Ranking of the best auger juicers 2017

Auger screws are a completely new kind of juicers with an extruded mechanism of action and an approximate speed from 50 to 80 revolutions per minute. A feature of such devices is that when immersed berries or vegetables, juice and residual oilcake are distributed in different compartments. As a result, the process is very fast and the maximum amount of useful substances is preserved in the juice. But since the range of household appliances is now striking in its scale, and finding the optimal product can be difficult, we have prepared an overview of auger juicers with a description of their strengths and weaknesses. It is presented in the form of a rating of the best models.

10. UNIT UCJ-419

The last line of the ranking is this model of juicers mechanically controlled. The power of the device is 150 W, and the rotation speed is 65 revolutions per minute. In the configuration there is a glass for juice with a capacity of 0.6 l.A separate pulp container also has a volume of 0.6 l. The case itself is made of plastic. Inside the device there is a stainless steel filter mesh. Separate containers for juice and the remaining pulp ensure convenient, comfortable operation of the device while maximizing the useful substances in the processed product. The cost of the juicer varies in the range of 4,990.00 p. up to 5 970.00 p.

  1. The presence of rubber knives, which guarantees a stable position of the device on a horizontal surface.
  2. Quite quiet operation of the unit.
  3. Formed dry cake at the outlet, therefore, the original product is subjected to maximum squeeze.
  4. There is a reverse function.
  1. To get the right amount of juice is used high consumption of the product.
  2. Little power.
  3. Bulky, takes up a lot of space in the kitchen.
  4. Much waste is generated after use.
  5. The device is inconvenient to wash.


Prices UNIT UCJ-419:

9. Hotpoint-Ariston SJ 4010 AX1

We placed Hotpoint-Ariston SJ 4010 AX1 on the ninth line of the list of the highest quality juicers. This vertical Auger juicer has a good capacity - 400 watts and is able to emit juice into a 1 liter glass for a minimum period of time. The maximum speed of rotation of the device is 80 revolutions per minute, in addition, there is also a reverse function.

To the functional benefits of this vertical model include a robust stainless steel case and the presence of rubber knives.

There is overload protection.

  1. High-quality materials of the body and parts, durable mechanisms inside the unit.
  2. Intensive pushing out of juice, a good expense of a product.
  3. Easy to operate, easy to use and clean after work.
  4. Silent operation of the device.
  5. There is a reverse option.
  1. It copes poorly with very hard and fibrous products.
  2. High cost - from 11,790 rubles.

 Hotpoint-Ariston SJ 4010 AX1

Prices Hotpoint-Ariston SJ 4010 AX1:

8. KITFORT CT-1102

A very popular and quite budgetary model among auger juicers was firmly entrenched in the eighth position in the rating. It is worth noting that with a small power of 150 W, it copes well with the processing of solid fruits and vegetables and supports the loading of whole fruits. The price of the device ranges from 5 680.00 p. - 8 200.00 p. The juice is fed directly into the glass, the volume of the tank for juice - 1 l.Auger rotation speed - 80 rpm. Such a spin at low speed maximally saves the useful properties contained in the product. The kit additionally has a special brush to clean the juicer and its individual parts after the work is completed.

  1. Automatic filter cleaning process.
  2. Rapid discharge of oil during operation.
  3. Protection against accidental switching on of the device. So, if the juicer is assembled incorrectly, it will not turn on. In addition, the inclusion occurs only when properly installed the cover.
  4. Just collected and cleaned after work.
  5. Gives a large amount of juice, perfectly crushes hard fruits and vegetables.
  6. Does not make a lot of noise.
  7. Beautiful modern design, the juicer is made in three colors: orange, gray and burgundy.
  8. Included is an illustrated brochure with useful information about fresh juices.
  1. Plastic case that is not entirely reliable during prolonged use.
  2. When the reverse can fly off the cover and the glass itself to exit the pulp.
  3. Raw cake is formed.
  4. Short-life gear.
  5. At the bottom there are often unprocessed pieces of oilcake.

Prices KITFORT KT-1102:

7. VES CI 9606

Small compact juicer with one auger goes to the seventh position ranking leader. The volume of tanks for juice and pulp - 0.8 liters. The maximum working speed is 150 W, but the juicer does not consume a lot of electricity. It also has a protective function against accidental activation. Not very long cord with a length of just over a meter, however, the device is additionally equipped with a compartment for its storage. A feature of the device is self-cleaning filter system, and also function of automatic emission of unnecessary waste.

  1. Rubber feet on suckers provide stability of the device.
  2. There is a special brush for cleaning parts.
  3. For its price, acceptable spin quality. The average cost of this juicer is 5,499 - 6,690 p.
  4. High-quality spin, the cake at the outlet is almost dry.
  1. Low reliability. The body is made of plastic and is not very durable.
  2. Does not do very well with such solid products as carrots, apples, cucumbers.

 VES CI 9606

Prices VES CI 9606:

6.Vitek VT-1602

The sixth place is assigned to a juicer with one screw and a fairly average power of 150 watts. The volume of the tank for juice and, accordingly, the pulp - 1.2 l. The pulp is ejected automatically.

Manufacturers have provided the likelihood of draining excess drops after the completion of the use of a juicer (anti-drip system).

Like most similar models, this device can withstand 80 revolutions per minute, and the average time of continuous operation is 30 minutes. The device automatically shuts off when overheated, there is a reverse function. The cost of the device varies in the range of 10,800.00 p. - 11,330.00 p.

