Rating of robot vacuum cleaners for 2017: choose the best

Recently, there have been so many new products in the field of home appliances that cleaning the house has become a rather pleasant occupation, rather than an annoying duty. Many completely automated and interactive devices have been invented, which just need to specify the desired mode, and they will do the rest. These are the robot vacuum cleaners, which every year are becoming more affordable and popular. If you decide to buy yourself such a wonderful helper as robot vacuum cleaner, we advise you to pay attention to the rating of 2017, compiled by the version of our site. It is formed taking into account the ratio of price and quality of the device, functionality and the availability of additional functions..

11. XROBOT FC330A Yellow

Opens rating budget vacuum cleaner Xrobot, the cost of which varies in the range of 10,900.00 p. up to 12 690.00 p.In stock 7 cleaning modes (automatic, dot, turbo mode, timer mode and others). Cyclone filter with a dust collector volume of 0, 7 l is quite capacious and functional, details can be disassembled and cleaned if necessary. In addition, the device is equipped with a timer to turn on, infrared sensors for orientation in space (more about how it works - principles of operation of robot vacuum cleaners). The device has a very simple touch control.

If you decide not to control the cleaning process, then in case of obstacles or when stuck, the vacuum cleaner will give a warning signal.

  1. High-quality cleaning in hard to reach places due to the small thickness of the body (6 cm).
  2. Low noise level - 55 dB.
  3. It is easy to maneuver in the room, when colliding with objects, it automatically slides back.
  4. Quickly determines the base for charging.
  5. The kit has four side brushes, remote control, Nera filter.
  6. Many driving directions and modes of cleaning.
  1. The vacuum cleaner is quickly discharged, if not located at the base.
  2. Performs only dry cleaning.
  3. Stuck in wires.
  4. The fine filter is fragile and can tear easily.

 XROBOT FC330A Yellow

Prices XROBOT FC330A Yellow:

10. cleverPanda X500 PetSeries

If there are furry pets in the house, the question of how to choose a robot vacuum cleaner is solved automatically - by purchasing this model. On the tenth line is this compact, but at the same time powerful (145 W) robot vacuum cleaner. It also claims 7 cleaning modes, but the volume of the dust container is slightly less - 0.45 liters.

The device is designed specifically for pet owners who often encounter shreds of wool scattered around the house and stuck to the carpet.

For the capture of small particles is provided fine filterdetaining objects up to 0.3 microns. The bottom of the vacuum cleaner is equipped with IR sensors. The operating time until the battery is completely discharged is 110 minutes. In the event of a collision with objects, a rubberized bumper will protect the body from cracks and other damage.

  1. Convenient equipment, including side brushes, a brush for cleaning the vacuum cleaner, non-filter.
  2. Easily cope with the absorption of wool and cleaning the corners in the rooms.
  3. Quickly find the docking station.
  4. Just understand, all parts are cleaned without problems.
  5. Possibility of programming the cleaning by timer.
  6. Touch control buttons.
  7. Easily overcomes the thresholds of obstacles in the apartment.
  8. Low cost for the declared characteristics: from 11,803.50 p. up to 21,999.00 p.
  1. Short life battery.
  2. Low battery capacity.
  3. Trash poured out of the container.
  4. There is no power regulator.

Prices cleverPanda X500 PetSeries:

9. Ariete 2712 Briciola

The ninth place we award to the robot vacuum cleaner Ariete. Suction power - 25 W, which is slightly less than that of similar models in the same price category. The cost of a vacuum cleaner lies within 14 609.00 - 19 999, 00 p. Cleaning modes 4, but you can also set the cleaning on certain days of the week. There is a fine filter, a cleaning zone limiter, and built-in IR sensors are provided for ease of movement. The battery capacity is 2000 mAh, which provides up to one and a half hours of autonomous operation of the device. The case is made in a strict and concise blue-black style, so that such a device fits perfectly into any interior.

  1. Highly effective cleaning of surfaces, including carpets, linoleum, parquet and laminate.
  2. Capacious trash bin - 500 ml.
  3. Spare brushes and optional filter included.
  4. Well-designed intelligent motion algorithm.
  5. Allows to clean the area of ​​100 sq.m. without additional charge.
  6. Existence of the touch display and illumination.
  7. Parts and filter are easy to clean.
  1. Rapid wear of brushes and fine filter.
  2. Does not immediately detect the base.
  3. Noisy work.
  4. Body material - plastic - not the highest quality.

 Ariete 2712 Briciola

Prices Ariete 2712 Briciola:


This compact robotic vacuum cleaner for home can not be ignored, because the Kitfort brand has long been able to establish itself in the market of household appliances. Absorption power - 24 W, dust collector is small, only 0.3 l. The lithium battery provides autonomous cleaning time up to 100-110 minutes. There are 2 spare side brushes and a specialized brush for cleaning parts.

This model is distinguished by double filtration: the dust passes first through the coarse filter and then fine.

Present limiteror "virtual wall". The model is available for budget shoppers, since its price is mainly 10 987.50 p. - 15 690.00 r.

