The best microwaves of 2017

There is not much time left in the daily rush to prepare food. And without hot can not do! For many years, the microwave remains an indispensable assistant in any kitchen. About the benefits and harm to microwave ovens they make legends, but the fact remains: it is really difficult to get along without them. If you have not purchased this equipment for your kitchen, we have selected the best microwaves for you and made a rating for 2017.

10. SUPRA MWS-2102MW

On the last line of the ranking is located stand-alone oven company Supra. This inexpensive, modest in functional features model has a good internal volume - 21 liters and a power of 700 watts. Total available 6 modes power. Functions grill, bottom grill and convectionUnfortunately, it is not provided. Thanks to the convenient defrosting mode, you can defrost any food. Management - mechanicalIt is carried out using rotary switches. There is a timer for 30 minutes.

 Microwave SUPRA MWS-2102MW

The manufacturer guarantees that the dishes do not overheat in the process of heating dishes.

  1. Great power.
  2. No extra functions, sufficient functionality.
  3. Uniform heating of dishes.
  4. Easy to operate.
  5. The door opens gently, smoothly.
  6. Loud timer alert on readiness.
  7. Affordable price: 3 470 - 6 127 p.
  1. Missing grill.
  2. Few embedded programs.
  3. Small diameter stand.

Prices SUPRA MWS-2102MW:

9. Mystery MMW-1708

The ninth line shows the model, similar in characteristics to the previous one. Its volume is 17 liters, power is also 700 watts. The control is carried out by rotary switches, the touch panel is missing. There is a defrosting mode, but without the grill will have to do. On the completion of the work notifies sound signal. In general, the model looks quite stylish, does not take up much space. The weight of this microwave is 10.5 kg. Body color - silver. Buying a product of this brand is worth those who are used to saving, as the cost varies within 3671 p. - 4 937 r.

 Microwave Mystery MMW-1708

  1. Practicality, ease of use.
  2. Compactness.
  3. There is no strong noise in the process of heating.
  4. Attractive design that does not contain anything extra.
  5. Price-quality ratio.
  6. Good performance.
  1. Incomprehensible instruction.
  2. Low power heating at low power.
  3. The power regulator quickly fails.

Prices Mystery MMW-1708:

8. Gorenje MO17DW

Rating of microwave ovens continues model Gorenje MO17DW. The volume of the camera - 17 liters, power - 700 W, you can choose one of 5 power modes. Unlike previous models, control this microwave electronic, with pushbutton and clock switches. For convenience, there is a display, a timer with a delayed start. Products can be defrosted. Also available in the program of automatic cooking (8 preset recipes). Unfortunately, it’s impossible to add your own recipes to the program. Also missing is the grill and convection function. The cost of this model lies in the price range of 4,066 p. up to 7 520 p.

 Microwave Gorenje MO17DW

  1. Compact, stylish design.
  2. Glass heat-resistant door.
  3. Informative display.
  4. Tactile control.
  5. Fast warming up food.
  6. Availability of automatic programs.
  7. Button "30 seconds" to heat food.
  8. Thoughtful management and good functionality.
  1. According to customer reviews, this microwave oven has cracks in the door.
  2. You can not adjust the time in the cooking process.
  3. Keys sound too loud.
  4. The internal enameled coating peels off during operation.

Prices Gorenje MO17DW:

7. Hotpoint-Ariston MWHA 2422 MS

Considering the best microwaves, it is impossible not to mention the Hotpoint-Ariston brand. One of the models of this manufacturer is located in seventh place. The internal volume of the chamber of this microwave oven is impressive - as many as 25 liters! Microwave power is 750 watts. This model has richer functionality in comparison with the above described microwave frequencies - for example, there is a grill function with a power of 800 W. Lower grill and convection, however, are absent. There is a defrost mode. The control panel is presented pushbutton switchesAll the necessary information is displayed. The inner coating of the chamber is made of bioceramic enamel. The cost of the model is 6 640 - 10 490 p.

 Microwave Hotpoint-Ariston MWHA 2422 MS

  1. Good power.
  2. High performance.
  3. There is a grill.
  4. Silver body that fits into any interior.
  5. Heat resistant enamel.
  6. Reasonable price, considering the declared characteristics.
  7. Convenient management.
  8. Child lock function.
  1. The names of the buttons in English.
  2. Weight more than 12 kg.
  3. Noise in the process.

Prices Hotpoint-Ariston MWHA 2422 MS:

6.Sharp R-2772RSL

Perhaps the best microwave in the category "solo" (the simplest model). Compact and lightweight, with an internal volume of 20 liters, it is designed to perform the most basic functions: heating and defrosting. Power - 800 watts. You can choose any of 11 power levels. Also the manufacturer witnessed the whole 8 automatic programsthat, given the cost in the market of household appliances, very well. Of course, there is no grill and convection in this microwave oven. But the convenient touch control, this model can boast. There is a bright LED-display. The cost of a microwave Sharp R-2772RSL - from 5 710 - 7 790 p.

 Sharp R-2772RSL microwave oven

  1. Attractive design.
  2. High power and roomy inner chamber.
  3. Wide diameter stand.
  4. Touch switches.
  5. The option to delay the start.
  6. Fast and high-quality heating of dishes.
  7. Uniform defrosting.
  8. Reasonable price, budget.
  1. Very loud noise in the process.
  2. No grill function.
  3. A big step of quick start in time - 1 minute.

Prices Sharp R-2772RSL:


Top of the best microwaves continues the model of the well-known and reliable company REDMOND.This manufacturer has long established itself in the market of kitchen appliances - its products are popular and in wide demand.

