Top 10 best kitchen hoods in 2018

It is quite difficult to imagine a modern kitchen without a hood placed above the stove. Today this device has become a necessity rather than a consumer whim. The hood helps to remove excess odors remaining after cooking, draws in soot and greasy deposits - it performs important hygienic functions. The best brands that produce popular models of kitchen fixtures are listed below:

  • AEG;
  • Bosh;
  • Zigmund & Shtain;
  • De'longhi;
  • Electrolux.

Now consider the top 10 models according to customer reviews, which should be paid attention to when choosing a kitchen hood in 2018.

10. GEFEST VO-2601

The rating opens with a wonderful kitchen hood at a reasonable price from the Hephaestus brand. A well-known manufacturer pleases the domestic consumer with high-quality equipment. The starting price for the device is 3268 rubles. Installation is carried out by hanging.The dimensions of the device are classic, the width of the mounting end 60 cm. Responsible for the performance powerful and reliable motor, not requiring any additional maintenance for a long time. Power consumption is 110 watts.

There are two modes of operation: the output and the circulation of air masses. Performance is not the highest, 310 cubic meters / h, but this is quite enough to save the kitchen of average size from odors. On the mechanical control unit there are three switches, one for each speed. For the light meets a pair of incandescent bulbs of 25 watts each.

There are two filters: one for absorbing fat, the second one for carbon, which needs to be changed periodically.

The maximum noise level is 65 dB. Of course, this is far from a record, you will not call a quiet device, but it will not distract too much. The curb weight in the assembled condition is exactly 7 kg. The optimal solution for all those who are not used to overpay for the brand and options that are not planned to use in the future. Robust device that does not require any additional intervention after proper installation. Using them is easy and convenient.

  • price;
  • proven manufacturer with a good reputation;
  • appearance;
  • reliable engine;
  • type of attachment;
  • two filters;
  • energy efficiency;
  • three speeds of work;
  • standard dimensions of mounting cloth.
  • roars;
  • low productivity;
  • heavy

Prices GEFEST BO-2601:

9. LEX Hubble 600 Inox

A review of kitchen hoods will be incomplete without mentioning a model from Lex. It is an affordable and reliable device. The initial cost of 4178 rubles. Type of mounting retractable, built-in cabinet space. Dimensions are standard: the width of the mounting end 60 cm, the duct pipe has a diameter of 120 mm. The design of the device is made in the classical style and is unlikely to surprise someone with a novelty or futuristic references, but this is not the main thing. Much more important excellent performance and reliabilitywhich is provided with a durable 100 watt motor. The total power of the entire device is 103 watts.

 LEX Hubble 600 Inox

Two unchanged operating modes: blowing and circulating. Performance can be considered quite high - as much as 650 cubic meters / h. The mechanical control unit is equipped with two buttons, each of which is responsible for speed. The device illuminates the space around it with a standard LED lamp with a power of only 2.50 watts. The device is equipped with only one filter to absorb fat. The noise limit will pleasantly surprise connoisseurs of silence: only 44 dB, and this is at maximum load. Curb weight mounted unit 6 kg. A wonderful solution for a medium-sized kitchen, as well as for all those who appreciate the quiet operation of electrical appliances.

  • cost;
  • reliability;
  • strong metal body;
  • appearance;
  • low power consumption;
  • performance;
  • clear control;
  • retractable type of installation.
  • just one light bulb;
  • equipment;
  • two speeds instead of 3 for competing models.

Prices LEX Hubble 600 Inox:

8. Zigmund & Shtain K 003.71 W

Another model that is relevant in 2018, from the famous brand of kitchen appliances "Zigmund and Stein." The device falls into the initial segment of the device, since its value fits into the category "up to 10 thousand rubles." With all the discounts, the device can be purchased for 9899 rubles. Manufacturers often try to save on many options in entry-level models, but this is not true when it comes to Zygmund and Stein. Type of instalation - wardrobe mounting. The width of the hood is 70 cm, the width of the mounting edge is also 70 cm. The diameter of the corrugations of the air intake is as much as 150 mm. Case material - metal, painted in white gloss. Responsible for the work of one reliable engine that can operate in the mode of output and circulation.

 Zigmund & Shtain K 003.71 W

Record performance of the device - 1020 cubic meters / h - adjustable three speeds on the mechanical control unit. Lighting is carried out by two halogen bulbs, 50 watts.

The filter is only one, to absorb fat, but it can be easily removed and cleaned, and if necessary, replaced - it is standard.

The noise level is average, 56 dB. The device has an anti-return valve. A wonderful device that is equally suitable for both demanding customers and novice users.

  • classic design;
  • high performance;
  • profitability;
  • good lighting;
  • ease of operation;
  • reliability;
  • acceptable noise level;
  • proven brand.
  • non-standard dimensions;
  • the filter is quickly contaminated;
  • Marky case.

