A mixer is an electrical appliance used to mix food ingredients in the manufacture of various dishes, by creating a mass of the same type and saturating it with air. Thanks to the device, eggs, dairy products, omelets and mashed potatoes, dough and sauces and other liquid and bulk mixtures are processed.

The first mixer, invented by the American engineer G. Johnston, was heavy and cumbersome, but after improvement, in 1919, the first home mixers patented by the KitchenAid brand went on sale.

The processing of products is carried out using nozzles that are driven by an electric motor. Depending on it, the mixer can be manual or stationary. The first kind is light, small and practical. When working, he is in the hand of the hostess.

Stationary devices work independently of the person. According to the principle of operation of the device is no different. Models vary in size and specifications.

Of particular importance is the power of the device.For hand-held devices - this is 130-300 watts. Stationary devices have a capacity of up to 1000 W, their work is characterized by increased complexity. Another characteristic of the mixer is the number of speeds. The more of them, the more opportunities for the hostess.

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