The REDMOND RM-2502D microwave oven has all the necessary functions for cooking: there is both conventional heating, and grill, and convection.

 Microwave REDMOND RM-2502D

The volume of the chamber is 25 liters, the power of microwaves is 1450 watts. The grill also has a high power of 1100 watts. Electronic control type. The inner coating of the chamber is made stainless steelwhich differs in wear resistance. The door opens with a button. The average cost of this model is 10,990 p.

  1. Convenient timer.
  2. Many useful features.
  3. Powerful grill.
  4. The coating of the working chamber of stainless steel.
  5. Child lock control.
  6. Convection mode, allowing the use of microwaveoven as an oven.

We didn’t reveal significant drawbacks; however, in comparison with similar models, the REDMOND RM-2502D loses due to high cost: still, you have to pay for the brand itself.

Prices REDMOND RM-2502D:

4.Bosch BFL634GS1

If you decide to purchase a microwave and can not figure out which is the best, pay attention to recessed microwaves. They are the most comfortable, functional, and you do not have to worry about where to put just purchased equipment. However, the cost of such devices is significantly higher than that of stand-alone models.

 Bosch BFL634GS1 microwave oven

The microwave goes to the fourth place of our rating.oven company BOSCH worth from 33 000 p. up to 55 989 r. Consider the technical characteristics that are for us the most important: the volume of the working chamber - 19 liters, power - 900 W, there are five modes of power control. Management Type - electronic, touch buttons. There is a convenient display. You can defrost food, with automatic defrosting present. There are only 7 preinstalled programs, but, unfortunately, you cannot add your own automatic recipes to the program memory.

  1. Touch control and bright display.
  2. Acceptable dimensions, calm, concise design.
  3. Reliable build quality.
  4. Five perfectly adjustable power steps.
  5. Economical power consumption.
  6. Simple electronic control.
  7. Recipes for automatic cooking.
  1. High price.
  2. There is no grill and convection.

Prices Bosch BFL634GS1:

3.Panasonic NN-SD361M

In search of an answer to the question, which modern company’s microwaves are better, we approached the long-known Panasonic brand.The freestanding microwave oven of this company opens the top three leaders of the top. If we compare it with similar models, then according to the characteristics it is almost no different from most furnaces of the average price segment. The volume of the inner working chamber is 23 liters, the enameled coating. Power is quite high - 950 Whowever, there is no grill or convection.

 Panasonic NN-SD361M microwave oven

In addition to the standard mode of defrosting food there is a special option of quick defrosting, which will allow in a matter of seconds to defrost the newly purchased semi-finished product.

In general, the modes are fully automated, warming up is also fast. The cost of the microwave oven is 8 590 - 11 590 p. depending on the store.

  1. Big power.
  2. High-quality and uniform heating.
  3. Smooth opening of the door.
  4. Heat resistant glass.
  5. Convenient management.
  6. Silent sound indicating readiness.
  7. Bright LED display.
  8. Acceptable price.
  1. The coating quickly forms chips and scratches.
  2. The backlight of the camera does not turn off even with the door open.
  3. No grill function.

Prices Panasonic NN-SD361M:

2.Siemens HF15M564

The rating of the best built-in microwaves according to the version of 2017 continues the model of the Siemens company.The camera is quite roomy - 20 liters, the microwave power is 800 watts. There are 7 built-in automatic programs (3 for cooking, 4 for automatic defrosting). Control electronicIt is carried out using convenient touch buttons. In the presence of a bright display.

 Siemens HF15M564 microwave oven

A microwave is fully automated, for example, you can set only the desired program, and the power will adjust independently for a specific dish.

Of the additional features can be noted the function of blocking children.

  1. Beautiful and ergonomic design.
  2. Low cost for the embedded model: from 16,100 to 20,190 p.
  3. Bright illumination of the internal working chamber.
  4. Touch control.
  5. The microwave is conveniently built in due to its standard dimensions.
  6. Reliable assembly from quality materials.
  7. Proven brand.
  1. For the stated price and functionality, the size of the camera is a bit small.
  2. Short power cord.
  3. Slow down touch buttons.
  4. Control panel brand, easily appear spots and stains.
  5. The door slams loudly.

Prices Siemens HF15M564:

1.LG MS-2042DS

The winner in the nomination "the best microwaves" - model LG MS-2042DS.This is one of the most popular and widely known microwave, which has been a success with buyers for a long time. Acceptable internal volume of 20 liters, the average power is 700 W (you can choose the power level). Functions of the grill and convection is not provided, but there are several convenient automatic programs. You can also defrost food without problems: there are 4 automatic defrost modes.

The model belongs to the category of microwave-solo, but includes all the basic functions.

Control electronic, is carried out using the touch buttons. The control panel has a display. The cost of a microwave is from 5,920 to 8,683 p.

  1. High-quality heating and defrosting dishes.
  2. Touch control panel.
  3. Wide functionality.
  4. Laconic design.
  5. Durable work: models of this manufacturer serve about 10 years!
  6. Stylish silver case.
  7. Budget.
  1. Short power cord.
  2. Loud click when closing the door.

Prices LG MS-2042DS:


Which microwave ovens - stand alone or recessed - are best suited for the kitchen? It all depends on the area of ​​the room, the style of the kitchen and your personal taste. Decide which functions are most important to you: simply warming food from the refrigerator or preparing various dishes according to special original recipes? Almost all modern models have basic functionality, but for additional features, as a rule, you have to overpay, which is not always justified. We hope that our recommendations will help you decide on the choice of this convenient and now almost indispensable technology. Additional nuances are described in the article.choosing a good microwave for your home.

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