Instructions for using the air conditioner

Climate systems help to create any optimal temperature in the room, but not all users know the basic rules of how to use air conditioning, so as not to harm their health and all those living in the house. Consider how and on what mode to turn on the air conditioner, so that the temperature in the room was optimal.

 Air conditioner on

Device classification

All air conditioners are divided into the following. main types:

  • window models - are installed in the window opening;
  • wall option - consists of two blocks, the evaporator is located inside the room, and the remote - beyond;
  • floor layout models - installation on the floor, with the output of hot air through the window;
  • combined class.

In addition, experts share split systems functional features:

  • cooling only;
  • cold / heat;
  • work at low and fairly high temperatures;
  • various additional features.

The latter option may include such functions as ionization, humidification, aromatization and air purification.

Recommendations for use

There are special rules on the basis of which the air conditioner is used at home.

  1. It is necessary to conduct regular cleaning the outdoor unitespecially the inlet grilles.
  2. All windows and doors to the outside should be closed when the split system is activated. Such measures allow not to overload the product.
  3. Do not use the air conditioner constantly for a day.
  4. Timely Maintenance increases the duration of the proper operation of the split installation.
  5. When the indoor unit filters by clogging up dust, users can remove, wash them and dry them naturally without using a hair dryer so as not to damage the delicate mesh.
     Dirty filter

  6. It is allowed to connect several internal devices to one remote unit.
     Placement of air conditioning in the apartment

To comply with these recommendations, it is sufficient to carefully read the instructions, which are designed for each model of air conditioner.

How to turn on the air conditioner

Using the air conditioner To cool the air inside your home, it is considered the main task for this household appliance, but there are split products that can work in two ways: cold and heat. There is no difference in their installation, except for small nuances: air conditioners are installed only on the walls of the house, and modern models of split systems can also be installed in ceilings.

Many users ask the eternal question, how to set up your own air conditioner? The instruction interprets the main provisions of how to properly operate the air conditioner of a particular model after the installation is completed. Customize product using remote controlhow to handle it correctly, we will tell you in detail a little later.

Cooling mode

We use this function constantly at home when the heat comes, so we will consider this process in more detail.

In order to turn the air conditioner on cold, just press snowflake key, then select the optimum temperature to which it is necessary to cool the air in the room. When the desired microclimate is reached, the remote unit switches off automatically, and the evaporator unit continues its work - it supports the parameters set by the user.

A cold stream of air escapes from the evaporator and fills the entire space, displacing the warmer, which is sucked into the system and cooled. As soon as the temperature rises by a couple of degrees, the outdoor unit again switches to work in order to lower it to the optimal version, which you installed using the remote control on the air conditioner.

There are recommendations from experts about the use of the "cold" function.

  1. Not worth in the apartment cool the air below 16 degrees. In this case, we must remember that when the device is at full capacity, there is a risk of catching a cold.
  2. The difference between the temperature of the outdoor and indoor air should not exceed 5 degrees.
  3. Do not turn on the product in the cold when the outside temperature is less than 12 degrees.
  4. All models of modern climate devices are configured to save electricityEspecially this differs converter products - they automatically select the mode of operation.
  5. All air conditioners in general should not be included when the outdoor temperature is below 0 degrees.

Many models of split units, according to manufacturers, can operate at 20 degrees below zero, heating the room, but they must be turned off during severe frosts in order not to break the fan. Especially carefully it is necessary to operate this technique during sudden thaws.

 Outdoor unit air conditioner covered with ice

Heating mode

Modern climate systems can bring to the apartment not only cooled air, but also heat. To do this, take the PU and follow the prompts.

  1. Press the Start key or On / Off, then button labeled Heat.
  2. If not, then present Mode key or another, over which there are symbols: snowflake, sun, raindrop and fan. Switch modes until the desired character appears on the display.
  3. By pressing the + or - or the up / down arrows, you need to adjust the required temperature. Its value should be higher by 5 degrees to that which is now in the room.

Initially, the fan turns on, and then the heating mode. After a maximum of 10 minutes, the product will begin to pump warm air into the room. If the PU does not have the above buttons - you are not lucky, this model of air conditioner can not work in heat mode.

There are split-systems, where you first need to make all the settings, and then press the start key.

During the settings, any model is obliged to respond to your actions: emit beeps, blink LEDs. During the purchase of the product it is necessary to familiarize yourself with all its characteristics, so as not to wrestle with it.

 Air conditioner operation in summer and winter

Proper use of PU

These remote devices are attached to each model. Today, many different variations have been released, but the labels and functions on the buttons are similar. Most users do not read the instructions, but use only the start button and the temperature setting. But on the remote control there are many other keys. Tell about them names and main functions.

  1. Power, in some PU on / off - on / off the product.
  2. Mode: pressing it once, you put the device into automatic air supply mode, twice - the product will work in cool mode.
  3. Swing: the oscillating motion of the louver is activated to disperse the air flow throughout the space.
  4. Dry, which means dry - the device operates at medium speed.
  5. Fan (fan, fan) - air conditioning is slower or faster.
  6. Turbo: maximum speed and performance.
  7. Temp: key to adjust the temperature mode cold / heat.
  8. Smart Saver (smart saving) - when the optimum temperature is reached, the product shuts down and operates in fan mode.
  9. Auto Clean: all parts of the device are disinfected and dried. By pressing this key once every three days (and the product works no more than half an hour), you allow it to get rid of excess moisture by itself.
  10. Sleep: transfer of the conditioner to a half-sleeping mode, cold air spreads over the ceiling, we use it at night.
  11. On Timer: enable timer.
  12. Off Timer: disable time.
  13. Clean Air: air flow ionization process.
  14. Ok: confirm key for selected parameters.
  15. Cancel: Cancel the selected command.
  16. Reset: reset all settings.
  17. Lock: lock buttons (child protection).

 The meaning of the remote buttons

Nuances of operation

Modern models of air conditioners are quite complicated household appliances, the adjustment of which requires adherence to the basic rules.

  1. Need to be clear select the power of the product depending on the volume of the room: in regions with a very hot climate, it is necessary to install systems with more power, with improved characteristics of the cooling mode.
  2. Always correlate the mode of operation of the product with the weather conditions outside.
  3. In order to prevent the occurrence of any colds, it is necessary to precisely adjust the equipment in the cold mode.
  4. Carry out regular maintenance - these activities will allow you to ensure the normal operation of the product, and the whole family will have a safe and comfortable microclimate.
  5. Installation, maintenance and repair of equipment should be done only by professionals.

 Family in the living room

Climate systems can be installed in any premises, regardless of their configuration and size, because modern technology copes with the task without any problems. The user should only follow all the rules and recommendations voiced in this article.

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