  1. Thanks turbo brush easily removes dirt from carpet lint, wool and fine dust particles.
  2. Accurately responds to scheduled programmed cleaning.
  3. Easily maneuver in hard to reach places and bypasses obstacles and rapids.
  4. Two-level garbage filtering.
  5. It fits under sofas and beds.
  6. Silent work.
  7. Built-in clock and timer.
  1. Quick clogging of dust collectors.
  2. Small volume of a dust collector.
  3. Not informative monochrome display.
  4. Power is not regulated.

Prices KITFORT KT-520:

7. CLEVER & CLEAN-Series 004

At the seventh place ranking got a mini-robot from CLEVER & CLEAN. Such a vacuum cleaner is well suited not for the most experienced buyers who are interested in cleaning in a small room and do not need additional functions. It is designed for dry cleaning, and its battery is designed for autonomous operation up to 50 minutes. The weight of the device is 1.5 kg. Several modes of cleaning: for example, along the walls, along the furniture and under the furniture, as well as general cleaning of the surface. There are side brushes that perform the functions of sweeping away dust and absorbing small particles. The kit also includes an additional common panel, using which you can wipe the floor.

  1. Very manoeuvrable due to small dimensions. It passes freely under the furniture, cleans the corners and difficult places in the apartment.
  2. The trash can is easily detached and cleaned.
  3. On sale to the vacuum cleaner there are additional components.
  4. Low price of the device - 10 000.00 p.
  5. Beautiful silver black design.
  1. No dust bag full indicator.
  2. The body wears out quickly.
  3. Can not cope with high thresholds.

 CLEVER & CLEAN-Series 004

Prices CLEVER & CLEAN-Series 004:

6. KARCHER RoboCleaner RC 4000

The next model of vacuum cleaner with which we want to introduce you is the robotic device of the manufacturer Karcher. Many buyers prefer to choose this vacuum cleaner because of its technical features: power consumption - 600 W, low noise level - 54 dB, charging the battery in a short time for 20 minutes. The movement of the robot is determined by the four available modes of cleaning. Nevertheless, meeting steps, ledges and high rapids on its way, the vacuum cleaner instantly reacts and changes the given trajectory itself. Performed in black-silver and black-yellow combinations, and it is worth noting that the controls are highlighted. contrast color and will be understandable to understand even the novice.

  1. Quality and reliability, designed for long life.
  2. Communication between the robot and the base is via infrared sensors.
  3. No extra features, clear instructions.
  4. Does not require long-term battery charging.
  5. 2 liter waste bin
  6. Eats sensor, indicating the degree of contamination of the garbage.
  7. Soft bumper for collision protection.
  1. No extra brushes included.
  2. Long search base for charging.
  3. No power control.
  4. Bulky, stuck in the wires.
  5. The dust sensor clogs quickly.
  6. High price: 37,200.00 p. - 42 990.00 p.

 KARCHER RoboCleaner RC 4000

Prices KARCHER RoboCleaner RC 4000:


In fifth place is the robot vacuum cleaner KITFORT KT-503 with the function of dry and wet cleaning. Undoubted convenience is lack of turbo brush, but there are two side brushes that greatly facilitate the cleaning process. The power of the device is 25 W, the capacity of the dust collector is 0.3 l. A two-step filtering process, plus a spare Nera filter included.

Wet cleaning is carried out by attaching the detergent module with a cloth and water (as in the process, the cloth is moistened automatically). The battery charge assumes 90 minutes of autonomous operation of the vacuum cleaner, after which it will return to the docking station. Five modes of cleaning, and the surface cleaning is completed with an ultraviolet lamp built into the bottom of the vacuum cleaner.

UV radiation kills bacteria and microbes, disinfects the room,which is especially important when there are young children, allergies and pets in the house.

  1. Many useful features, high cleaning efficiency.
  2. An opportunity to carry out not only dry, but also wet cleaning of the room.
  3. Clear work of the five cleaning programs and the ability to set the schedule of work by day of the week.
  4. Built-in UV lamp for disinfecting the floor.
  5. Silent work. The noise level is 50 dB.
  6. Easy maintenance due to the absence of a turbo brush.
  7. The waste bin can be easily removed and cleaned.
  8. Long battery life.
  1. Hard to cope with the cleaning of surfaces from large debris, as well as with cleaning carpets.
  2. No work timer.

In general, this model is in great demand among buyers. Owners note the reliability, high-quality cleaning and quite affordable average cost of the device: from 13,298.50 p. up to 18 110.00 p.


Prices KITFORT KT-503:

4. XROBOT Helper Black

The fourth in our ranking is a powerful and functional robot vacuum cleaner XROBOT Helper Black. The suction power reaches 55 W, and the noise level is 55 dB. The device is equipped with a two-level system of separation of coarse debris and dust, there is a dust collector with a capacity of 0.37 liters. Unlike the previous model, it is designed more for dry cleaning,which can be done with the help of 3 modes (but there is also the possibility of attaching a cloth for wet cleaning). Assistants in orientation are infrared sensors.

At the bottom of the vacuum cleaner is a lamp with ultraviolet radiation, which disinfects the room at the end of the work.

