Trimmer - motorized hand tools for lawn mowing. The prototype of the modern trimmer was coined by Texas businessman Bollas in 1971. That mechanism was constructed from a tin can with holes and fishing line attached to the edger. The refined idea formed the basis for creating a garden tool called the Weed Eater.

Modern industry produces trimmers with electric and gasoline engines. Models can vary not only the type of engine, but also by the type of its location: lower and upper, as well as power. The tool is easy to use. With it, you can gently mow the grass in small open spaces, as well as around shrubs and trees, along paths along flowerbeds, fences and other obstacles. Also, the trimmer is used for mowing lawns with uneven terrain.

The cutting elements of the garden tool are fishing line or knife. The thickness of the line depends on the parameters of the motor. Knives are made of metal or metal-plastic.The bar, on which all elements of the garden tool are mounted, can be of different shapes, integral or collapsible. On sale there are units with additional functions in the form of nozzles for loosening the soil or brush cutter. Prices depend on the design, power and functionality of the device.

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