Washing machine - equipment that allows you to perform washing bedding, clothing, certain types of shoes and some other products. Production of the first washing machines in Europe began in 1900. And in 1908 an electric car appeared. After 40 years in the United States begins the production of automatic washing machines.

Today, three types of machines are widely used. These include machines, semi-automatic and ultrasonic machines. Semiautomatic machines are equipped with a tank where water is poured and linen is placed. Hand-washing powder is added and the process itself is produced thanks to a pump with a special disc. Machines are lightweight, they can be easily transferred from place to place. Spin and rinse done manually.

Automatic devices can do a lot. They work on a specially loaded program. It is enough to place the laundry in the drum, add the powder for the machine wash, and the device will do the rest.There are a lot of car models, the choice depends on the desires and possibilities of the hostess.

Ultrasonic-powered machines are small appliances that plug into the net and fit in a vat of laundry. Full washing in a similar way is in doubt among experts.

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