How to choose a good household vacuum cleaner for home

Potential buyers will be very helpful advice on how to choose a vacuum cleaner, so that it was multifunctional, served long and reliably. After all, this household appliance is an indispensable tool in the fight against dust and dirt. Many companies, world famous for their brands, are engaged in the development and production of these devices, using the most advanced technologies.

Types of vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaner principle next: it sucks in air with particles of debris and dust, drives it through the filter. Then the purified air returns to the room. A good vacuum cleaner has an improved filtration system.. Depending on the method of accumulation of dust, there are three types of vacuum cleaners, each of which has its own design features:

By the method of targeting cleanliness, you can select the units for dry, wet or combined cleaning. Washing machines through the tube, water is supplied from the reservoir to the surface to be cleaned. Immediately dirty water is sucked through a hose into another container. But they cannot be used to clean carpet and non-waterproof flooring, upholstered furniture.

 Wet Vacuuming

This is not an easy task - which vacuum cleaner to choose among the variety of goods. Modern vacuum cleaners are on the verge of fiction. For example, robot vacuum cleaner. You can manage it through a smartphone app. This miracle of technology can make its own route, avoid collisions with obstacles, get into hard-to-reach places, work until there is perfect purity around. It automatically recharges and adjusts to a specific type of cleaning. Innovative developments arecleaning robot vacuum cleaners and pool cleaning models. Do not even say that such a pleasure will cost several tens of thousands of rubles.

 Robot vacuum cleaner

For cleaning small surfaces, upholstery in the car will come to the rescue portable (or handheld) vacuum cleaner. Some models can even be charged by car cigarette lighter.

 Portable vacuum cleaner

Can't ignore mop vacuum cleanerwhich is very easy to store, use, works quietly. You can choose a vacuum cleaner for an apartment of any model, with the necessary technical characteristics and functionality.

Those who have their home, you can buy built-in vacuum cleaner. It is located in the basement of the house, and in the rooms there are pneumatic sockets where the hose plug is inserted. Dust and debris entering the unit, are displayed on the street. Such a device contributes to good ventilation, since the thinness of the air inside the room is quickly compensated by the incoming fresh air from the outside.

 Built-in vacuum cleaner

It is very easy to get lost in the variety of types, models of vacuum cleaners offered in the market of household appliances. Knowledge of the design features of different types will tell you how to choose the right vacuum cleaner.

Forever young classic

These are the first vacuum cleaners that appeared in Russia more than half a century ago, but have not lost their popularity so far. Their main purpose is dry cleaning of everything that is in the house. They are sold in a large assortment, they are often bought.Like any technique, such vacuum cleaners have pros and cons. Benefits include:

  1. Ease of use, care, maintenance. In order to start cleaning, it is enough to connect the hose, insert the plug into the socket and press the “start” button.
  2. Dust collectors are used replaceable paper, synthetic (very good option) and textile reusable. Using disposable bags eliminates the need to shake the dust out of a cloth bag.
  3. Wide price range.
  4. They have small size and weight, the function of cord retracting, it is convenient to store them.

 Philips FC 9071 vacuum cleaner


  1. As the “junk” bag becomes full suction power.
  2. The quality of the vacuum cleaner depends on the dust collector. If it is of poor quality, it may form defects from sharp particles of debris, which causes further dust infiltration and the appearance of an unpleasant smell. Therefore, choosing a replaceable dust collector, you need to pay attention to its quality.
  3. Reusable fabric bag, corrugated hose with tubes must be regularly cleanthat is not very hygienic and pleasant.

Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

And what kind of vacuum cleaner to choose, if there is no desire to constantly change or shake out the dust collectors, to spend money on their acquisition? Then come to the aid of cyclone vacuum cleaners. In their work centrifugal force is used, which collects and compresses dust with garbage in a special container. At the same time, having passed through several filters, the air has a greater degree of purification. Of course, the container must be cleaned, but this process is more hygienic than when changing the bag, because there is no dusting: just throw away the garbage and rinse it. If there is a water tank in the configuration, cyclonic vacuum cleaner You can do wet cleaning.

