cord is pulled out at 7.5 meters. In the delivery set you can find a powerful and functional electrical brush. This model is parked, according to tradition, vertically. The liquid reservoir has a capacity of 820 ml, and 480 ml for dirty water.

 Bissell 17132

Special mention deserves the ergonomic classic design and assembly of the vacuum cleaner.Device shipped in two colors: azure and black. The body is perfectly assembled, there are no gaps and clearances. The coating is glossy, but it does not leave stains and stains. The arising pollution easily is cleaned by a usual suede rag.

The device is very economical, power consumption is at a record low level, but this does not affect the performance.

Dimensions and the type of device itself imply the active use of the device, and possibly professional cleaning. According to reviews of many users, the proposed device copes with all its responsibilities. A good, reliable model, acquiring that, the user can be sure that he has made a successful investment in his comfort and peace of mind.

  • hybrid body type;
  • convenience and ease of operation;
  • high reliability;
  • beautiful build;
  • quality material;
  • stylish design;
  • good performance;
  • quiet work;
  • electric brush included.
  • the price is high;
  • fluid reservoir loses tightness over time;
  • can not adjust the power level.

Prices Bissell 17132:

5. MIE Ecologico Maxi

Devices from the brand "Mi" gained popularity in 2015, when there was the greatest demand for household washing equipment. The proposed model of the top segment starts with the price of 41,940 rubles. The amount is quite impressive, especially considering that this is a vacuum cleaner. A more detailed examination reveals that such a high price at first glance is fully justified by the excellent quality of the device and the impeccable adaptability of its components and assemblies.

Body type is classic, with hybrid cleaning (wet and dry). The maximum available power is 1000 watts. The second performance parameter, in this case measured separately, is the intake, which occurs with up to 690 watts of power. Responsible for collecting dirt and dust full-fledged aqua filterhaving a capacity of 350 ml. You can control the power level from the case. In addition to the main filter, the device is additionally equipped with a fine filter.

Record-low noise (only 64 dB) will appeal to all lovers of comfortable cleaning.

The suction pipe is telescopic here. A set of nozzles that come with the kit can surprise even an experienced user; there are many of them here and they are all functional and useful.Of the additional options, you can also note the possibility of using an electrobrush, as well as adding aromatic oils in a tank of clean water, which has a volume of as much as 16 liters. The separator rotates at a speed of 28 thousand rev / min. In addition to surfaces, the device is able to clean and moisten the air at a speed of 165 m3 / hour. Vacuum cleaner body protected from moisture and external impacts according to the IPX4 standard. The device is a benchmark of performance and manufacturability, combined with functionality and balanced ergonomics. By virtue of its price, the model will be of interest to a certain segment of users configured to maximize the return on the new gadget.

  • corps protection according to international standards;
  • quiet work;
  • high performance;
  • many nozzles;
  • air cleaning;
  • large liquid tank;
  • ease of use;
  • telescopic suction pipe;
  • There is a power adjustment.
  • very high price tag;
  • expensive filters;
  • hard to find at retail.

Prices MIE Ecologico Maxi:

4. ARNICA Vira

Model 2018 from the manufacturer with the sonorous name "Arnica". This brand is not so widely known in the Russian market, but the equipment of this brand pleasantly surprises with its ergonomics and balance.The considered model of the average price level, is focused on a wide range of consumers. At a price of 12,990 rubles, the device can boast a whole range of interesting features. The vacuum cleaner is supplied only in the red case without the possibility of choosing the color options. The standard housing model combines dry and wet cleaning. Everything else has a function collecting moisture from a hard surface.

Power is measured by two parameters: total (2400 W) and suction (350 W). A water filter and a deep filter are responsible for collecting dirt and dust. The power cord extends 6 meters. Pipe for suction of dust and dirt is a team and consists of several parts. A turbo brush comes separately. In addition to her equipment contains many useful tips for all types of cleaning. The dimensions and weight of 11.9 kg, which are convenient for carrying, make it possible to easily transfer the device from one room to another, which is very convenient for professional cleaning. In order to freshen the air in the room, there is aromatization function (deodorization). There is a place to store all the brushes and nozzles on the pipe.


