Cleaning the apartment with a steam cleaner: let me do all the dirty work for you

Cleaning the apartment takes time. It requires at least three devices: a vacuum cleaner, a napkin for dust. With the help of these tools it is impossible to bring perfect order, they only reduce the amount of dust, dirt and microbes. To achieve the perfect cleanliness we will be given the opportunity to clean the apartment, produced by a steam cleaner. This device was originally manufactured to disinfect hospital premises. Gradually, he moved to our apartments and won love among many housewives.

What is a steam cleaner?

A steam cleaner is a household appliance that is used to thoroughly clean and disinfect various surfaces.

Components of the steam cleaner:

  1. Steam boiler in which water is poured.
  2. A heating element that turns water into steam.
  3. The trigger "gun".
  4. Flexible elastic hose.
  5. Various nozzles.
  6. Beaker.
  7. Napkin for cleaning surfaces and funnel.

 Steam cleaner components

How does it work

The principle of operation of the device is quite simple. First, the container is filled with the necessary amount of water. Powder or other detergent can be added to the water to cope with heavily soiled surfaces. Connect the device to the mains. Next, press the button, thereby activating the heating element. After a few minutes, the water is heated, and then turns into steam. That's all - the steam cleaner is ready for cleaning, it only remains to press the starting “gun”. A high-pressure steam jet will appear through the hole on the nozzle, which will destroy harmful bacteria in the most inaccessible places.

 The principle of operation of the steam cleaner


  1. Home and household.
  2. Floor and manual.

Household floor appliances are characterized by high power, a large number of functions and nozzles, steam pressure and, naturally, a high price.

Home floor and manual steam cleaners are cheaper.And they are also less functional, with fewer features and nozzles.

What can be cleaned with a steam cleaner?

Answer this question is not difficult. This household appliance can clean almost everything! Yes, the steam cleaner is a versatile device.

With the help of a steam cleaner you can:

  • To wash the floors from a variety of materials: wood, laminate, linoleum, tile.
  • To clean the surface of the sofa and carpets.
  • Wash radiators and batteries.
  • Clean washable wallpaper.
  • Wash tile and furniture in the bathroom.
  • To wash windows, glasses, mirrors.
  • To clean the surface from the hair and hair of animals.
  • Remove old fat.
  • Clean the fridge, oven, hob, extractor hood, microwave from the inside.
  • Get rid of the microbes inside the car.
  • Iron and clean clothes, tulle, curtains.
  • Clean soft toys from dust and mites.

 Household steam cleaner

Cleaning advantages steam cleaner:

  1. Removing surfaces from harmful fungi, bacteria, germs and mold.
  2. Getting rid of unpleasant odors, including dampness.
  3. Getting rid of stains on any surfaces.
  4. There is no need to use household chemicals.
  5. The increase in pile during the processing of carpets.
  6. Copes with the disposal of dirt in hard to reach places.
  7. Cleans greasy surfaces.


  1. Wash wooden products that are varnished.
  2. Clean soft plastic.
  3. Treat surfaces that should not be subjected to wet cleaning.
  4. Clean silk and velor fabrics.
  5. To wash windows during frosts.

 Steam cleaner operation

How to use the device

No matter what you are going to clean using this device, the preparation of the treated surface is always the same. First you need to remove all foreign objects from the surface. Then pour the required amount of water into the steam boiler.

How can wash laminate steam cleaner? With the help of a steam cleaner you can get rid of dirt, stains, animal hair on the laminate flooring, as well as disinfect the floor surface. To cope with such contamination, you need to use a microfiber cloth that comes with a Kärcher steam cleaner. Laminate is undesirable to hot water, especially low-quality flooring, so steam must be released periodically. Strongly polluted laminate can be washed with the addition of detergents, but without the content of glycerin and beeswax.

 Washing the laminate with a steam cleaner

My windows. Washing windows with a steam cleaner is a pleasure. Included with the device company Karcher provided nozzle in the form of a point nozzle with a rubber scraper, which copes with dirt and divorce. To avoid damage to the glass with steam, the temperature of which is 95 degrees, the window should be washed from a distance of 30 cm. As the glass is heated, it is necessary to gradually approach the nozzle to the surface.

 Window cleaning with steam cleaner

Carpet cleaning with steam. For cleaning carpets, Karcher should be used simultaneously with a vacuum cleaner, since the first one cannot absorb dust. First you need to pour in the steam cleaner the required amount of water with the addition of detergent, then treat the surface several times. The device will help get rid of dust, ticks, stains, animal hair and sanitize and fluff carpet pile. At the end of the cleaning you need to dry the carpet with a vacuum cleaner.

Walking on a wet carpet after steaming is undesirable, but if you can’t wait, you need to put on clean socks. To install furniture on a wet carpet, you need to put foam buffers under it.

 Steam carpet cleaning

Cleaning the sofa. Before the start cleaning the sofa with a steam cleaner Karcher need to make sure that the upholstery fabric is not damaged by high temperatures. During operation, the nozzle should be at an angle to the surface. The dirt softened with steam should be immediately collected with microfiber cloths.

 Cleaning the sofa with steam

How to wash greasy surfaces using steam? Washing the kitchen appliances from a layer of grease is not a very pleasant task, but with the help of a Kärcher steam cleaner it is not difficult. You need to use the brush head. Prepare separately in the plate a solution consisting of water and detergent. During the treatment of the surface with steam, it is necessary to periodically wet the nozzle in a soapy solution. The softened fat should be collected with a soft cloth.

 Cleaning the oily surface with a steam cleaner

Cleaning the apartment with a steam cleaner will get rid of not only dust and dirt, but also clean various surfaces from bacteria, germs, dust mites, stains, unpleasant odors and animal hair. And you will save your time and energy.

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