Rowenta Spa Sensation - more than just an epilator

Despite the fact that today there are many ways to remove unnecessary vegetation on the body, the epilator remains one of the most affordable. Having spent once to buy the device, you can do your own hair removal at home for several years. The main thing is to choose a reliable and high-quality device. Rowenta Spa Sensation of the French assembly gathered a lot of positive customer reviews. He is able not only to remove hairs, but also to do peeling, and even pedicure! Read more about all the features of the multifunctional device in the review.

Packing and packaging

The epilator is packaged in a branded cardboard box with the company logo, which shows all the extras that come with the kit.

 Epilator pack

Inside the box, the buyer will find tips for delicate exfoliation of hardened skin, nail polishing, gentle peeling, removal of unwanted facial and body hair, shaving and relaxing massage.. Consider them in more detail.

  1. Ultra exfoliating pedicure attachment (ultra exfoliating pedicure).
     Ultra exfoliating pedicure attachment

    Already after the first application, the result will not take long. The skin on the heels will become softer.

  2. Manicure attack (accessories for manicure). This nozzle is ideal for removing irregularities from the nails, yellowed spots. It has 2 surfaces: brown, rougher, and white - soft. A brown surface is used for rough grinding, and a white surface for final polishing.
     Manicure Attachment

    On a note! Nail polishing is not only beautiful. This effect stimulates the growth of nail plates due to increased blood circulation.

  3. Body Exfoliating Brush (exfoliating brush). Looks like a rotating roller. It is worn instead of the main head of the device. It quickly treats the skin during rotation, but has a small area of ​​contact. This nozzle has a protective transparent plastic cap.
     Body Exfoliating Brush
  4. Manual Facial Cleansing Brush (manual cleansing brush for the face). On it are soft white bristles, and in the center - silicone. The brush should be used in the T-zone, in the cheeks and cheekbones, as well as in the chin area for massaging the skin. This massage stimulates blood circulation, which eventually reduces the number of wrinkles, makes the skin radiant, eliminates imperfections.
     Manual Facial Cleansing Brush
  5. Shaver head with trimmer head (This is an additional knife in the form of a comb, allowing you to give your hair a certain length). The kit allows you to combine two methods of hair removal - shaving and epilation.
  6. Comb - plastic nozzleIt is installed on top of the electric shaver. It will not be possible to simulate the shape of a haircut with it, but to shorten the hair to one length on even parts of the body is quite.
     Nozzle comb

  7. The main tip for hair removalhaving 24 tweezers. They are made of high quality stainless steel that prevents the growth of bacteria. There is also a hypoallergenic coating containing active silver ions, disinfecting the surface of the skin and the device. Between the tweezers are balls, soothing nerve endings, which makes the procedure virtually painless.
  8. Nozzle for delicate areasallows you to perform hair removal on sensitive areas of the body: bikini area and armpits. It has a small amount of tweezers, so that less hair is removed in a single pass. This increases the time of epilation, but greatly reduces pain.
     Nozzle for delicate areas

  9. Massage nozzle, which can be used on both dry and wet thighs. It provides a relaxing and tonic effect.
     Massage nozzle

Thus, Rowenta Spa Sensation is not just a hair removal device, but a real home beauty cabinet. You no longer need to regularly visit a beautician and a manicurist to look perfect.


On a note! In the set there is a pouch for storage and a brush for removing hairs from the epilator.

 Kit components
Rowenta spa sensation

The main advantages of the model

A common problem among epilators is breaking off part of the hairs or incomplete removal of them. In Rowenta Spa Sensation, this deficiency is eliminated due to some constructive solutions. It has 24 tweezers, which removes even hairs less than 1 mm long without breaking off. A special system directs the hair to the forceps, as a result, the effectiveness of the procedure increases. In the device 2 work speeds. The first is slow, helping the skin to adapt to this process. The second one is faster, and using it is less painful.

 Epilator tweezers

Skin respect technology reduces skin irritation, relieves pain. This is due to:

  • soothing roller;
  • soft-touch coating;
  • optimal speed of rotation of tweezers;
  • massage system.


One of the key advantages of the device is the ability to use in the shower, under the tap. It also contributes to reducing friction, and, accordingly, reducing pain.

 Epilator in water

Tip! Heat the skin with hot water before the hair removal procedure. So they will break out much easier.

Epilator battery powered. This is very convenient, since it does not require a location near the power supply during the procedure. The charge lasts for 40 minutes, after which the device should be connected to the outlet. It takes 1 hour to fill up the battery capacity.


Presence of illumination - very convenient addition. Sometimes during the day it is not possible to clean up, and in the evening the lighting in the room is insufficient. At such moments, lights on the epilator come to the rescue, which will make it possible to see all the hairs on the skin.


The device is thought over to trifles. Included are tips for any part of the body, so you can arrange real spa treatments at home. Hair removal is quick, efficient and painless. And the opportunity to do it right in the bathroom is the final argument for making the decision to purchase Rowenta Spa Sensation.

On a note! Buy Rowenta Spa Sensation can be priced at about 9 thousand rubles in all major retail retailers and online hardware stores.

Rowenta spa sensation

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