Special mention deserves the usable area, which is here up to 7 meters, which is quite enough for a comfortable cleaning of most rooms.

The tank for the fluid passed through the aqua filter is two liters, the intake fluid is six. The container for washing liquid is 3.5 liters. The device turned out to be functional and thoughtful. It is easy, convenient and pleasant to use. He will not take the trouble of its owner, even with intensive use. Suitable for anyone looking for an affordable, advanced device at an attractive price. All others who are in search of compromises or vice versa, not ready for them, should look for a different model.

  • reliability;
  • interesting and unusual design;
  • two cleaning filters;
  • many nozzles in the kit;
  • robust case material, resistant to external influences;
  • deodorizing option;
  • cleaning hard pile;
  • a separate place for storage of nozzles;
  • two power units.
  • no power adjustment;
  • noise at maximum load;
  • expensive filter.

Prices ARNICA Vira:

3. Vax 6131

On the third line is a multifunctional vacuum cleaner at an attractive price from a brand known for the release of equipment for cleaning rooms.The average price tag in retail networks starts from 14,990 rubles. This is a meedle-class device: it has all the most necessary, it is qualitatively assembled and has several interesting technical solutions, but it is not worth waiting for breakthrough innovations from it, this is a lot of flagship models.

 Vax 6131

The classic type of housing combines two types of cleaning, dry and wet. The peak power of the device is 1300 watts. As a collector of dirt, dust and moisture acts as a universal bag of 8 liters. Power adjustment, unfortunately, no. The collapsible suction pipe comes complete with several nozzles for cleaning all types of surfaces: carpet cleaning, furniture upholstery, dust suction, a special nozzle for cleaning slots and non-standard surfaces.

Separately, it is worth praising a very convenient handle, for which the vacuum cleaner is taken. With a weight of 8 kg it is easy to transfer from one room to another.

A pleasant surprise is possibility of cleaning vertical surfaces. The tank for clean liquid has a volume of 4 liters, for the waste - 8 liters. The bag for dry garbage and dust is replaceable and permanent. The device makes a pleasant impression, it is convenient to use.Cleaning with a model from “Vaks” from a routine turns into a comfortable and enjoyable activity. Given the price tag, it can be assumed that the model will be of interest to buyers, aimed at purchasing a multifunctional device from a reliable and proven brand. In this case, it is better to buy this particular model.

  • bright orange body;
  • strong plastic, resistant to external influences;
  • the convenience of use;
  • performance;
  • functional nozzles;
  • two types of dust collector;
  • can be cleaned vertical surfaces;
  • low power consumption.
  • noisy at work;
  • no power adjustment;
  • short power cord.

Prices Vax 6131:

2. Samsung SW17H9071H

In second place is the top 10 machine from Samsung. The majority of Russian buyers know the equipment from this brand. The washing vacuum cleaners are taken out by the company in a separate technical ruler. The cost of the device is 22,990 rubles. This is not the budget option in the line, but it deserves close attention. Futuristic hull lines, made in dark matte tones, combined with wide functionality and high performance. The vacuum cleaner gives the impression of an elegant and at the same time reliable device.The form factor of the case is classic, the type of cleaning is hybrid, there is a dry and wet cleaning of the room.

 Samsung SW17H9071H

Power is measured by two parameters: suction (250 W) and total (1700 W). As a dust collector serves as a water-based filter having a volume of 2 liters. On the handle is a speed switch. Also available fine filter. The declared noise level does not exceed the threshold of 87 dB. The power cord is 7 meters long. The suction and dust suction pipe is telescopic. The set comes standard kit for nozzles, with which it is easy to carry out a comprehensive cleaning of the entire room: a smooth surface, carpet, pile. With the help of a special brush, you can clean plaque dust, upholstery and blankets.

