The flagship model of the company ZTE Axon 9 Pro went on sale

Recently, the company ZTE introduced a new smartphone Axon 9 Pro. The novelty even “eclipsed” the rest of the popular brands, also released this month. It seems that the leadership of ZTE managed to survive the crisis, and the brand is again ready to produce cool and reliable smartphones.

Technical specialists of the manufacturer have always relied on the high-quality sound of their devices, and the Axon 9 Pro is no exception. In addition, the team was able to incorporate Axon Vision technology into the device, processing images, removing the slightest distortion and noise. The frequency of displaying video at 60 frames per second, the HDR 10 format and the enormous color gamut make it possible to achieve high-quality images.

 Axon 9 pro

Built-in audio chips process the sound, and two speakers ensure its reproduction. Artificial intelligence, built-in camera, as well as two sensors provide ample opportunity to customize photos and video.

The smartphone is powered by a high-performance Snapdragon 845 processor. The size of the RAM is 6 GB, and the built-in - 64 GB. If necessary, you can install a memory card of 2 TB.

The Quick Charge ™ 4+ battery quick charge system allows you to charge your phone in as little as an hour, there is also a wireless solution for battery replenishment that is compatible with most devices on the market.

 Axon 9 pro

An extended warranty is another definite advantage for future owners. In addition to the standard one-year warranty, the manufacturer offers another 12 months of free repair, for reasons beyond the user's control, one free replacement of the display within six months from the date of purchase, one free repair of the device if liquid gets into it for 2 years. In addition, within 24 months, the courier will be free to bring and take your gadget for service an unlimited number of times.

The cost of the smartphone is 47,000 rubles, with a preliminary order, the manufacturer gives a 10% discount.

ZTE Axon 9 Pro on Yandex Market

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