What can be cooked in a pressure cooker

The name of the pressure cooker speaks eloquently for itself - dishes in it are cooked much faster. The secret of such operational cooking is in a high boiling point. Thanks to the hermetic lid, steam creates a strong pressure that raises the temperature, and the latter, in turn, contributes to the rapid softening of the prepared products. So, what can you cook in a pressure cooker, and what not? Consider below.

The advantages of the device

Unlike other methods of cooking, fast cooking has several advantages:

  • Cooking time is reduced several times (for example, peas, which are boiled for at least an hour, in a pressure cooker reach readiness in 10-20 minutes).
  • In the process of cooking soups, meat and other dishes, the need for pouring water is reduced to zero, since it does not evaporate.And it greatly facilitates the work of the hostess.
  • Vegetables and fruits retain not only their nutrients, but also their natural color.
  • The pressure cooker meat has a more delicate flavor and softness.
  • The smell of sharp-smelling products (for example, fish) is almost completely neutralized.

 Pressure cooker

And most importantly - dishes from a pressure cooker, especially those that are steamed, are considered most helpful. Therefore, if you adhere to a healthy diet, a pressure cooker in your kitchen is a must.

What products can be cooked + temporary table

In a pressure cooker, you can cook everything. More precisely, almost everything. The list of "prohibited" products includes those whose cooking is accompanied by a large amount of foam and spray - this can clog the valve from the inside. These include pearl barley, oatmeal, semolina, millet, crushed peas, noodles, spaghetti, compotes. However, in this case, the pressure cooker can be used, namely, to use it as a standard saucepan.

 Cooking in a pressure cooker

What with a light conscience can be cooked in a pressure cooker? Soups, vegetables, rice, cereals, meat, fish, desserts and side dishes. And if specifically according to recipes, then fast pilaf, cabbage rolls, roasts, spaghetti, jellied meat, stewed cabbage, vegetable stew, borscht, pies and puddings.

 Pressure cooker products

Below are the cooking times for certain products.

Product Name Cooking time (min.)
Eggplant 9-10
Cauliflower 5-7
Head cabbage 3-5
Beans 5-6
Stewed onions 8-10
Beans 3-4
Turnip 9-12
Baby carrots 3-5
Old carrot 6-10
Sliced ​​Carrots 3-4
Bell pepper 9-10
Young beets 10-14
Old beets 20-35
Jacket Potatoes 13-15
Young Potatoes 5-8
Young medium potatoes 9-10
Sliced ​​Potatoes 4-6
Corn (whole) 15-20
Pic 10-12
Medium sized chicken 20-30
Duck 20-25
Liver 5
Fresh fish 4-6
Frozen fish 4-5
Frozen Vegetables 1-2
Beef 25-30
Mutton 15-20
Pork 20-25
Groats 18-20
Peas 10-20

Cooking secrets

To make dishes from a pressure cooker turn out to be of the highest category, you need to know some technical secrets:

  • Since the water in the pressure cooker is practically not evaporated, it is necessary to add liquids to the soup as much as you expect to see in the finished recipe. If it is porridge, then the water in it should be almost two times less than when cooked in the usual way.
  • The water in the device should occupy no more than 2/3 of its volume, and if it is products that swell a lot during cooking, then no more than half.
  • The compound dish will be a great success if all its ingredients are cooked in equal time.There is a little trick: this is the size of cutting products, which can equalize the time of their cooking.
  • The heating of the pressure cooker should be stopped if the steam from its valve is no longer flowing. This means that there is no water left in the pot. The dish in this case can be brought to readiness by means of the residual heat of the device and the stove.

Many products can be cooked without oil and water - in its own juice. This will greatly increase their beneficial properties.

 Pressure cooker dishes

How to cook

It is not recommended to cook fish in a pressure cooker, since removing its smell will require some effort. If the fish was still prepared by you, boil a saucepan with vinegar or lemon zest.

Putting products in a pressure cooker is desirable. at the same time, but if there is a need for their report, first remove the device from the stove, discharge the steam through the valve or pour over the pan with cold water, and only then open the lid.

 Product Bookmark

Frozen foods, whether vegetables, meat or fish, can be cooked without prior defrosting. But at the same time they need to be in advance, that is, before freezing, to wash, clean, gut, etc.

To cook food for a couple, stock up on a special basket or insert, which is set on the pan. The peculiarity of steam cooking in a pressure cooker is that it is not necessary to chop the meat - large pieces are permissible, and vegetables can be completely laid.

 Pressure cooker basket


Spices and other flavor enhancers can be added to dishes immediately and in much smaller quantities than when cooked using the traditional method. Hermetically sealed lid of the pressure cooker contributes to their rapid absorption, moreover, its own aroma of products, which remains almost unchanged, takes effect.

In the final cooking, you should immediately let off steam, otherwise your dishes can be boiled soft.


The thing is that even after removing the pan from the heat, the cooking process will continue - until the appliance cools down. Many newest pressure cookers are equipped pressure regulatorwhich can be fixed in the mode of slow or intense compression. Or, as an option, just put the pan under cold water - so your dishes just do not boil down.

 Manual pressure cooker

Cooking in a pressure cooker does not require super-skills and an outstanding culinary past. All that is needed is to put products into the pan and close it with a lid.The rest of the pressure cooker will do for you.

The most popular pressure cookers in 2018

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