Top 10 Multivarok 2018

Since its appearance on the domestic market, the demand for multicookers has remained consistently high. Many lovers of tasty and healthy food prefer to cook food efficiently and without unnecessary trouble. Today, the market offers a wide range of devices with different technical capabilities, prices for models are also quite different. What a multicooker to choose, so that its characteristics remain relevant for a long time? We offer a multicooker rating consisting of ten models popular in 2018. The review presents the devices of primary and secondary level, as well as the top segment with the use of high technologies.

10. Marta MT-4301

10th place ranking - the device from the popular brand "Marta". First of all, the products of this manufacturer is known for its availability and proven quality.The firm pays special attention to the last indicator. As for the price, the proposed model is available to the buyer for 2599 rubles. The multicooker has a three-dimensional heating function: heat is supplied not only from the bottom and on the sides, but also from above, in a closed circle. The maximum performance of the device is 860 watts. The container capacity for products is 5 liters. The body is made of durable metal resistant to temperature changes. The container itself is made of an alloy with a ceramic coating, it greatly facilitates its cleaning after cooking.

 Marta MT-4301

The control unit is electronic, with comfortable raised buttons. For those who do not wish to delve into the culinary jungle, there is 15 pre-installed programs for cooking the most popular dishes. The device is able to cook food “steamed”, “stew”, “fry”, make yogurt, dough and pasteurize. The delayed start timer has a scale of up to 24 hours. With the help of the control unit, you can adjust the temperature and cooking time, bringing a creative idea to an already defined program. In addition to the 15 installed automatic, in the memory of the device there are also 30 manual cooking programs.Affordable and reliable device that is convenient and pleasant to use. The real balance of reasonable prices and technological equipment. Suitable for a wide range of users with varying degrees of requests.

  • nice classic design, colors;
  • performance;
  • convenient timer;
  • reliability;
  • profitability;
  • 45 cooking programs;
  • clear control;
  • contents of delivery;
  • short power cord;
  • tightness between the neck and the cap.

Prices Marta MT-4301:

9. Polaris PMC 0556D

Multicookers, pressure cookers, and many other types of kitchen appliances are in the service record of Polaris. The proposed model is sold at a price of 4510 rubles. Externally, the unit resembles a tech gadget, but not a kitchen device. Thanks futuristic design, the device will perfectly fit into almost any modern kitchen interior. The power of the multicooker is equal to 860 watts. Tank volume for products 5 liters. The case is made of glossy plastic in pleasant and unusual colors. The inner surface of the pan is covered with ceramic coating.

The top cover of the device is removable, making it easy to clean.

Electronic control module, located on the central part. There is support for three-dimensional heating. Surprisingly, there may be as many as 20 automatic cooking programs, including pastries, cereals, rice and pasta. The timer on the control module is designed for a day, the temperature and the cooking time are adjusted. there is multi-cook function, “Keeping warm” in the already prepared dish and the possibility of delaying the start.

The dimensions of the device are standard and convenient for transportation and storage both on the table and in the pantry. The device weighs a little - only 4.6 kg without taking into account the mass of loaded products. The device is an average price category from a time-tested company specializing in the production of kitchen appliances. We can recommend to anyone who wants to purchase an affordable and easy-to-use device for a long operational period. The device does not require additional attention or maintenance.

  • stylish modern design;
  • strong body;
  • good build;
  • proven manufacturer;
  • many programs for cooking;
  • performance;
  • convenient and trouble-free operation;
  • quality cooked food.
  • Marked plastic housing;
  • No Sous-Vide function, which is available in older models;
  • timer operation with a long delayed start.

Prices Polaris PMC 0556D:

8. Scarlett IS-MC412S01

The device from the manufacturer Scarlett is often included in the top 10 multicooker. The proposed model costs 6560 rubles. On average, the market for such a price of a slow cooker is not the most affordable. I am pleased with the design of the device, made in warm pink tones, as if it emphasizes that the model is focused on the female part of consumers.

The first thing you should pay attention to - increased power of 940 watts. A bowl for loading products is slightly smaller than the previous model, but 4 liters is enough to cook almost any dish. On the front of the unit there is a clock. The control module is electronic, with a three-dimensional warm-up function. In addition to the wide possibilities that the multicooker offers, there are also 12 built-in cooking programs. If the owner is too lazy to look for a recipe, he can simply fall asleep the ingredients and press a button, the multicooker will do the rest. Using the control module, you can adjust the temperature and time until the end of cooking. The prepared dish can be heated automatically.Delay of start is possible up to 12 hours.