 Cyclone vacuum cleaner

In expensive models, several cyclone chambers are used, which improves the efficiency of air purification. Wireless mode provides freedom of movement. Some models have a telescopic tube for convenience; A large number of attachments are included: for wet cleaning, washing windows, a brush for removing pet hair from upholstered furniture and the floor, etc.

The suction force does not decrease as the flask is filled - this is the main advantage that makes the device indispensable when cleaning rooms where a lot of sand accumulates.

The disadvantages include the inconvenience experienced when working due to bulkiness, and increased noise. In some bagless vacuum cleaners, filters are often clogged, fail. Filter cleaning after cleaning is also a very laborious process. And the suction power is not high enough. But if you carefully consider the choice of a vacuum cleaner, you can find models with high suction power, low power consumption, low weight and equipped with anti-allergenic filters.

Vacuum cleaners with aqua filters

Definitely say which is better to choose a vacuum cleaner for the house, it is impossible. It all depends on what functional tasks it should perform. Sales consultants will always prompt the buyer how to choose a good product. The consumer often prefers the classic versions of vacuum cleaners. But more good characteristics are units with aqua filters. They purify the air best, as for dust and dirt that settles in the water tank, there is no chance of returning to the room. No other types of vacuum cleaners can not surpass them in the effectiveness of pollution control.

 Vacuum cleaner with aquafilter

These types of household cleaning equipment are best suited for those who are allergic to dust, who have children, if the apartment has a large number of soft surfaces, carpets.

With their help, you can do wet cleaning, wash windows, disinfect and steam treatment. Another great advantage: some models can humidify and ionize the air.

Of course, such devices have their drawbacks, which must be considered in order to choose the right vacuum cleaner for your home. These include the following:

  • large size and weight create some difficulties for work and storage;
  • After work, you need to spend a lot of time to wash the aqua-filter with all the details.

But these shortcomings can not be called significant, because they do not relate to the quality of cleaning.

What to look for when buying

If the issue with the choice of model is resolved, it's time to turn to the technical specifications, which, without bias, tell you how to choose a vacuum cleaner for your home.

The label indicates two sizes: instrument power and suction power. The second value is an indicator of the effectiveness of the device (sometimes this value is indicated only in the data sheet).For household vacuum cleaners power consumption starts from 1.5 thousand kW.

It is better to choose a vacuum cleaner with lower power consumption, but with greater suction power. Energy consumption has the following values:

  • 250–350 W (sometimes measured in aerowatts) —for a floor without carpet and for short-fleece;
  • 50-400 W - for a more thorough cleaning of rooms that are often contaminated, and if there are animals in the apartment;
  • up to 500 W - for apartments, where there is a lot of upholstered furniture and carpets (it should be taken into account that frequent cleaning with such power will quickly wear soft surfaces).

Well, if the handle has a switch to adjust the suction power.

 Switch on the handle of the vacuum cleaner

If the task is to keep the house in perfect order, you should pay attention to additional functions (which will entail an increase in price):

  • humidification, ionization, purification, aromatization of air;
  • knocking out soft surfaces;
  • steam treatment and disinfection.

 Steam surface cleaning

3. The ease of use and quality of cleaning depend on the configuration: additional brushes, nozzles and a container for storing them, a telescopic tube, turbo brush for utilization of hair and hair of pets.

 Nozzles for Vacuum Cleaner

four.When choosing a type of vacuum cleaner, you need to pay attention to such “trifles” as dimensions, weight, noise during operation, storage type (vertical or horizontal), protection of the engine from overheating, the length of the electrical cord, the presence of replaceable filters.

5. A few words about the HEPA (HEPA) filters, which have become more commonly used in dust removal devices. Of course, they can effectively clean the air, but you need to know some of the nuances. In cyclone and water vacuum cleaners, they must be cleaned regularly, they quickly fail. Best of all, if this filter works in combination with a dust collector bag (ideally with a synthetic one), in the classic type of vacuum cleaners.

 Hepa filters

Not the last word for pricing. What is the difference between cheap and expensive vacuum cleaners? Among the budget valued reliability and convenience in work. For the dear ones, the quality of cleaning and air filtration comes first. Only by weighing all the pros and cons, you can make a good choice and get a reliable assistant.

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