Cleaning upholstered furniture with a steam cleaner - quickly, easily and simply

Steam cleaners have firmly entered our lives, facilitating the process of cleaning, ironing clothes, disinfecting, cleaning any heavily soiled surfaces, be it a sofa or a tiled floor. Caring for upholstered furniture is not an easy task. Upholstery, especially woven, is difficult to clean by traditional methods. How should the upholstered furniture be cleaned with a steam cleaner, how does this wonderful helper work and how does it work?

Types of steam cleaners

Household steam cleaners are:

  • Manual - small size.
  • Compact - medium size with a small vacuum cleaner.
  • Vacuum cleaners are large in size with great power and efficiency.

 Manual steam cleaner

Principle of operation

Steam cleaner works based on hot steamwhich is fed under pressure from the tank. Hot jets penetrate into hard-to-reach places, dissolve dirt, while cleaning the surface and disinfecting it. And you can clean without the participation of chemical detergents!

This device works simply: the water in the tank heats up, turns into steam, and then is released into the pipe. But its effectiveness is enormous! When the surface being cleaned right before your eyes is transformed and the dirt disappears, it is comparable to a miracle. Not surprisingly, the number of fans of this wonderful device is growing steadily.

Advantages of cleaning with a steam cleaner over alternative methods

Of course, there are many alternative means and methods of caring for upholstered furniture - favorite sofas and armchairs, but this device is considered the most effective.

Cleaning in the usual way using wipes moistened in a solution of detergents, to some extent helps to cope with the problem. But when drying on the upholstery ugly stains and stains remain. However, this method is suitable, but only for leather upholstery or leatherette.

 Outdoor steam cleaner

Furniture upholstery can be cleaned and with a washing vacuum cleaner.It will remove dust, light pollution, but will not be able to disinfect the surface. For sofas and carpets, there are detergents that are diluted to a pasty state, applied for a while and then washed off. This method of cleaning has the right to exist, but only with minor contamination.

Cleaning with a steam cleaner is more productive and, moreover, does not require much effort. Under the influence of hot steam all the dirt from the upholstery evaporates, as if by magic! Simultaneously happening disinfection upholstered furniture and odor removal.

Rules for cleaning upholstered furniture

  1. First you need to thoroughly vacuum the upholstery with a conventional vacuum cleaner.
  2. If there are stains, use the tool recommended by the manufacturer and process them.
  3. Wait until dry.
  4. Prepare napkins in advance to absorb dirt, the necessary attachments and brushes that may be needed in the work.
  5. Now you can turn on the steam cleaner, after filling its tank with water.
  6. To make cleaning in small areas, immediately soaking the treated part with slow movements.
  7. You can dry the sofa with a steam cleaner with a built-in vacuum cleaner or wait for the upholstery to dry naturally.

 Furniture cleaning with steam cleaner

Important! If the armrests on the furniture are made of wood and varnished, then when cleaning it is not recommended to send a stream of steam to them. Varnish can swell, forming blisters, and the surface will fade under the influence of hot temperatures.

Cleaning upholstered furniture with a steam cleaner has many advantages compared to other methods:

  • ease of cleansing;
  • saving time;
  • lack of stains and stains;
  • removal of unpleasant odors;
  • the ability to clean hard to reach places that can not be processed in the usual way;
  • under the influence of hot steam microbes, pathogenic bacteria die;
  • allergens and dust mites are removed;
  • the possibility of cleaning without the use of powders and detergents.

Recommendations for use

Manufacturers of steam cleaners for effective operation recommend:

  1. Fill the tank with filtered water.
  2. To use in the process of cleaning wipes from well absorbent material.
  3. It is necessary to process small areas with contamination, more often blot with napkins to remove dissolved dirt immediately.
  4. To clean upholstered furniture regularly, without waiting for heavy pollution, then the upholstery will keep a beautiful and well-groomed look longer.

 Removing dirt from the couch


With a steam cleaner, the cleaning process from tedious and routine turns into an easy and pleasant, and most importantly, accelerated process. Free time, which we always lack, is a wonderful bonus to a cleaned and renewed sofa!

Have you ever had to use this wonderful device? Try it and you will be surprised how you could have done without this helper before!

The attached video shows the process of cleaning the steam cleaner in a heavily soiled sofa.

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