We adjust floor electronic scales

A device for measuring weight should accurately indicate how the weight of your body changes, say. In order to take into account each gram, you must correctly configure the device. Unfortunately, it will not work without power. Therefore, the first thing to do is to install batteries. After that, you can proceed to the direct configuration of the measuring device. How to set up electronic floor scales will be described in detail in this article.

Setup process

In order for the device to show you the actual numbers, place it on a flat and solid surface. Setting up an electronic scale starts with a stable position.

It is important to remember that the location of the device when it is first turned on is crucial for the correct future work.

 Turning scales on by touch

So, how to set up an electronic scale? First you need to turn them on.On different models, this is done differently. In one case - this is a neat touch, which brings the device into working condition. If the display shows zeros, then you can start using. In another case, in order for the scales to work, you need to fully embark on a custom device.

It is necessary to stand on the scales in such a way that the feet are located parallel to each other. This will ensure the correct distribution of weight, and also guarantees you the accuracy of the readings.

 How to stand on the scales

Accuracy check

Body weight is a variable quantity. There are times when you start to wonder if the tuned device works correctly? Here are some tricks on how to check scales.

The main mistake that users make when checking the scales for accuracy is the installation of various items on the platform. Electronic scales are customized for manTherefore, such a test is likely to contribute to damage to the device.

When buying, specify where the readers are located. Sensors embedded in each leg will provide accurate measurements.

In order to know the exact readings, you do not need to configure anything. You should only weigh 5 times.The obtained data will help to calculate the error of your device: we subtract the smaller result from the greatest result. The tolerance should be no more than 400 grams.

If you are faced with the fact that the difference in the results is more important, then the problem is probably hidden in the malfunction of the sensors. One improper weighing may cause damage to the device.

Adjusting this problem helps reset buttonwhich is usually located on the back of the device. If this does not return the device to normal operation, then you should contact the master or think about a new purchase.

 Scale reset button

The reset button on the back of the scale

Storage conditions

When using accurate devices, it is important to remember about their safety:

  1. Avoid temperature extremes, increased humidity, shock, dust and sunlight.
  2. Keep the scale away from heating devices.
  3. To clean the platform, use a damp cloth for the base - dry and soft. Chemical or abrasive products are not recommended.
  4. Use and storage of scales in rooms with high humidity,Fluid entering the housing may destroy metal parts and affect measurement accuracy.
  5. You should not apply physical strength to the scales, jump on them.

Provide decent storage conditions for your device, and then it will serve you for many years.


To adjust the electronic scales at home requires a flat and solid surface, which will provide them with a stable position. The rest of the process depends on the quality of the device itself.

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Comments: 2
Tatyana Alekseevna / 11/06/2018 at 11:10

Scales have worked perfectly since 2007 and just now they started to show the wrong weight. Who knows how to open the legs and clean the contacts? I suspect that water has been there and there is dust. Thank you in advance.

    Marina 12/12/2018 at 10:02

    Well, who would have thought! To adjust the scales they need to be put on a hard surface and turned on. Very useful information! As if there are people who are not including, or even unpacking, shoving the scales into a washing machine or in the oven and waiting for the scales to tune.


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