 Scarlett IS-MC412S01

The package includes a recipe book, with the help of which almost any inexperienced user will be able to cook an exquisite dish, following simple and clear instructions. It should be noted that such a guide is far from every model.

In general, this is a balanced device with many features that are enough for everyday use. Suitable for advanced users who already have experience using this type of technology.

  • reliability;
  • high degree of tightness;
  • nice looking design;
  • energy savings;
  • effective timer operation;
  • taste of cooked dishes;
  • cookbook included;
  • 12 automatic programs;
  • 3D heating.
  • no semi-automatic mode;
  • short power cord;
  • dimensions.

Prices Scarlett IS-MC412S01:

7. BRAND 701

The review continues with a device from the Brand popular in Russia. Despite the uncomplicated name "701", the multicooker harbors many pleasant and interesting surprises, but first of all it stands out among competitors with its price and compactness. The cost of the device is 4839 rubles, but at the same time, the model has non-standard dimensions, convenient for storage and transportation. Perhaps this is the best device with the volume of the bowl for products up to 3 liters. The power is 655 watts, which is enough for most daily tasks. Of course, the body is made of glossy plastic, this circumstance has become a kind of quality standard among the devices of this class. But the cup itself is here from alloy coated with ceramics. By means of the electronic block it is possible to control the temperature of the prepared food and time.

 BRAND 701

The three-dimensional heating function, unfortunately, is not supported, but the built-in programs for automatic cooking are as many as 17. These include baking, pilaf cooking, and roasting meat, and you can also put the dough and heat the yogurt. The control unit has both the function of maintaining the temperature of the already prepared food, as well as a delayed start to start cooking.

Of the pleasant features of the device, it should be noted five-step switching of the temperature regime, the ability to cook cheese and sour cream.

Pleases and the weight of the device - only 2.9 kg excluding the mass of loaded products. Wonderful device compact samplethat fits easily in the corner of the kitchen table and does not take up much space, even in a small kitchen.A lot of opportunities and the average price will make the model interesting for a wide range of buyers. One of the most interesting decisions of the average price segment.

  • reliability;
  • equipment;
  • ergonomics;
  • the convenience of use;
  • dimensions;
  • good appearance;
  • intuitive control unit;
  • quality cooked dishes.
  • Marked plastic housing;
  • slightly overpriced;
  • power cord (flimsy and short).

Prices BRAND 701:

7. Tefal RK900132

If you want to choose a reliable device, you should pay attention to the equipment from Tefal. This is a manufacturer with a world name and reputation, for many years represented on the domestic market of the widest segments of kitchen appliances. "Tefal" is valued not only for quality but also for ease of use. Of course, quality requires certain investments: cheap multi-cooker models cannot compete with the RK900132 in terms of performance and the level of assembly and fitting of body parts. The price tag may seem high to someone - 9989 rubles - but it seems so only if it is superficially acquainted with the model. It is necessary to study its performance in more detail, as it becomes clear that the multicooker justifies the high expectations placed on it.

 Tefal RK900132

750 W of power with the option of three-dimensional heating, a ceramic-coated bowl and an inner lid are perfectly combined with the external ergonomics of the device. Electronic control module allows you to adjust the temperature and cooking time. A whole 28 pre-installed programs for automatic cooking will not leave indifferent a connoisseur of any kitchen. The timer has a delay start up to 24 hours. With the help of the control you can set the maintenance of heat already cooked food. The standard is quite standard, the dimensions are not the most convenient for storage and transport, but thanks to a successful design solution, the device does not look cumbersome. For the price indicated above, the device has a number of competitors, but Tefal always remains a brand in the world of kitchen appliances, which we can safely recommend to our friends and acquaintances. A simple and reliable device that will serve its owner for a long time, giving a lot of pleasant impressions.

  • quality from a proven brand;
  • reliability;
  • fitting body parts;
  • tightness of the inner cover;
  • classic design;
  • rich functionality;
  • the presence of three-dimensional heating;
  • convenient timer;
  • well readable display.
  • quite high price;
  • no sous-vide;
  • somewhat uncomfortable dimensions.

Prices Tefal RK900132:

6. Vitesse VS-584

An independent review continues the model from the brand "Vitesse". This company is known to many for the range of technical devices, one way or another connected with cooking. This unit is sold at a very affordable and attractive price - only 2199 rubles. For this price, the consumer gets an impressive set of characteristics: as much as 500 W of power, a volume cooking bowl with a nominal value of 3 liters, a plastic case with an interesting design, and built-in clock on the center console of the device. The electronic control unit is very convenient to use it easily and clearly.

