Rating of the ten best vacuum cleaners of 2017

Manufacturers of household appliances annually produce a huge number of different models of vacuum cleaners, and you can easily get lost in the abundance of brands, brands, specifications and innovative chips. Of course, the main purpose of buying a high-quality vacuum cleaner is cleanliness in the house, but to get the desired result, you need to carefully examine the entire range and make the right choice. To help you, we present a rating of vacuum cleaners for your home for 2017, which, perhaps, will help you decide on your future purchase and choose the best model.

10. Kitfort KT-506

The tenth line of the rating is occupied by this compact and quite budgetary model of a vacuum cleaner. Buyers like this device not only for a stylish and interesting body in a restrained white and blue color, but also for good technical features. So, the power consumption of the model is 600 W, the filter type is cyclone, there is also a container for collecting dust 0.5 l, as well as 3 nozzles in the set + holder.

Vertical parking, there is also a removable function hand vacuum cleanerwhich can be used separately when cleaning small items or hard-to-reach places in the room.

The model can be purchased for 2,990.00 rubles. - 3,949.00 rubles.

  1. Compact, convenient to store, does not require a lot of space.
  2. Nozzles are easily removed and cleaned. Filters are also washable.
  3. Low noise level.
  4. Two-in-one construction.
  5. You can additionally buy suitable accessories (available in appliance stores)
  6. It copes well with local pollution, corners, crevices, small elements.
  1. Low power, it is not recommended to use this vacuum cleaner if you are going to work in highly polluted conditions and in large rooms.
  2. Smell of plastic after switching on the unit.
  3. Heats up quickly.
  4. The materials of which the vacuum cleaner is made, in general, are short-lived.
  5. Small capacity of a dust collector.

Prices Kitfort KT-506:

9. Philips FC 8454

Another vacuum cleaner for the house, which, in our opinion, deserves a mention, is located on the ninth place. Vacuum cleaner designed for dry cleaning, has a dust collector with a capacity of 3 liters and suction power 250 watts with a power consumption of 2000 watts. Buyers in most cases speak well of this product, emphasizing its technical characteristics and overall design. For example, the aluminum tube is quite durable and ensures long work, and the handle is extended specifically for cleaning in hard-to-reach areas. It should also be noted a large number of nozzles (universal, slotted, small and special for parquet). The prices for this appliance are quite affordable: from 6 640.00 p. up to 8 790.00 p.

  1. Very powerful and functional, provides high-quality cleaning of the room.
  2. Parquet nozzle is designed to prevent scratching during cleaning.
  3. There is a dust bag filling indicator.
  4. Long cord with automatic winder function.
  5. There is a convenient mount for the hose pipe.
  6. Nozzles of other vacuum cleaners are suitable for this model, therefore, additional purchase is not necessary.
  1. Non-rubber wheels can leave marks on the floor.
  2. It's hard to get a dust bag.
  3. Dust adheres easily to the housing.
  4. Very noisy in the process.

 Philips FC 8454

Prices Philips FC 8454:

8. Kitfort KT-512

Another model of Kitfort, but this time is fundamentally different from the previous one in our rating. In eighth place robot vacuum cleaner Kitfort KT-512 with the possibility of manual and automatic cleaning, in addition, the device can be ordered to perform cleaning on a schedule. The dust collector is calculated on 350 ml, an operating time from the accumulator makes 90 minutes.

Kitfort vacuum cleaner chooses the trajectory of movement in accordance with the selected program mode. For example, movement in a spiral, in the form of a "snake", or simply around the perimeter of the room.

The positive assessment of this model by buyers is due to the low cost - 11,799.00 rubles. - 17 620.00 p, which is quite optimal for a robot vacuum cleaner.

  1. Well collects fine dust and dust particles.
  2. Low noise.
  3. The battery is enough for a room of about 60 m.
  4. There is a remote control, extra brushes included.
  5. Intuitive control, the device is easy to disassemble and clean if necessary.
  1. Long search base.
  2. It is confused in the wires, it does not absorb large particles.
  3. Fingerprints and sticky dust are highly visible on the glossy surface of the case.
  4. When you open the lid of the dust collector, some of the garbage may fall out.