It is possible to purchase this miracle of technology at a price from 13,900 to 15,130 r.

  1. High power.
  2. Maneuverability.
  3. Reasonable price with the stated characteristics.
  4. Works with all types of surfaces (carpets, wood, laminate, linoleum).
  5. There is a remote control and built-in clock.
  6. Compact and stylish design.
  1. Weak attachment of the garbage container.
  2. Small capacity dust collector.
  3. Does not always find a base.

 XROBOT Helper Black

Prices XROBOT Helper Black:


It opens the top three best robot vacuum cleaner firm Redmond, the distinctive features of which are stylish, unusual design and rich functionality. The creators offer 4 modes of cleaning and 38 W suction power. Impressive capacity of the dust collector - 0.8 l. A vacuum cleaner quite noisy compared to similar models (72 dB). Of the additional features are also sensors for detecting steps and obstacles, automatic cessation of work during separation from the floor, the function of re-cleaning and return to the base.The package includes a whole set of numerous brushes (rotating, several side brushes, screws for fastening). The cost of the robot is 15 900.00 p. - 20 995.00 p.

  1. Capacious battery.
  2. High-quality cleaning of the room to 120 square meters. m
  3. Roomy dust collector.
  4. Brushes are easy to remove and clean.
  1. Very noisy.
  2. Does not always respond to the remote control.
  3. Difficult in understanding the instruction manual.

Prices REDMOND RV-R400:

2. Gutrend FUN 110 Pet

Another optimal option in terms of price, quality and features is Gutrend Fun 110 Pet. He intended for dry and wet cleaningIt has a capacity of 50 W and a dust collector capacity of 0.6 l. The lithium battery provides uninterrupted operation up to 110 minutes, which means cleaning the area of ​​about 100 sq.m. You can choose automatic power adjustment or command (cleaning modes 6). The central turbo brush is missing; its main functions are assumed by the side brushes.

The case of the vacuum cleaner is very thin - 7.5 cm, which allows you to easily pass under the furniture and call in hard-to-reach places in an apartment or house.

Also in the presence of a two-stage filtration system, designed to separate large and small debris.The device fits for pet owners (it even follows from the name of the model), because the brushes of the vacuum cleaner especially carefully work with wool and carpet fibers.

  1. The quality of materials and durability.
  2. High suction power.
  3. Cleaning area limiter, or virtual wall.
  4. Convenience management.
  5. On the case there are touch buttons and a bright display.
  6. Fast charge and long battery life.
  7. Efficiency.
  8. Compact, light weight (1.8 kg).
  9. Rich equipment, a large selection of cleaning programs.
  1. Sometimes it goes beyond the virtual wall.
  2. Weaker cleans the dirt near the base for charging and in the corners of the room.
  3. It makes a loud noise.

Despite some shortcomings, the list of advantages of this model is much more impressive, besides, it is worth paying attention to the reasonable cost: from 16,989 to 17,690 p.

 Gutrend FUN 110 Pet

Prices Gutrend FUN 110 Pet:

1. cleverPanda i5

The best in our ranking was the first hybrid robot vacuum cleverPanda i5, equipped with an intelligent navigation system, an active video camera and Wi-Fi function. Innovative model from TM cleverPanda. carries out both dry and wet cleaning, perfectly copes with the cleaning of carpets and the collection of pet hair. Power consumption - 85 W, noise level - 46 dB.cleverPanda i5 is equipped with a powerful beskollektorny turbo engine and high-capacity LI-POL battery, calculated for 240 minutes work. In the configuration: infrared sensors, side brush, water container, microfiber cloth, backlit display and remote control D / U.

 CleverPanda i5 robot vacuum cleaner

The revolutionary development of the creators is a widescreen panoramic HD camera built into the body of the vacuum cleaner. She participates in building a map of the room, is used in the navigation of the device, allows you to monitor the process and change the cleaning route if necessary.

The camera can be controlled by special application on your mobile phone. There is a night monitoring system and a home monitoring function online. All materials captured on camera will be stored on a memory card, and you will be able to view them at any time and at any point from your smartphone.

  1. Remote control of the vacuum cleaner via Wi-Fi.
  2. Panoramic camera with many useful features.
  3. Ultra-thin body (6 cm!), Allowing you to clean the most inaccessible areas.
  4. 4 cleaning modes (automatic, spot, along the walls, delayed start).
  5. Impressive dust collector (500 ml) and triple filtration system.
  6. Increased level of protection against falls and collisions.
  7. The function of programming the schedule of cleaning by day of the week.

Of the minuses noted only high price Robot Vacuum Cleaner - 37 990 rubles. However, cleverPanda i5 fully justifies its price.

Prices cleverPanda i5:


Not all buyers decide to purchase a robot vacuum cleaner for their home, because stationary models are much more familiar, clearer and simpler. Nevertheless, the popularity of robots is growing every year, and manufacturers are not asleep and are trying to invent new technological chips to facilitate the cleaning process and to speed up and diversify this boring process as much as possible. If you still take the risk and decide to buy an intelligent robot vacuum cleaner, then our rating for 2017 will be a useful guide to further action.

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