Geyser This is the name of a wall-mounted flow-type water heater that works with energy derived from the combustion of gas. The column immediately heats the water and is economically beneficial due to the use of gas. This may be liquefied (balloon) or natural gas.

The inventor of the geyser is the engineer H. Junkers. More than a century ago, the German opened a plant for the production of gas equipment, which began producing columns, often used today.

Geyser can be found not only in country houses and cottages. They are installed in apartments and gasified houses. When installing the device, it is necessary to observe safety precautions: chimneys and ventilation should be placed in the room. Speaking about the device device, it should be noted the key elements: a burner, a heat exchanger and sensors that allow the column to function.

The main indicators of the device are the consumed and useful power, on which the efficiency of the device and the cost of gas depend. The following important indicators it is the pressure of water and gas.It is quite clear that at low pressure the water heater will refuse to work. The burner can be ignited automatically when the water tap is opened or manually, by pressing a special button.

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