Airbrush - a virtuosic tool for nail design

Drawing on the nails - a fashion trend. The appearance of a special device for applying drawings with paints gave impetus to the development of nail design. Modern masters of manicure have become increasingly used airbrush for nails, creating a unique and durable design.

Features airbrushing on the nails

Like any pneumatic device for spraying paint, an airbrush for a manicure consists of the following main parts:

  • air supply compressor;
  • paint spray tool in the form of a pistol with a small reservoir;
  • connecting hose.

 Airbrush for nails

The algorithm of the apparatus is as follows. By means of a compressor, a high pressure of air is supplied, which passes through the valve into the spraying mechanism.Under the influence of air, the dye is blown out in uniform doses from the nozzle.

Important! The device under consideration differs from analogs for other airbrushing applications in its compact size, light weight and small nozzle diameter, which allows it to draw the thinnest lines on nails and tips.

Manicure airbrushing is performed significantly faster than applying lacquers and compositions using traditional brushes, brushes of different thickness. At the same time, the paint lays down in a perfectly even layer, on the nails there are no thickened stripes and strokes, missing sections. The device gives an open space in application of such art receptions, as ombra and gradient, allows you to perform the thinnest strokes and drawing small parts of the picture.

 Airbrush for nails

Tips for choosing the instrument and related materials

There are two types of models on the market.

  1. Simple devicecontrolling only the ink supply to the nozzle.
  2. Double action with the control of the supply of the amount of coloring matter and air. Such a device is regulated by means of a valve. Dual action models allow thinner drawings.

Choose an airbrush for nails, based on the purpose of use, paying attention to such important points as the comfort of working with a spray “brush” and compressor power sufficient for airbrush nails. It is worth noting that high power in this case is not required from the compressor.

 Airbrush in work

The comfort of working with the device, the absence of defects is checked by the following features.

  1. A good airbrush is determined by spray uniformity. You can check the usual water in the form of the resulting stain. It should be the correct form.
  2. For a double action device, checking is important. health control valve.
  3. Should also check soft and smooth movement of the leverhow difficult it is to adjust the intensity of the jet.
  4. The important point is that the paint should not remain in the spray gun after work is completed due to scratches and other defects of the nozzle and needle.

Important! Since it is not always the case that an airbrush on the market is offered complete with a compressor, it may be necessary to purchase a suitable air blower. According to professionals, if you can not find a handy device in the complete set,it is better to buy a quality spray brush and compressor separately to assemble an airbrush for nails.

For the nail design you will also need to purchase the following Supplies:

  • special paints for airbrush for acrylic-based nails;
  • stencils for drawing pictures;
  • additional decorations (rhinestones, stickers, sequins, foil, thread);
  • Tips for creating new drawings and training application skills;
  • gloves;
  • paper towels;
  • tweezers with sharp tips;
  • Means for cleaning the device.

 Airbrush cleaner

The “golden” rule in a nail design when operating a dual-action airbrush is the Air-Paint-Air formula. This means that starting and finishing work with the device should be done with air supply in order to avoid ink polymerization in the needle and nozzle. Also, the apparatus at the end of the paint application process should be washed with special cleaning agents.

The application of each individual pattern requires adjustment of the jet of dye and selection of the distance and angle of inclination. Therefore, working with an airbrush for nails without certain skills will not work.

Tip! You can learn and develop skills using training tips.

Techniques for creating drawings on the nails

Before a decorative manicure using an airbrush, you must perform certain stages of preparation.

  1. Hygienic treatment of the cuticle, shaping the nails.
  2. The application of the base coat and color base with the obligatory drying of each layer. If biogel, shellac and other similar materials are used, a special lamp is used for drying.

Decorative nail design can be performed by different techniques. Combining different techniques produces amazing patterns.

  1. Using stencils of finished drawings - The easiest method in nail aerography. The stencil is placed on the nail plate, and with the help of the apparatus it is possible to paint the slits forming the pattern, after which the pattern is carefully removed from the nail.

  2. Drawing the ornament directly by the device without assistive devices. For this technique, an expensive machine with multilevel control of paint and air supply and convenient process adjustment is needed. From the artist requires skill, skills and imagination.
     Airbrush pattern

  3. Ombre technique - it is staining of nail plates with a tonal transition from dark to lighter shades.Judging by the reviews of masters, it is easy to learn reception using an airbrush.

 Ombre technique

Cleaning and washing the instrument

During the working day It is recommended to clean and rinse the device in assembled form using a cotton swab and pipette. At the end of the working day disassembly of the spray mechanism and rubbing of all parts with alcohol or acetone is required. Step-by-step manipulations related to disassembling and assembling the device for internal cleaning are shown in the video.

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