Milling cutter for manicure procedure

To keep nails in shape, it is not necessary to constantly visit nail salons. It is enough to purchase special tools for home use. Among the well-proven household care products with full confidence can be attributed manicure frezer.

What is a similar technique

The nail cutter is an electrically powered device that has a wide range of actions in manicure and pedicure treatments.. The device is used for:

  • correction of the nail form;
  • removal of keratinized skin on the fingers and cuticles on the nail bed;
  • grinding and polishing works with the nail plate.

This tool has a number of significant advantages over the usual classic care. Use of technology protects delicate okolonogtevuyu skin. Processing occurs quickly and does not harm the very structure of the nail plate.

 Milling cutter for manicure

Everything is constructively thought out: the user holds the handle, at the end of which the rotating shaft is located. On it various nozzles mills are established. It is enough to choose the necessary (in form, abrasiveness and other parameters) in order to quickly and painlessly process the necessary area.

Such a manicure machine will be especially useful for women who have brittle and exfoliating nails, delicate skin on the fingers and cuticle, prone to rapid growth. The device will reduce to zero all the traumatic risks.

Another important bonus is saving not only the time for the procedure, but also money for the purchase of nail files and softening agents. In the absence of the latter, the probability of an allergic reaction is reduced.

You can buy such a machine for both home and professional use.In the first case, the user does not need to visit a specialist. Having learned how to use a manicure and pedicure machine, you can independently give your hands and feet a well-groomed look. For the master, the purchase of such a router is a great opportunity. reduce processing time customer’s hands and feet, minimize the risk of skin injury. In addition, the tool is convenient to work in hard to reach places.

 Manicure milling cutter

Current selection options

More recently, with similar devices of professional level met only in specialized stores. Today they are available for sale. As with any other popular technology, there are a considerable number of brands on the market that offer devices for a very different wallet. Promed, Proxxon, Micro-NX, Witalina, Multibor, Satellite, AnyXing proved to be the best. There is a significant reduction in prices for professional samples of Nail Drill, Option, Strong - so you can also buy a better model for home use.

In the opinion of many users, the Vitek VT-2201 VT and Beurer MP41 are recognized as the most popular milling cutters for domestic use.

 Vitek VT-2201 VT

Milling cutter Vitek VT-2201 VT

To understand what to choose a router for manicure, you should know the important parameters of technology.


Manicure / pedicure set BEURER MP 41


For household complex use (skin of fingers plus nails), a device with a capacity of at least 35 W will be suitable. If added work with extended nailsthen the power should already reach 60 watts.

If there is a desire to take clients at home, you should choose a power of 100 W - this will reduce the time for the procedure.

The number of revolutions made

For a household appliance of individual use, you can stop at a router with a rate of 10000-20000 rpm. With more frequent use, we are already talking about the criteria of 35000-40000 r / min. Professional devices have this parameter not less than 45 000. In any case, it makes sense to choose device with switching speeds.

 Nail surface treatment

Cutters and clamps

It is advisable to stop the choice on the device, initially going with a minimum of nozzles. They can always be purchased separately, depending on the need for one or another processing. In relation to clamps, various fixing methods are meant.

  1. Fixing in manual mode comes after tightening the washer.The user will need to click on a specific button.
  2. AT semi-automatic version the action will be performed by turning the lever to the characteristic click.
  3. Easiest with automatic clipwhere the cutter is simply inserted, and you can work.

Motor options

There are two possible suggestions. Brushless motor - the prerogative of professionals. Instead of brushes, current supply sensors are installed here. Such an engine gives uninterrupted silent operation with a resource of several thousand hours.

Collector engine it works slower with brushes and creates a lot of dust, which the master has to breathe. In addition, it quickly fails. However, for home use, you can stop at this option: type I cars are very expensive.

 Collector motor

Example of a collector engine

Extra options

Very interesting model that has built-in mini vacuum cleaner, because during the operation of such devices fine dust will be emitted. You can also buy separately a special apparatus-vacuum cleaner that has a dust collector.

Important easy fit in the user's hand.Otherwise, the loss will be observed on both sides - an increase in the load on the person making the procedure and the risk of injuring the client.

The weight of the device is important if you plan to travel with it to customers. Heavy frezer to move will be difficult.

What options of mills can be used in the device

Even the most common nail mill should have a set of basic tips. They differ in shape and material of manufacture. Each of them has its own goals. Consider the most popular manicure cutters.