 Kitfort KT-512

Prices Kitfort KT-512:

7Karcher DS 6.000

Among the 10 highest quality models, it is impossible not to distinguish the products of the company Karcher, which has long established itself in the market of home appliances for the home. Seventh place, in our opinion, deserves a vacuum cleaner with aqua filter. The maximum power consumption is 900 W, the dust collector is designed for 1.7 liters. Type of parking - vertical. Included are several nozzles, including a crevice and special for cleaning upholstered furniture. There is also a place for the contents of the nozzles. You can use the device only for dry cleaning.

  1. Efficient cleaning.
  2. Moves well on the floor, leaving no traces.
  3. Easy to clean intermediate filter.
  4. Refreshes the air after cleaning.
  1. Inconvenient location of the power button on the case.
  2. There is no power regulator.
  3. Heavy, weighs about 10 kg, therefore, poorly maneuverable.
  4. High price - from 16 199.00 p. up to 23 990.00 p.

Prices Karcher DS 6.000:

6. Thomas BRAVO 20S Aquafilter

In sixth place is this powerful washing vacuum cleaner with water filter. It provides for both dry and wet cleaning of the room, the power consumption of the unit is 1600 W, while the pressure pump reaches a pressure of 4 bar. The feedback on the vacuum cleaner is mostly positive.So, buyers note a roomy reservoir for washing solution of 3.6 liters, and a garbage bin at all 20 liters, which is very convenient when cleaning large areas. You can find a huge number of nozzles in the kit: universal for dry cleaning, slotted, two spray for upholstered furniture and for wet cleaning of carpets, for smooth surfaces, for wool and threads, etc. The price of this model in various stores is 9 540.50 p. - 16 499,00 r.

  1. Suction power.
  2. Clear and easy handling.
  3. Interesting design, the body of durable materials.
  4. 8.5 m long cord
  5. Maneuverability, a wide range of nozzles.
  6. Low noise.
  1. It is inconvenient to wash a large number of components and parts.
  2. Long preparation for getting started.
  3. No automatic cord winder.
  4. No power control.

 Thomas BRAVO 20S Aquafilter

Prices Thomas BRAVO 20S Aquafilter:

5. Karcher WD 3 Premium

The next model of the manufacturer Karcher is presented on the fifth line of our rating. This multifunction device it is intended not only for domestic needs and usual cleaning in house conditions. With it you can remove debris, sand, large dust particles, sawdust, wood chips and much more.Specifications are as follows: power consumption 1000 W, suction power 200 W, dust collector capacity 17 liters. Cyclone filter, there is a bag for collecting dust. The body is made of stainless steel and resistant to various kinds of damage. In the unit there is quite an important blowing function. Cost from 4 849,00 r. up to 8,409.00 p.

  1. Very powerful, equally high-quality sucks both dry garbage and water.
  2. High-quality and durable materials from which the construction is assembled.
  3. Without problems understands and washes.
  4. Large tank capacity.
  5. Many attachments for hose and nozzles on the body, which saves space.
  6. The presence of the blowing mode.
  7. All kinds of nozzles for different modes of cleaning.
  1. Short cord (4 m).
  2. Bulky and heavy.
  3. Loud noise in the process.

 Karcher WD 3 Premium

Prices Karcher WD 3 Premium:

4. Philips FC 8767

The fourth line is occupied by a vacuum cleaner from a famous brand of home appliances Philips. The suction power of 370 watts is impressive, as well as the power consumption of 2100 watts. A bag for collecting dust is not required, but the design provides cyclone filter. The case has a power control regulator that allows you to choose a convenient mode of cleaning.

The special Power Cyclone technology assumes a three-stage cleaning system: particles of dust and debris get into a special chamber, then settle inside and, finally, the purified air leaves through the separator blades, while all the debris remains inside.

  1. Dust collector designed for hygienic cleaning.
  2. With the Aero Seal, more dust and debris are collected.
  3. Cord length of 10 m, does not tangle and wound automatically if necessary.
  4. Beautiful design.
  5. Good value for money. The cost of the unit varies within 10 887.50 p. - 18,189.00 p.
  1. Poor attachment of the tube to the replaceable nozzles and hose.
  2. Takes a lot of space. Not maneuverable.
  3. Loud noise in the cleaning process.