  1. Good value for money.
  2. It works equally well with both soft and hard products.
  3. At the exit gives dry cake, therefore, a large amount of juice formed.
  4. There are rubberized knives.
  5. Two speeds to choose from.
  1. Large cells in the filter mesh, pulp can get into the juice.
  2. Difficulties in the analysis of the juicer.
  3. Plastic parts are not durable.
  4. Buyers of this brand of juicers note that with a heavy load a plastic edging at the bottom of the device may come off.

Prices Vitek VT-1602:


In the fifth place in the ranking, we send the juicer to the famous manufacturer of household appliances for the kitchen Redmond. It is more powerful than the previous models described (350 W) and picks up a screw rotation speed of 80 revolutions per minute.There is a function that protects against device overload and involuntary activation. The case is quite durable, made of stainless steel, there are no fingerprints on it. The titanium coating also does not absorb odors and lasts longer than plastic. The package includes a loading tray for products and a special cleaning brush juicers after use. Buy this model at a price of 9 089.00 p. - 13,795.00 p.

  1. Copes with hard and soft products.
  2. Automatic discharge of oil cake.
  3. Silent work. Smooth start of the motor during operation.
  4. The reverse function works well.
  1. A small glass for juice of only 0.5 liters.
  2. Rubber knives are badly supported; therefore, the device is not very stable.
  3. After prolonged use, scratches form on the cup.


Prices REDMOND RJ-M920S:

4. Omega Twin Gear JuicerTWN32S

Horizontal twin screw juicer located on the fourth place of our rating. The design has two grids that allow you to adjust the type of cake at the outlet. It copes well with the processing of vegetables, fruits, herbs, grains. The optimal speed is 150 W, with 80 revolutions per minute.Korean manufacturers of screw juicers (in particular, and the company Omega Juicers) give a guarantee of service 10 years. It is provided by durable materials from which both the body and the internal structure are made.

  1. Reliability and durability.
  2. Wide range of use due to two augers. The augers rotate inward, and this makes it possible to squeeze and mix products more qualitatively. In addition, at the exit of the cake and fiber is almost dry.
  3. There are two meshes with different hole sizes. On request, you can get both pure juice and juice with pulp, depending on the sieve.
  4. Works with greens, herbs, cereals.
  5. Silent process of the motor.
  6. Stylish and compact design.

Significant technical flaws in this model is not found. The disadvantages include the rather high cost of the device - from 38,700 p.

 Omega Twin Gear JuicerTWN32S

Prices Omega Twin Gear JuicerTWN32S:

3. Redmond RJ-910S

Stylish juicer ranks third due to its budget and high efficiency. Device power - 350 W. The body is made of high-quality plastic golden color. Includes glass for juice and cake of 1 liter. Protective functions are available, and the stability is ensured by rubberized knives on the stand of the juicer. The average price of this assistant in the kitchen is 7,459.50 p. - 12 700.00.

  1. High power.
  2. The function "Careful Spin", which allows you to save the beneficial properties of the juice without heating and oxidation.
  3. Works great with solid foods.
  1. Inconvenient to wash after use.
  2. Mesh filter will have to be periodically changed.

 Redmond RJ-910S

Prices Redmond RJ-910S:

2. OURSSON JM7002 / RD

The honorable second place in the ranking is occupied by the Oursson cold-pressed auger juice extractor. A distinctive feature of this model is wide opening for loading products (75 mm). So, in the juicer, you can safely send a whole apple or peach. To protect against leakage during operation, an anti-drip system is provided. Power device - 240 W, the pulp is automatically thrown into the glass. Three-level filtration system that provides a clean exit of juice without contact with excessive pulp. The cost in various appliance stores varies from 8,699 to 12,999 p.

  1. Suitable for all types of fruits, berries and vegetables.
  2. There is an automatic cleaning function, in addition, for manual cleaning of individual parts in the kit there is a special brush attachment.
  3. Rubber knives provide stability.
  4. Does not make noise at work.
  5. Easy to disassemble and wash.
  1. It recycles whole fruits and bones.
  2. After processing the berries can clog the filter.


Prices OURSSON JM7002 / RD:

1. PHILIPS HR1897 / 30

PHILIPS HR1897 / 30 auger juicer is at the top of the ranking of the best. At 200 watts, it easily handles most fruits, vegetables, and berries. There is light indicationannouncing readiness for work. A jug to supply juice of 1 liter. In addition, in the presence of rubber knives, anti-slip, useful anti-drop function. The price of the device - 25 990 p.

  1. Despite the plastic case, it is made neatly and firmly.
  2. Compact, does not take up much space in the kitchen.
  3. It is very easy to clean after completion of work, no need to use a brush.
  4. After washing on the case there are no stains.
  5. The result is a completely dry cake.
  6. There are two nozzles, by choice, you can get the juice with pulp or without.
  7. The translucent case allows you to track the immediate processing of products inside.
  8. Stability on the surface.
  1. Narrow neck, it is not possible to load the whole fruit
  2. Slow work for declared by manufacturers of power.

Prices PHILIPS HR1897 / 30:


We hope that thanks to our rated juicer selection for your kitchen will become easier.Freshly squeezed juice is an indispensable product for those who monitor their health and prefer proper nutrition. When buying a juicer, pay attention to the technical features, power and, of course, reviews of those who have already purchased this model. Each type of auger juicer has a number of advantages and disadvantages, but all the above models have high efficiency and have already managed to establish themselves in the market of household appliances. Make the right choice and enjoy the delicious juice from your favorite fruits and vegetables!

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