Which company is better to choose a washing machine

Manufacturers offer equipment for every taste and wallet, and once in the store, you can get confused - what to buy? To understand which company is better to buy a washing machine, before going to the store, it is worth examining reviews of the most well-known companies that produce household appliances, and find out what specific characteristics affect.

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Manufacturers Overview

There are about 10 firms in the Russian market whose products are in great demand among consumers.


South Korean company offering quite high-quality equipment in various price segments: from budget to fairly expensive.

Advantages of Samsung washing machines:

  • reliability;
  • capacious drum;
  • intuitive control;
  • tall energy class;
  • many additional features.

If you are looking for an inexpensive but capable serve a long time car, you can look at this company.



Another South Korean company that first launched the production of machines with direct drive. Among the products offered by this company one can find both very inexpensive, low-end models, and the most modern, equipped with a mass of additional functions devices. Very often, buyers have a choice of washing machine between LG and Samsung.

Advantages of LG washing machines:

  • economical consumption of water and detergents;
  • large stainless steel drum;
  • build quality;
  • Ease of Management.

Since most of the products of this company has additional features, the cost of machines differs in a big way from the analogues produced by other companies. Also, the duration of wash cycles is very long.

The machine is suitable for those who are looking for quality and not too noisy device, but does not seek to save.



Products of the German company is designed for the average consumer.Stable quality is one of the main advantages noted by owners of Bosch equipment.

Pluses washing machines from this manufacturer:

  • washing features - a special mode is provided at 170 ° С, which allows to achieve perfect cleanliness of the laundry;
  • program selection and washing modes in Bosch machines is very diverse, if necessary, you can wash and bed linen and wool dress;
  • warranty - the German manufacturer is confident in the quality of his product, and therefore provides a long warranty period for all washing machines.

The only drawback is the relatively high price. If you are not short of money and want to be sure that the automatic machine will serve for a long time, then your choice is a machine from Bosch.



The American home appliance company refers to average price segment. It offers reliable and high-quality devices, uses advanced technologies.

Advantages of washing machines from this manufacturer:

  • high power;
  • good washing quality;
  • convenient management;
  • multifunctionality;
  • opportunity steam wash.

Reviews of consumers about the products of this company indicate that the quality is consistent with the price, the main thing is to carefully study what functions are provided for in a particular model.



The premium equipment from Italy is able to satisfy the most sophisticated customer: well-thought-out design, reliable performance, and visible results.


However, among the entire range of machines there are no machines with the possibility of steam washing.

The majority of consumer reviews about this technique are positive, it will suit people who do not pursue new technologies, but they value reliability, convenience and esthetic appearance household appliances.



German manufacturer is considered reliable. Offers equipment for every taste, the range of washing machines is quite extensive.

Among the advantages of this brand:

  • thoughtful design, the presence of compact models;
  • interesting design technology;
  • silent operation;
  • unique system that protects internal parts from wear.

The drawbacks of the automatic machine of this company are also: steel, used for the manufacture of some parts,not durable. As a result, the lifetime of the device can not be called long. There may also be problems with control module - it often breaks.



The Swedish manufacturer of home appliances offers economy, middle and premium cars. Known for the quality of products, reliability and constant improvement, thanks to which it is popular with customers.

Advantages of Electrolux washing machines:

  • the presence of ultrafast wash cycle (18 minutes);
  • reduced power consumption and low water consumption;
  • a large number of programs for washing, rinsing and spinning;
  • capacious drum (some models fit Euro-size winter blankets);
  • interesting design.

Due to the large number of functions, it is not so easy to control the device. To get used to and learn all the features of the machine, you have to spend some time.

The entire range of equipment produced by the company Electrolux differs quality and reliability and will be a great acquisition. Numerous customer reviews confirm this.



Washing machines from this Swiss brand are not as widely known in our country as LG or Indesit. Nevertheless, they deserve attention: it is Eurosoba that specializes in the production of miniature washing machines, ideal for Russian small-sized apartments. For the most part, they are built under the sink, which is very convenient in a small bathroom. So, the key advantages of machines under the brand Eurosoba:

  • compactness;
  • possibility of embedding under the sink;
  • stable long-term service;
  • resistant body coating material;
  • interesting design, awarded with various awards.

However, they are not without drawbacks, which arise from small dimensions. First of all - it is small download: As a rule, it does not exceed the mark of 3 kg. Of course, for a family with children, such a machine is already unacceptable. The second minus is limited functionality. Only basic programs are included in the set of modes, the maximum of possibilities is the presence of a delicate wash icon. With such significant drawbacks, the cost of these washing units seems to be very high. The simplest model starts with a mark of 29900 rubles, and the more “advanced” cars are almost 2 times more expensive.


Appliances from Germany refers to premium class, it is distinguished by durability: machines are able to work properly for 20-30 years.

Among the disadvantages:

  • high price;
  • relatively small drum capacity;
  • small selection of laundry programs.
  • high cost of repairs and spare parts.

The cars of this company are suitable for people who are willing to pay big money for a properly working car with no frills: it really washes clothes of high quality, but no more.

What kind washing machine brand better to buy? The answer depends on your needs. Having studied the above information and taking into account your own preferences, choose the appropriate is not difficult.


The parameters of the washing machine, which is worth paying attention to when searching

Usability and reliability of household appliances depend on its technical characteristics and the availability of additional functions.

Loading method

Devices with top loading reliable, fast work, and they also provide the ability to load laundry into the drum during the washing process into machines of this type. They can be placed in the bathroom of a very modest size, since the hatch is located on top.

