Headphones are designed for individual listening to audio signals. They can often be found both in everyday life and in other areas of human activity. Devices are more than 100 years old, and the very first appeared thanks to Nathaniel Baldwin in 1910. Initially, the headphones found their use in the military, but at a later time became common among ordinary people.

Today you can find devices that differ in design, sound power, frequency characteristics, sensitivity. The simplest and cheapest models include liners ("droplets"), which are usually included in the composition of other equipment. They are not able to provide high-quality sound and noise insulation.

Intra channel headsets are more common. They have good sound insulation, reduced amplitude of membrane oscillations, less distortion of sound, increased frequency range.

In addition to these types of devices, overhead, full-size, monitor headphones, which are lighter and more comfortable and have a high level of technical characteristics, are widely used.According to their design, the devices are open and closed types - they are distinguished by the presence of various slots and openings.


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