Unfortunately, due to budget constraints, this model is forced to do without the function of three-dimensional heating. But in the menu there are 8 programs for cooking in automatic mode. These include pastries, cereals, cereals, as well as the ability to stew products, steaming, frying and thermal yogurt processing. As you can see, they will touch upon the full list of the most urgent tasks that an ordinary user has to face.There is also the option of maintaining heat in already prepared dishes and delaying the start of cooking.

The weight and dimensions of the device make it easy to store and transport it, if necessary. Given the affordable price, the device can be recommended to a wide range of buyers. The design may not appeal to everyone, but in families with children, the visual design of the gadget will cause a lot of positive emotions. Equipment "Vitesse", according to customer reviews, is one of the most affordable and reliable on the market.

  • optimal cost;
  • intuitive interface;
  • reliability;
  • dimensions;
  • color spectrum;
  • plastic housing;
  • comfortable rubberized legs, thanks to which the multicooker stands tightly on a flat surface;
  • well readable display.
  • tightness of the cover;
  • equipment;
  • short power plug.

Prices Vitesse VS-584:

5. Atlanta ATH-1591

This is the most popular model from the manufacturer "Atlanta". This brand became widely known to the domestic buyer in 2015, at the time of its entry into the Russian market. Since then, the company's equipment is in high demand in the segment of available devices. Multivarka will cost the buyer 3685 rubles.The amount today is low, but the buyer receives a lot of advantages for the money. The maximum performance of the device is 900 W - we can safely say that this is more than enough for almost any need. The volume of the tank for cooking is equal to 4 liters. Body material - glossy plastic grayish and dark blue.

 Atlanta ATH-1591

The layout of the multicooker control devices is quite interesting: they are located here not on the front panel, but on the top, on the lid itself. This does not affect the performance in any way, but from a constructive point of view it looks fresh.

Electronic control unit. Present on it 27 pre-installed programs automatic cooking. Manual control is carried out over the temperature and cooking time. The timer allows you to set a delay in the start of cooking up to 24 hours, it is possible to heat already prepared dishes. In addition to the basic programs that allow you to cover almost all the gastronomic interests, you can experiment on your own: convenient and understandable electronic control with a bright, well-readable display allows you to do this. The device turned out well optimized, work with it does not cause censures.Given the price and opportunities, as well as positive reviews of the owners, we can expect a high demand for the device during 2018.

  • design;
  • price;
  • reliability;
  • brand recognition;
  • many programs;
  • the convenience of use;
  • quality cooked dishes;
  • unusual display layout.
  • Marked case material;
  • equipment;
  • fork length

Prices Atlanta ATH-1591:

4. CENTEK CT-1486

The best multi-cookers should stand out among the general flow of similar models. Kentech knows a lot about individuality and personalization. Deep forethought and ergonomics make each model convenient for personal use. it a budget option multicookers, the price tag starts from 2360 rubles. The maximum power of the device is 700 watts. The volume of container for cooking products is 5 liters. The body is plastic, silver and gold hues.

The design is made in the form of a flat cylinder with streamlined lines, it does not find the sharp corners or cubic proportions inherent in other models of this manufacturer.

The control unit of the device is electronic, with a digital display, there is a three-dimensional heating.The installation kit includes 30 programs for automatic cooking, including imitation frying, steaming and stewing. The delay of the start of the cooking time is possible up to 24 hours. You can control the temperature and the timer in manual mode. there is automatic heating of dishes. Among the budget decisions today it is difficult to find a slow cooker better than this in terms of characteristics. Recommended to anyone who is not looking for the latest technological capabilities and not chasing first-tier brands.


Dimensions and weight make it easy to move the device from place to place, as well as store it in the pantry or directly on the kitchen table. At last, it will not take much space. Using the gadget is easy and convenient, only positive emotions remain from it. An independent user rating gives this model the highest ratings.

  • current price;
  • reliability;
  • durable case;
  • classic appearance;
  • many programs;
  • copes well with basic functions;
  • There is a three-dimensional heating.
  • tightness of the gasket cover;
  • equipment;
  • plastic fades over time.

Prices CENTEK CT-1486:

3. BORK U802 / U803

Top best opens multivarka from "Bork".Top solution from a brand that does not need to be introduced. This multicooker is a complex of all currently relevant solutions for cooking, it has collected all the best that can offer engineering thought. The price tag on the model starts from 57,400 rubles. Of course, such a cost can make you think, but it is worth getting acquainted with the device, as it becomes clear that the investment will be justified. The main characteristics are: 1400 watts of power, the volume of a container is 5 liters, the case from shock-resistant plastic. The control module is electronic, but there is no 3D heating function.