Among the shortcomings can be identified that the drum, having sharp edges, can damage delicate fabrics. A rather large amount of water is consumed for each wash cycle, and spinning in machines of this type is not of very high quality, since the upright drum cannot perform the same number of revolutions as appliances with a frontal tank arrangement.

Also, due to the height of the device and the design features (the door opens at the top) it cannot be placed under the sink or under the worktop.

Buying a car front loading cheaper, but the effectiveness of devices of this type is higher:

  • underwear in front-loading washing machine it washes off much better;
  • the cycle consumes less water and detergent;
  • a working device produces less noise;
  • save electricity;
  • car can place under the sink or embed in the kitchen;
  • most models have both full and short washing modes;
  • after pressing underwear barely wet.

The drawbacks of this type of device: strong vibration, which, however, can be eliminated if to install the device correctly; long wash cycle and large, compared with vertical, dimensions. When installing it is necessary to locate the device so that it was possible to open the door of the hatch freely. When the machine starts the wash cycle, the door is locked, and forgotten laundry can no longer be put into the drum.

If your goal is to buy a washing machine, which will be reliable and multifunctional, can cope with things of any type, then you should stop at the front loading.

 Vertical loading


Measured in kilograms parameter, which shows how much laundry can wash the machine for 1 cycle.

Here you need to focus on your own needs: for large families, where dirty laundry accumulates quickly, and there are many of them, it is better to buy a washing machine with a capacity of 6 kg, and for a lonely person there is enough of an appliance that can handle 3.5 kg of laundry at a time.


The number of revolutions that the machine makes when spinning, varies from 400 to 2000 for different models. However, 1000 - 1400 revolutions is a good indicator, such an amount will be enough for the laundry to be high quality after washing.

In addition, delicate and some other types of fabrics are not recommended to be pressed too hard,this can lead to their deformation. Is it worth overpaying for extra turnovers?

Energy class

The higher the class, the smaller the amount of electricity consumed by the device during operation. Even if the washing machine will cost a little more expensive than the same, but with a lower class, it is recommended to choose it - the difference will pay for itself during operation.

 power usage

Drum material

Washing machine drum out of stainless steel It is considered more reliable and durable, since metal and other solid elements of clothing (zippers, buttons) do not leave marks on it, whereas they can damage the interior of a machine made of plastic or porcelain.


Many modern washing machines are available. with the function of drying clothes.

Built-in drying is convenient, since there is no need for an additional full-fledged device, for which you also need to find a place in the apartment.

However, it must be remembered that:

  • equipped with a drying machine has impressive dimensions;
  • it consumes significantly more electricity;
  • the result that such a device can offer is inferior to that obtained with the help of a full-fledged drying apparatus.

Number of laundry programs

The more washing modes provided in the washing machine, the better and better the laundry will be washed.


Additional functions

Manufacturers are constantly striving to make changes in their products, to distinguish them from competitors, and new options appear quite often. Do you need them all? Are you ready to overpay for them? When purchasing a car, pay attention to 2 functions that make the process of operating the device more convenient and safer:

  1. Leakage protection If you are worried that you can flood your neighbors, buy a car with this option, and do not worry more about it - even if the device fails, a special mechanism will block the water supply and liquid will not flow to the floor.
  2. Direct drive. Devices with direct drive are more reliable than with belt. Also, these machines last longer, consume less energy and almost no noise.

Most others - control of foaming, water quality, protection from creasing, eco bubble and a lot of others - perhaps, improve the usability of the device, but are not really necessary in the opinion of experts.

Most trusted manufacturers are LG, Electrolux and Bocsh.When choosing machines from other companies, it is advisable to carefully study the technical characteristics and place of assembly of the equipment - the final quality of the device depends on these indicators.

Steam washing machines

This is a new generation device, quite expensive.

Among the advantages, experts point out:

  • innovative washing technology that requires less water;
  • good washing result - better cleaning of the fabric: not only dirt, allergens and detergent residues are removed from the fibers, but also laundry disinfection;
  • careful cleaning of the most delicate fabrics.

If you are accustomed to comfort and high quality, and are willing to pay for the opportunity to use advanced technologies, then for you this machine will be the best purchase.


“Before I bought my first washing machine, I studied the reviews and features for a long time. I decided to stop at the Hans car - it was recommended by the consultants, and the reviews were good. As a result, the problems started already in the second year: the belt slipped off twice in a short time. Now, 6 years after the purchase, water in the door began to flow in the rinse mode. I plan to buy a new machine, but a different company. ”
Alexandra Viktorovna, 57 years old, Ulyanovsk, about Hansa WHB 1038

“I was looking for a car with a large number of programs so that you could wash ordinary things and children's clothes, roomy, but one that would fit in the kitchen. Acquired samsung. Now, a year after the purchase, I cannot say that I am satisfied with the technique - the powder is rinsed out of the linen badly even on the eco bubble mode, there is a white coating on the clothes. After several washes, things lose their shape, wear out a lot. ”
Oksana, 26 years old, Voronezh, about the car Samsung WW60H2210EW

“Bought 3 years ago. During this time, a child appeared, and the machine copes with the increased volume of washing. Works without complaints. They appreciated the function of blocking children - they did not pay attention when buying, but now they are useful. It is also convenient that the drum cleaning mode is provided - you leave it for an hour and a half, and then all the insides shine. I constantly recommend it to my friends. ”
Andrey, Moscow, 34 years old, about LG F-1096ND3

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