A pleasant surprise was the brush to clean the floor.

The weight of the device is 8.9 kg, it is easy to carry it with you, thanks to the convenient grip of the handle, the device fits comfortably in your hand. The power cord winds up automatically when you press a button. Another technological feature: the vacuum cleaner is equipped with a special HEPA13 filter, which significantly improves the quality of cleaning the treated surface. The effective range is 10 meters, which is enough for all everyday needs. The device is also great for professional cleaning. In general, the device leaves a pleasant impression after itself - it is a reliable, technically equipped model from Samsung, to which buyers with various inquiries will show interest.

  • high reliability;
  • first-tier brand;
  • the convenience of use;
  • compact dimensions;
  • bright design;
  • thoughtful ergonomics;
  • wide range of efficiency;
  • effective filtration system;
  • many nozzles in the kit.
  • high price;
  • noisy work;
  • expensive consumables.

Prices Samsung SW17H9071H:

1. Delvir WDC Home

This is probably the best washing vacuum 2018. The company "Delvir" is a recognized market leader in home cleaning equipment. The washing vacuum cleaners of this brand receive the highest accolades and high marks from a number of independent experts. This is a device of a high price range, designed for those who are not used to save on quality. The cost of the device is 35,625 rubles. But with a more detailed acquaintance, it becomes clear that the investment was justified.The first thing that immediately attracts attention is the design. Fans of cinema can immediately guess who the stylized device. But besides spectacular appearanceThis model has a very impressive filling.

 Delvir WDC Home

1200 W of power is hidden under the hull, the hybrid cleaning is dry and wet, and a water-based filter with a volume of 16 liters. In addition, the device is equipped with convenient power adjustment, located on the front side of the case. The dimensions of the vacuum cleaner are very compact, the weight is slightly less than eight kilograms, so it is easy to carry it from one room to another. In addition to the usual cleaning, the unit is equipped room aromatization system. This means that it is able to moisturize the atmosphere of the home.

The container for washing liquid is small, but it is quite enough for a comfortable cleaning of any, even a very large dwelling - 3.5 liters. Fragrance spraying occurs at a pressure of 2.5 bar. The device is parked vertically, without taking up much space in the closet or pantry. The device is designed primarily for connoisseurs of comfortable cleaning. Its appearance hints that the model was created for a specific circle of users.The mass buyer may be deterred by the initially high price, but the device is definitely worth the money spent on it. A high degree of reliability, multiplied by an interesting and truly unusual design, will surely find fans. The clear and undisputed leader of the top 10, one of the best models of 2018.

  • unusual design;
  • case tightness;
  • unique filtration system;
  • aromatization;
  • there is power adjustment;
  • light;
  • convenient to use;
  • performance;
  • effective aqua filter;
  • easy to carry, great for professional cleaning;
  • power cord length.
  • very high cost;
  • fairly modest equipment;
  • The efficiency of the sprinkler sometimes leaves much to be desired.

Prices Delvir WDC Home:


To pick up the washing vacuum cleaner for the needs simply enough. You can go shopping for a long time, considering different models, but never make a choice. It is much more efficient to spend a little time studying the market for the technology you are interested in to select the range of models you like. Among them, it will be necessary to conduct a thorough technical comparison, eliminating most of it.In the end, the choice always happens among several of the most interesting models. Some kind of vacuum cleaner may cost less, but not have one of the necessary functions, the other is sold more expensive, but has an option that is not needed at all. If we are talking about a small amount, it will be better to overpay a little and take the model with exactly those functions that are necessary. Even in the event that one of them is not claimed. Perhaps, in the course of operation, it will be possible to feel the full power of the technological potential, and the option that is unnecessary at first glance will turn out to be quite in demand.

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