Prices Zigmund & Shtain K 003.71 W:


On the 7th position in the ranking of the best absolute novelty from the European brand Maunfeld. Appearance attracts attention and is ideal for the kitchen in modern style: the hood is made of silver metal and black tempered glass. A powerful 350 W motor and a capacity of 1050 m3 / h allow the device to effectively clean the air over an area of ​​up to 40 sq.m.There are 3 working speeds, at the maximum of them the device emits noise at the level of 51 dB. You can control the operation of the device using the touch buttons. Illumination of the working area is carried out by two bright LED (LED) bulbs of 2W each.

The advantages of LED light bulbs include low power consumption: up to 10 times less than traditional incandescent bulbs. In addition, they serve for a long time and emit a minimum of heat in the process.

The model is new, and has not yet received feedback for evaluation. However, the combination of stylish design and excellent technical characteristics will certainly attract the attention of the buyer.

  • stylish appearance;
  • high power and performance;
  • three modes of operation;
  • LED-lights;
  • low noise level.

Cons have not yet been identified.


6. Bosch DHL 545 S 53 IX

The list of the best models continues apparatus from "Bosch". The brand itself needs no introduction - it is a manufacturer of high-quality construction and household appliances. The cost of the model is 10490 rubles. Installation is carried out by embedding in the cabinet space. Non-standard dimensionsA: the width of the mounting edge is 53 cm, the corrugation of the nozzle has a diameter of 120 mm.The body is made of durable metal, on which silver gloss paint is applied by spraying. The maximum power of 380 watts. For two modes of operation - the conclusion of the circulation - meets the productive and reliable engine. The maximum displacement of air flow is 500 cubic meters / h.

 Bosch DHL 545 S 53 IX

Mechanical control module, there is a slider on it, with which you can switch speeds in four different positions.

A pleasant bonus is the presence of an intensive mode, which is so lacking in low-end entry-level budget models.

Illumination takes place with the help of two halogen lamps of 20 W each. The filter for absorbing fat is only one, but this is quite enough for the implementation of the main function. A great device, balanced in terms of features and price. The hood produces a pleasant impression, both by its appearance and technical equipment. Recommended for a wide range of consumers.

  • reliability;
  • four speeds;
  • energy savings;
  • convenient management;
  • classic (cubic) appearance;
  • comfortable air duct;
  • easy and trouble-free installation.
  • price;
  • equipment;
  • noise level.

Prices Bosch DHL 545 S 53 IX:

5. De’Longhi KD-PA60 IX

In the middle of the ranking is a device from a well-known manufacturer of kitchen appliances "DeLong". Reasonable price and European quality of materials and assembly form a harmonious combination. The cost of this model is from 4990 rubles. The hood is installed by mounting and is mounted, its dimensions are standard. The width of the mounting edge is 60 cm, the diameter of the corrugations of the duct is 120 cm. The case is made of metal with a glossy silver paint. But there are two engines: one is responsible for the output of the air flow (intake), and the second for circulation. Very interesting and extremely successful solution, device performance enhancementwhich is a maximum of 650 cubic meters / h.

 DeLonghi KD-PA60 IX

The control module is mechanical, with three buttons, each of which is responsible for speed. Lighting is provided by a single incandescent lamp with a rated power of 40 watts. The filter is only one, to absorb fat, but it is easy to remove and clean. Present and anti-return valve. In general, thanks to a very affordable price tag and two engines instead of oneThe model looks extremely attractive and will be interesting to many consumers. The noise level is at an acceptable level, but you cannot call it a record low.A simple and reliable device for everyday use in a medium-sized kitchen.

  • price;
  • appearance;
  • two engines;
  • easy filter maintenance;
  • performance;
  • nice design;
  • ease of management;
  • easy installation
  • equipment;
  • noise at maximum load;
  • only one filter.

Prices De’Longhi KD-PA60 IX:


Directly above the top three is the unit from Maunfeld. This built-in compact hood with sliding panel has a body made of high strength steel. The model will appeal to lovers of change: front glass is removable, and its color can be selected from 7 options (graphite, white, black, turquoise, beige, dark beige, lime). The case itself may be white or black. Installation of the device is carried out in the cabinet, while it is possible to work in the recirculation mode (using a carbon filter) or with the removal of polluted air into the ventilation shaft.

The power of the device is 180 W and the capacity is 620 m3 / h, which allows removing unpleasant odors from rooms up to 20 sq. M. Due to the wide surface of the hood, the capture of polluted air occurs with maximum efficiency, soot does not settle on the surfaces of the cabinets and the ceiling. The device works at 3 speeds, with the maximum possible noise level of 48 dB.The lighting here is implemented by two halogen bulbs on 20W. The cost of the extract is available to the ordinary buyer - 7150 rubles.

