How to choose a fan among the variety of models from the brand Bork

Few people think about buying fans before the onset of summer heat. But as soon as the sun begins to heat more actively, and it becomes unbearably hot in the house or office, the demand for these simple, but at the same time functional household appliances increases significantly. The popularity is explained simply: the fans are much cheaper than air conditioners, do not require complicated installation and configuration, are mobile (you can move from room to room), do not provoke colds.

 Fan bork

Among the wide variety of modern manufacturers offering such devices, one of the distinguished leaders is the Bork company. It produces powerful and efficient fans that are capable of creating an air flow of up to 15 meters. In addition, the trademark products can provide maximum blowing efficiency with minimal energy consumption.You can get acquainted with the available model range of Bork fans in the store on the official website of the company.

Bork fans are of different types: floor, column and desktop.

Floor models are powerful. Their use allows airflow to be provided to most of the premises. The intensity of the air flow in such devices may be different (amenable to adjustment). Products are located on a special tripod, the height of which can be changed. Another functional feature of floor standing appliances is the possibility of rotation in the sector from 90 to 180 degrees. Many buyers choose the popular Bork P800 model, whose power is 20 watts.

 Bork floor fan

Table fan It will be a good choice for people who spend a lot of time at work (or study). These models provide an adequate level of airflow for a person sitting next to each other; they have a simple speed control. Bork manufactures tabletop fans that are the epitome of stylish design and reliability. Use them safely and conveniently.

Column fan suitable for providing a comfortable air temperature in the room where there are several people.Models from this line are equipped with lighting and aromatization functions. For such devices is characterized by increased power, they have several modes of intensity of air supply and rotation.

 Column fan Bork

Different types of fans differ not only in power and size, but also in cost. Therefore, when choosing the right technology, you need to focus on an affordable budget, as well as personal taste preferences.

You can view the list of Bork boutiques in major cities on the official website. If the pickup option is not suitable, the possibility of making online purchases in the online store with delivery throughout Russia is available.

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