What is the suction power of a household vacuum cleaner?

During the acquisition of a vacuum cleaner, everyone wants him to do a quality job with his main task - good cleaning. Naturally, the consumer chooses the device for their tasks. One of the main selection criteria is the suction power of a vacuum cleaner. So what should it be? Consider more.

Regarding this parameter, performance is:

  • consumed by:
  • useful (suction).

Electricity consumption

The power consumption of vacuum cleaners fluctuates around 1500-3000 watts. This indicator indicates how much the device consumes electrical energy. Many people think that it is this characteristic that determines the quality of cleaning, but no.

The cleaning efficiency depends on many parameters, so it’s not necessarythat two devices will cope with their duties equally.

The vacuum cleaner market has a marketing secret that not everyone knows. Power consumption is mentioned on the body of the unit, since this parameter looks much more respectable. Information about the suction power can only be mentioned in the documentation for the device.

 Power consumption of the vacuum cleaner

Thus, the lower the consumption of electricity, the more economical the operation of the device. Therefore, for frequent cleaning of large spaces is best to choose a vacuum cleaner with the lowest rate.

Suction power

If we consider the device on the power of suction, then this figure varies in the region of 250-480 watts. And the more intensively the air is absorbed, the better the dust will be removed. This parameter is always lower than the energy consumed. The main thing is to take into account your tasks: for a small room it is enough - 250-320 W, and for a large one with a strong dust content - up to 480 W. But it is necessary to understand that working at maximum capabilities quickly reduces the operational life of the device.

Even the most powerful unit is directly dependent on several factors that affect its absorption:

  1. Device design. Bag vacuum cleaners water tank or aqua filter, will have completely different suction rates, even with the same energy consumption.
  2. Types of filters and their number. High-quality HEPA filters will also slightly reduce performance. Moreover, this is natural due to the resistance of the environment.
  3. Build quality of the device. Performance will be higher if all the details are made with high quality, fitted and secured. In this case, European manufacturers bypass their Asian competitors.

The suction power is also divided into: average effective and maximum. Apparatus, showed the best results during the test, proved that it is necessary to focus on the first value. This is because the maximum performance is permissible only in ideal conditions, which disappears after only a few seconds of work.

 Vacuum cleaner suction power

Average performance describes the operation of the unit for all the time of its use. This indicator also decreases in the course of filling the tank, often it is one third below the maximum power.

In order to perfectly select the unit for cleaning the room, it is best to choose a vacuum cleaner with the ability to adjust power.

Regulators are of two types:

  • digital;
  • mechanical.

Powerful vacuum cleaners with digital controls cost much more.

Determine the performance

So, for a powerful vacuum cleaner to be really effective, you need to be able to use this power:

  1. 350 watts - perfectly will be suitable for a tile, a parquet board, linoleum. If there are no carpets in the room, then a low-power suction unit will do.
  2. 400 watts - with ease will cope with cleaning of a carpet and with hair of pets;
  3. 450 watts - suitable for cleaning long pile carpets and other similar coatings.

When choosing a vacuum cleaner in the store, the seller can show you some options. upright vacuum cleanersbut it is worth knowing that they have very low power, despite the fact that they are very comfortable. Robot vacuum cleaners also unable to show high efficiency due to low power and modest performance.

 Carpet cleaning

How to make a choice?

If you know what your vacuum cleaner should handle, then you can easily choose the right option. The larger the estimated treatment area and the higher the level of contamination, the more powerful the apparatus should be. With sufficient financial resources, it is necessary to choose a more modern device with a digital power regulator.

The high cost is due to the fact that every manufacturer that puts on an initially powerful powertrain on its vacuum cleaner necessarily completes it with high-quality accessories.

Among other things, preference should be given. famous manufacturerswhich not the first year deliver on the market different equipment. Their equipment is equipped with reliable power units, which have a high level of efficiency and long operational life. So, for example, with an efficiency of 35% and a suction power of 450 watts, the power required for operation will be within 285 watts. Moreover, this is the amount of electricity required for the power unit, which will work in idle mode. To determine the exact power consumption, it is necessary to double this indicator.Also it is necessary to take into account the types of filtering, as well as what other useful function affecting power is equipped with a vacuum cleaner.

Based on the foregoing, we have the following principle for the selection of a vacuum cleaner. In that case, if you need to work with heavy pollution in large rooms, then the power consumption should start from 2000 W. Knowing these nuances, you can choose for yourself a suitable unit, even without knowing its main characteristics - suction power.

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