Steam cleaner - the best way to care for clothes

The steam cleaner was introduced to the market as a device for fighting dirt on various surfaces (walls, floor, tile, gas stove, etc.). However, it can also be used for ironing, cleaning and disinfecting clothes. Consider the principle of operation and the advantages of this universal technology in more detail.

Operating principle

A steam cleaner is a device consisting of a steam boiler, heating element, compressor, tube. In a steam boiler, the water is brought to a boil, goes into a vapor state, and then when the button is pressed, it is released under high pressure in the form of a jet of hot steam. The temperature of the steam produced can reach 130 degrees Celsius.

Purpose and dignity

Habitual ways of cleansing clothes are increasingly being replaced by new technological methods. However, this does not mean that it is time to abandon the traditional washing or dry cleaning.

There are a number of materials that are best not to be washed in the traditional way:

  • thin delicate fabrics that are easily stretched and deformed;
  • fabrics subject to shrinkage during washing;
  • furs that are afraid of moisture;
  • fabrics dyed with dyes that fade heavily when in contact with water.

 Steam cleaner for cleaning clothes

It is for such cases that a steam cleaner is provided.

The device cleans things without harming them and without subjecting their structure to deformation. It is irreplaceable in the case of strong contamination on clothes: rarely a stain can resist under the influence of a hot directed jet.

Meritscommon to all steam cleaners:

  • cleaning from dust, stains of various origin;
  • disinfection - pathogenic microbes, dust mites die;
  • cleaning of furs, saving them from moth;
  • degreasing;
  • the ability to cleanse without the use of chemicals.

A steam cleaner makes it easier for us to take care of our clothes, expanding our care.Having it at hand, you can cope with even the most persistent pollution in a matter of minutes. In addition to cleansing, he also performs steam function.

This device is especially needed for things that can not be ironed with an iron. For example, coats and suits, which are recommended to be cleaned in a vertical plane, on a hanger. A regular iron cannot cope with such a task, as well as small domestic steamers that are not designed to work with dense material. When ironing with iron, the fabric deteriorates, the threads are crushed. And when exposed to steam, on the contrary, the product takes on an updated look.

A steam cleaner can also be used to clean the house. Powerful steam jet can eliminate pollution of any complexity. Using a variety of nozzles, you can clean the floors and glass, clean the hob, tile.


Among the many types of steam cleaners designed to care for clothes, it is impossible to immediately navigate and determine which of them still need to be purchased? Floor or manual? What power? What is the volume of the water tank?

 Manual and floor model

Outdoor models look like a vacuum cleaner. Portable, i.e tame, differ in the smaller sizes, smaller weight. By technical parameters, they are also inferior floor - in power, in time. Hand-held more convenient to use, and they are cheaper.

Steam cleaners, vacuum cleaners are designed for professional cleaning. They are more powerful (1600-2000 W), more productive and expensive. The vapor pressure in them reaches 5-6 bar. The power of the manual models is 1200-1500 W, the vapor pressure on average is 3 bar., And they are used in most cases at home.

The volume of the water tank for portable steam cleaners is 500 ml-1.5 l, for outdoor ones - from 2 to 4 liters.

What to look for when choosing

When buying a steam cleaner, consider the following:

  1. If you chose a manual model, you should pay attention to its weight. Do not take into account the weight of an empty device, as the tank will be filled with water when used. Buy a handheld device based on these characteristics.
  2. An important feature is tank volume. It is from this parameter that the time of continuous operation of the steam cleaner depends: the smaller it is, the more often you have to add liquid.
  3. You should pay attention to the number and types of attached baits. The more of them, the more functions the steam cleaner will perform.
  4. Do not forget about the length of the hose. In low-power models, the cord should not be too long, so that the steam, passing through it, does not have time to cool down.
  5. Another important parameter is water heating time. Manufacturers recommend to pour already hot water, so you can save time. 

 Steam cleaner application

How to care for a steam cleaner?

  1. Use only distilled or filtered water.
  2. Twice a year to clean the scale.
  3. After use is completed, drain the remaining water.
  4. Be careful when working with a steam cleaner, so that no one from the household gets under a stream of hot air. 

A steam cleaner is a device that can do a lot of homework in minutes. If you purchased a floor-mounted version with a lot of nozzles and additional tubes, you can safely use your assistant in other household chores.

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