A projector is a device capable of transmitting an image of a flat object to a large screen and creating a true image. The purpose of creating the first projector is to make scientific lectures more visible and entertaining, which was achieved by the Dutch scientist Christian Huygens in the middle of the 17th century. The first apparatus included a light source, an image plate and a lens. Today's technologies allow to produce projectors of various types and purposes, including interactive ones.

Depending on the application, the devices are divided into home projectors and office appliances. They have certain differences, such as contrast, resolution, realistic images and other parameters. Devices differ in their dimensions. Pocket, ultra portable, portable and stationary devices are produced. The scope of their application is quite wide, and the choice depends on the intended use area.

According to the methods of creating an image, the devices are divided into the following classes: diascopic and episcopic projectiondevices, epidemiological and multimedia (digital) projectors, as well as laser and 3D devices.

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