  • the possibility of changing the color solution;
  • convenient form factor of the device, making it invisible;
  • high efficiency of air cleaning;
  • high-quality materials ensuring a long service life of the device;
  • three speeds of work;
  • bright lighting;
  • off by sliding the panel.
  • no timer;
  • real noise does not match the stated.


3. Electrolux EFT 531 W

Top-3 opens the device from the world famous brand Electrolux. The manufacturer produces silent kitchen hoods with classic design features and high reliability. Affordable cost - only 5590 rubles - makes the purchase of this model very attractive. it suspended hoodmounted in the space above the stove. The width of the assembly line is 50 cm. The case is made of white plastic and metal. Responsible for the operation of one productive engine that performs two functions - the output of air and its free circulation. Performance can hardly be called a record high, but still it is at a decent level, 225 cubic meters / h.

 Electrolux EFT 531 W

On the mechanical control unit is a convenient slider that allows you to switch speeds in three ranges. Due to economy, the model is not equipped with an intensive mode of blowing and retracting. For the light meets the usual incandescent lamp with a power of 40 watts. In terms of noise, the device does not have enough stars from the sky, but its operation fits into the framework of the comfort zone: 58 dB at maximum load. Good decision entry level with everything you need on board. Recommended for those who have never used the hood before, as well as owners of small kitchens.

  • famous manufacturer;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • low electricity consumption;
  • good light;
  • convenient speed control;
  • easy and simple installation;
  • price;
  • durable case;
  • equipment;
  • the filter quickly becomes dirty, inconvenient to remove;
  • non-standard dimensions.

Prices Electrolux EFT 531 W:

2. AEG DGB 1530 S

In the second place of today's rating - kitchen hood from the company AEG. This device is of the middle class, both in terms of cost, and in terms of characteristics and capabilities. The price tag on the model starts with a mark of 14963 rubles. Installation is carried out by mounting in the internal space of the cabinet above the kitchen stove.Unlike the competitors discussed above, this unit is fully embedded.

Fully embedded means that there will be no protrusions anywhere, the entire technical part, including the engine, will be inside, and only the control module and the perimeter of the retracting surface will remain outside. Very convenient and functional solution.

 AEG DGB 1530 S

With standard dimensions of 14x55x30 cm, the width of the mounting edge is 55 cm, and the diameter of the corrugations of the duct is 120 mm. The traditional material for the manufacture of the body is metal, with a silver gloss. A reliable engine is able to function in two modes: blowing and circulation. Declared capacity 352 cubic meters / h. The mechanical control module is equipped with a slider capable of switching the speed in three ranges. Lighting is quite standard - one incandescent lamp. The filter is also one that absorbs evaporation. Its dismantling and installation take only a few seconds. A great solution for everyone who loves ergonomics and style. Futuristic design combined here with inconspicuous dimensions. Recommended to anyone who already has experience using kitchen hoods, and wants to get the most out of this appliance.

  • quality from a proven brand;
  • stylish appearance;
  • reliability;
  • electricity savings;
  • dimensions;
  • easy to remove the filter;
  • convenient management;
  • easy to install;
  • does not make noise.
  • price;
  • faded lighting;
  • equipment.

Prices AEG DGB 1530 S / span>:

1. MAUNFELD Plym Touch 60

The best hood is a stylish, reliable, high-quality and functional unit. This is the model Plym Touch 60 from Maunfeld. This is an inclined hood with an interesting design: the coarse filter is hidden behind high-strength glass.. Thanks to this solution, it is possible to maintain the aesthetic appearance of the device throughout the entire period of operation.

Installation of the hood is carried out on the wall above the stove. You can connect the device to the ventilation or operate in recirculation mode using a carbon filter.

Capacity of an extract makes 350 W, and productivity - 1050 m3 / h. Such parameters allow you to effectively cope with the removal of unwanted odors on an area up to 40 sq.m. The noise level is one of the lowest in its class - 46 dB. Management is carried out with the help sensor and digital displayThere are 3 speeds. There is also a timer that allows you to turn off the device at the right time.For lighting installed 2 LED bulbs, characterized by low energy consumption and environmental friendliness. The model has collected the most modern solutions and turned out to be very successful, thanks to which she deserved the first place. Premium quality available at a price of 14,850 rubles.

  • interesting design;
  • high power and performance;
  • quiet work;
  • 3 work speeds;
  • touch control;
  • LED lamps;
  • built-in timer

Deficiencies were not identified.

Prices MAUNFELD Plym Touch 60:


2018 brings new trends in the considered segment of kitchen appliances. The kitchen cooker hoods market is constantly changing, new models appear in it, devices, experiments continue with the types of installation and the dimensions of embedding. To choose the model that fits perfectly into the dimensions of the kitchen space, you need to know the parameters of the room, its acoustic characteristics and wall material. Having decided on the model, you should definitely read the user reviews, and then compare your favorite model with those of competitors. The main thing is not to hurry when choosing and make a balanced decision on the purchase.

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