 Philips FC 8767

Prices Philips FC 8767:

3. Bosch BGS 21833

The third place in the top ten is occupied by a vacuum cleaner with a function dry cleaning. Absorption power 300 W, 1.7 l dust bag. Designed for a range of 10 m, there is a function of automatic winding of the power cord. Type of filter used - cyclone. Buyers note a quiet mode of operation, as well as the presence of a convenient turbo brushes and the most important nozzles in the kit. The cost of the model: 12 990- 16 790 p.

  1. The quality of the material, reliability and durability.
  2. Ease and maneuverability.
  3. Good suction power.
  4. Auto cord winding, foot switch, power control.
  5. The strict, but beautiful design, will fit into any interior.
  6. Nozzle for drilling.

Cons: as you fill the dust collector power is weakened.

 Bosch BGS 21833

Prices Bosch BGS 21833:

2. Thomas TWIN T1 Aquafilter

The honorable second place of the rating goes to this compact, but at the same time powerful vacuum cleaner with integrated water filtration system. Is possible dry and wet cleaning the premises. The maximum power consumption is 1600 W, and the capacity for detergent It has a volume of 2.4 liters. The kit includes several useful attachments, for example, a brush attachment with a thread catcher and a spray nozzle for wet cleaning of carpets, laminate flooring, parquet or linoleum.

There is no bag for collecting dust, which greatly facilitates cleaning, because all filters are removable and they can be easily to clean after completion of work.

Also among the features of the model is worth noting a very flexible and comfortable corrugated hose, which, according to buyers, does not get underfoot. Purchase this unit in stores can be priced at 13 193.00 p. - 18 290.00 p.

  1. Power and high efficiency.
  2. Brushes designed for any cleaning purposes.
  3. Easy to clean HEPA filter.
  4. Automatic winding power cord.
  5. The exterior of the vacuum cleaner is protected from splashing and leaking during wet cleaning.
  6. Two parking positions: horizontal and vertical.
  1. Some tips may leave marks on the floor.
  2. Inside the construction of plastic parts that wear out quickly.

Prices Thomas TWIN T1 Aquafilter:

1. Karcher SE 6.100

The leader of the rating is the best vacuum cleaner, according to most buyers, the model of the already known Karcher brand. With it, cleaning upholstered furniture, carpets, parquet will be much easier. It performs both dry and wet cleaning. For example, by removing the water tank, you can use a vacuum cleaner for household needs, like building or the most ordinary household unit. Power consumption - 1400 W, dust collector capacity - 4 l. For wet cleaning is a water tank with a capacity of 4 liters.

It is worth noting the new "three in one" system, that is, spraying with extraction, in which detergent penetrates the entire depth of the surface.

The supply of detergent, by the way, is integrated directly into the hose, there are two tanks separately for clean and used water.The cost of a vacuum cleaner ranges from 20,290 to 20,299 p.

  1. Reliability and versatility.
  2. High-quality cleaning and dry cleaning with a powerful motor.
  3. Ergonomic handle for easy carrying of the unit.
  4. There is a flat pleated filter, due to which there is no need for regular replacement of the intermediate filter.
  5. A large number of nozzles in the kit.
  6. Protect the case from shock and damage.
  7. There is a function of aromatization and purification of the air after the completion of work.
  8. Extractor and collection of fluid in one hose.

Among the shortcomings, buyers noted the absence of winding the cord, weak traction during dry cleaning, a large weight of the vacuum cleaner itself.

 Karcher SE 6.100

Prices Karcher SE 6.100:


After studying and analyzing the technical features of models of various brands, we chose the highest quality vacuum cleaners and ranked the best in 2017. We hope that the presented list will help you in choosing the right appliance, and you will be satisfied with the perfect purchase.

However, before making your choice, pay attention to such characteristics as motor power, filter type, dust collector capacity, control system, hose length and strength of the materials from which the parts are made and the housing itself.

These are the most necessary requirements for a vacuum cleaner. Next, decide whether you need the unit exclusively for dry cleaning, or you also want to do a wet cleaning: then look at high-price washing vacuum cleaners.

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I do not understand why many people like washing vacuum cleaners? Such large and heavy bandura, especially when with water (((Although the taste and color ...
I am for the Dysons. High-quality, powerful and care for almost no. This is a convenient technique for years!


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