  1. For the treatment of cuticle apply ceramic cutters. The most common - nozzle of corundum. This material allows to remove the horny layer gently and without harm to the skin.
     Ceramic cutter

  2. When working with artificial nails can not do without tungsten carbide cutters. This material has a high hardness, and can damage natural nails. But for gel or acrylic nails such a nozzle is ideal: it will easily give the desired shape to the material.
     Tungsten Carbide Cutters
  3. Polishing cutters from fabric materials (cotton, felt) or silicone is used to smooth the surface of the nail, making it shine.
     Silicone Cutters

Tip: when buying additional cutters, you should definitely pay attention to their price. Cheap nozzles are usually quickly erased.

Safety rules when working with a router

Today, there are many master classes, including video tutorials, through which you can quickly learn how to beautifully handle nails and fingers. However, the very first training in how to use the device should be following safety instructions.

  1. By instrument can not be used "on weight" - be sure to rest both elbows on the work surface. It does not matter here how to rely exactly - as it is convenient for the user himself.
  2. The nail is processed with short, but sliding and smooth movements - no more than 3 seconds. It is impossible to prevent the router bit into the nail.
     Processing nail cutter
  3. It is important to constantly hold the device. parallel to the working surfacetherefore, the user must monitor the slope at all times.
  4. The actual criterion is and pressing force - here you can rely on the force with which the user presses the pen while writing. The handle of the device must be constantly moving - otherwise a burning sensation may appear.
  5. It is important to bring to automatism. hygiene skills. Before treating the nail plates, remove the old coating with nail polish, then keep your fingers in the bath with warm water, wipe and disinfect. Special fluids are used to treat the cutters - as an option, they can be placed for a few minutes with a disinfectant solution. Professionals use heat treatment tools.
  6. When using nozzles, one should start with coarse-grained ones and gradually switch to fine abrasiveness and polishing. The foot begins to be processed with carbide materials, then transferred to the sand nozzles.

How to perform manicure and pedicure

The technology of treatment of nails and skin of hands is done in stages as follows.

  1. To prevent the occurrence of infections, you must put on the hands of the master and the feet of the client disinfectant.
  2. Horny surfaces will soften a special tool applied to the skin. It should be kept for at least 10 minutes. During this time, the area of ​​the cuticle and the skin around the nail are treated with special tips.
  3. Next is the modeling of the nail form and the subsequent polishing of the nail plate.If the length changes significantly, then you can use the pliers.
  4. The napkin removes the previously applied softening agent.
  5. The next step will be horn removal. There is no single order of execution - you can start with the use of any nozzle.
  6. A decorative coating and an emollient oil are applied to the nails.

It is worth seeing all these steps in more detail in the video:

How to remove artificial nails correctly

To remove the extended nails using the router should be strictly according to the instructions - otherwise, there is a serious chance to damage the natural plate. It can take up to 10 minutes to process one finger. So, the order will be as follows.

  1. To start reduced working area - For this, you can use the crankcase or nail clippers. The procedure is carried out carefully to prevent cracking of the gel.
  2. Now need Coarse grinding cutter - this will help to cut the gel layer to the required thickness. Other nozzles should not be used. When working, a cloud of dust is formed, and shooting particles can damage the eyes, so it is better to wear glasses and take care of the protection of the respiratory tract.On the nails leave the gel layer no thicker than 0.5 mm.
  3. After removing the artificial plates, the surface of the nail is subjected to grinding. During this process, the device is constantly moving, so that the nail itself does not have time to heat up.

As for acrylic materials, there is a small addition - they can be removed not only mechanically (using a router), but also treatment with solvent formulations. The above technique takes part in these actions: with the preliminary removal of the top coating and the final grinding of the plate. The procedure for removing acrylic false nails can be seen here:

Gel polish remover with nails use various nozzles. The optimal choice is a ceramic milling cutter. It does not heat up and perfectly removes the coating even at low revs. Its only drawback is the price of about 1500 rubles. If you do not have such a budget, take a look at carbide cutters. They are 4 times cheaper, but when working should be set high speed, which in inexperienced hands can lead to burns. More detailed information on how to remove gel varnish with a router is in this video:

Regardless of the removal method chosen,after the procedure, the nail plate requires care and recovery. In order to avoid infections and the development of inflammation, this moment cannot be ignored.

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