How does a trimmer differ from epilator

Antennae and accrete eyebrows on the face, overgrown armpits and bikini area, vegetation on the legs can not help but disturb modern women, because everyone wants to look neat and sexy. At home, instead of the traditional razor, trimmers and epilators are increasingly used. The principle of operation of these devices varies significantly. But which is better?

 Trimmer and epilator

Benefits of body trimmers

In the beauty industry, a body trimmer appeared not so long ago, and quickly gained fans. With this device, you can comfortably cut off unwanted facial hair and other areas of the body, including intimate places. After working trimmer skin becomes smooth to the touch. And this is not the only advantage of the apparatus.

  1. Irritation and cuts, as after using a razor, are excluded.
  2. Using different attachments allows cutting hairs. in hard to reach places.
  3. Convenient operation of the device from a replaceable battery.
  4. The device is reliably protected from moisture, and it can be used during water procedures.
  5. Some models of trimmers are equipped with nozzles for the bikini area, with which you can create intimate hairstyles.
  6. The device ensures the hygiene of cutting hair due to a specially applied antibacterial composition.

 Body trimmer

On the market, you can choose an individual trimmer with a suitable for a specific purpose. cutting surface: wide (up to 25-30 mm) or narrow (up to 25 mm), and also a device with a set of necessary attachments.

Types of tips to trimmer:

  • the main net hair depilation nozzle, it can be treated with an antiseptic composition;
  • vertical incremental micron nozzle for adjusting eyebrows, removing hairs from the ears, in the nose and above the upper lip, in other inconvenient places;
  • nozzle comb for cutting one length;
  • other types of additional attachments, such as epilator or pumice.

In some models trimmers in the package include additional accessories, such as a brush for cleaning the device, stand, stencils for creating intimate hairstyles.

 Trimmer brush

The trimmer cuts hairs, but they continue to grow, and after 1-3 days the procedure should be repeated. Regular use of the trimmer allows a woman to always look attractive.

Using the epilator at home

Get rid of unwanted vegetation for a longer period (2-3 weeks) allows the procedure of epilation. An effective way to remove hair is to use an electric epilator.

The principle of operation of this device consists in pulling out hairs from the bulb by means of several rotating pairs of disks. Hair removal together with the follicle is a painful procedure. To reduce pain, manufacturers equip epilators with various devices: rubber brushes for stretching the skin or a cooling effect. Modern epilator use comfortable.

 Philips Satin Ice

The cooling epilator of Philips Satin Ice "2 in 1"

The effect of removing unwanted hair with an epilator is achieved for a longer period of time than the device and differs from trimmer.

Other advantages of the electroepilator:

  • slower hair growth in unwanted places;
  • hair removal in large areas;
  • the appearance of stiff bristles is excluded;
  • form factor device is easy to use.

However, due to pain and possible skin irritation, it is not recommended to use the epilator in delicate places. Another often referred to as lack of epilation at home in reviews is the possibility of ingrown hair.

What to choose for hair removal

When choosing an epilator or trimmer, you should understand where you want to remove unwanted vegetation. Using a high-quality electric epilator is appropriate for removing hair on the legs and other large areas of the body. This device will effectively cope with unnecessary vegetation for a period of up to 2-3 weeks. Modern technology has allowed for the most painless epilation.

 Foot epilator

In delicate placeswhere the skin is usually more sensitive and prone to irritation, it is recommended to use a trimmer regularly. Also, this device is useful for removing hair in the ears and nose, above the upper lip, edging the shag on the head.

The optimal choice is the model of the device in a case protected from moisture, in the configuration of which there are both nozzles: the trimmer and the epilator. Let us consider in more detail what he is.

Trimmer epilator

The models of devices that combine the functions of trimmer and epilator without other additional functions are available from manufacturers such as Hilton, Saturn, Veet, Clatronic. However, there are devices that have other nozzles and, accordingly, have advanced features. So, you can pay attention to the multifunctional epilators-trimmers of the following brands: Braun, Philips, Beurer, Rowenta, Remington. Models of these manufacturers differ in quality and will serve more than one year.

 Braun Silk-epil 5

Epilator Braun Silk-epil 5 - 5380 Legs & body + trimmer

It is advisable to choose a device model battery poweredwhose charge is enough for not less than 30 minutes of active continuous work. These devices are mobile and convenient to use not only at home, but also on business trips and vacation trips. An important aspect of choosing such a model is battery recovery time.

If the budget allows, then the best choice is a device with a combined power supply (both from the mains and from the batteries).

There are devices on the market that allow hair removal to take a shower or bath.. Humidity helps to open the pores, and hair removal is softer. In addition, pain is dulled in a relaxed state. With such devices allowed the use of shower gels or foam for shaving.

 Shower epilator
Advantages of multifunctional models:

  • local lighting to control the process of hair removal;
  • Nozzle for peeling is useful to prevent such a lack of hair removal as ingrown hairs;
  • the nozzle for point hair removal allows you to gently cope with the hairs on the face and in the bikini area.

Choose the appropriate model of the device for hair removal should be based on personal preferences and focusing on the possibilities of the budget.

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