 BORK U802

An innovative technical solution is the presence of built-in induction heating, providing increased functionality of the device at the time of peak load.

In manual mode, you can control the temperature and cooking timer, the maximum delay is 13 hours. There is a multi-cook function, automatic maintenance of the heat of an already cooked dish and a number of less significant functions. The proposed multicooker has a record at the moment the content of the preset programs for automatic cooking: their number is 200. The control module is capable of giving voice prompts. Included is a recipe book, with which you can prepare a number of interesting and unusual dishes. The weight of the device is 7.9 kg, the dimensions are standard. Despite the relatively high price tag, the device will be of interest to many fans of technological innovations in kitchen appliances. Some options are unique and cannot be found anywhere except in this Bork product line. It is recommended to buyers, not limited by the budget, and to all who appreciate the relevance and manufacturability more accessibility and basic functionality.

  • high degree of reliability;
  • stylish design;
  • proven brand;
  • voice prompts;
  • 200 built-in recipes;
  • efficiency;
  • performance;
  • the convenience of use;
  • equipment;
  • wonderful decorated recipe book;
  • bright display.
  • high price;
  • color palette;
  • weight.

Prices BORK U802 / U803:


The company "Redmond" is widely known in Russia and neighboring countries. The main quality of this brand of equipment is high reliability at an affordable price. The cost of the device is only 4190 rubles. For this price, the buyer receives a whole range of advantagesPeak power is 860 W, the cooking container has a reservoir 5 liters with internal ceramic coating. There is an inner lid, the bowl has handles. Electronic control allows you to control the three-dimensional heating, temperature and cooking time in manual and automatic mode. Cooking programs are only 17, the delayed start timer is designed for 24 hours.


Of the additional options, there is a multi-cook, heated cooked food and the possibility set the start time of cooking. The dimensions of the device are compact, it weighs only 4.2 kg. The Redmond company produces high-quality products, and it can be said with confidence that this model will enjoy steady demand among a wide range of customers. With moderate use, the device will serve the owner for a long time, leaving a lot of positive emotions from using.

  • affordable price;
  • classic appearance;
  • convenient management;
  • good build;
  • rubber feet, stability;
  • efficiency;
  • excellent quality of cooked dishes;
  • good functionality;
  • three-dimensional heating;
  • energy savings;
  • resistance to voltage drops.
  • equipment;
  • Marky glossy plastic casing;
  • short power plug.

Prices BORK U802 / U803:

1. Daewoo DMC-955

The first place in today's rating is taken by a model from the Daewoo Corporation. It is difficult to find a person unfamiliar with its products. The manufacturer produces everything - from cars to highly specialized kitchen appliances and audio players. The best multicooker in 2018 costs only 3990 rubles. The set of characteristics is as follows: the maximum power is 800 W, the volume of the cooking bowl is 5 liters, the body is hybrid (a combination of metal and plastic). On the front side there is a built-in clock. The electronic control module allows you to control the temperature and timing of the cooking process. The number of pre-installed programs is 16. Of the additional options there is an automatic keeping warm already prepared dishes and delay start.

 Daewoo DMC-955

Separate consideration deserves an elegant case that combines a vivid example of the balance of chrome and plastic. Thanks to the rounded forms, the device looks elegant and modern, fitting into any kitchen interior.

Given the price, you can recommend the device to anyone who is looking for the current device for everyday use.Opportunities for this model is enough with interest.

  • unique design;
  • high reliability;
  • high performance;
  • convenient and clear control;
  • strong body;
  • good build;
  • tightness;
  • price;
  • excellent quality of cooked dishes;
  • convenient loading into the bowl.
  • no three-dimensional heating;
  • equipment;
  • no recipe book.

Prices Daewoo DMC-955:


The choice of multicooker is a completely solvable task. Most manufacturers came to a tacit agreement, leveling the capabilities of their devices and sorting them into price lines. If you have a clear idea of ​​the purpose of the device, then it is easy to choose it according to the proposed characteristics: it is enough to study the multicooker market, select the models you like and compare them with competitors. After reviewing reviews and reviews, it is important to see the device live, and only then make a decision on the acquisition. The multicooker market is changing, but innovations do not come into it at lightning speed, but gradually, so any generation of devices will have a certain margin of relevance for several years to come.

It should be remembered that the current life cycle of the model is a change of 2-3 generations of technology.However, if the gadget works fine, and all its functions suit the owner, then you will not have to think about the replacement soon. That is why it is important to make the right choice.

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