Lawn mower

The lawn mower is a practical motorized wheeled grass clipper on the backyard, in public gardens and parks. The prototype of modern lawn mowers was invented nearly two centuries ago in 1830 by the Englishman E. Budding. He created a cylindrical mower was put into mass production. The device has been improved several times: not only hand-wheeled vehicles were produced, but also horse mowers and steam engines.

Modern technology for lawn care, solving the same tasks, differs from its predecessors by new design solutions, mobility, productivity and additional functionality. Depending on the destination, lawn mowers are divided into the segment of household and professional equipment. Cars with electric and petrol engines, as well as robotic lawn mowers are produced.

You can purchase a model with a device for collecting mowed grass. This approach eliminates the manual collection of plant debris from the lawn with a rake, but periodically it is necessary to interrupt the mowing process to release the container.You can also choose a model with the function of mulching. The essence of this approach is to chop the stubble stems to fine particles that are left on the lawn as mulch. With such a mower to interrupt the work is not required.

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