5 best models of vacuum cleaners in 2018

It is difficult to imagine cleaning the apartment without a vacuum cleaner. This seemingly familiar device tightly entered our lives, becoming an integral attribute of household cleaning. Today, there are many manufacturers that are ready to offer models of the most different price categories - from low cost budget devices to premium class. The choice is very large, and in the existing variety it is quite easy to get lost. In today's ranking, 5 best models of vacuum cleaners will be reviewed, having good user reviews and expert recommendations.

5. Samsung VC20M25

In fifth place is the vacuum cleaner from the Samsung Corporation. Bright and stylish design of the device, made in a modern style, combines smooth rounded shapes and interweaving of two colors.

Depending on the choice of the buyer, it will be a combination of black and one of the other colors of choice (red, green, etc.).

The cost of the model is 4990 rubles.Cleaning available only dry, but the performance can reach up to 2 kW, which is quite a lot for the model of the average price category. For the collection of dust and debris meets both the usual standard bag and cyclone filter. Power control is only on the case, not duplicated on the handle of the device. Also in the filtering system included a fine cleaning that holds the smallest particles of dust on the surface of the filter. The maximum noise level, according to the assurances of the developers, is 83 dB. The power cord is pulled out to 6 meters. The pipe for suction of garbage is telescopic, not folding. Comes with everything two nozzles: for cleaning smooth surfaces and for carpet. Compact dimensions and a handle with a comfortable grip allow you to comfortably carry the vacuum cleaner from room to room. The weight of the model is only 4.3 kg.

 Samsung VC20M25

Samsung is able to make high-quality and inexpensive vacuum cleaners that can work for more than one year, bringing only positive emotions to its owner. Quite a popular and balanced model, which has everything you need for daily cleaning and proper dry cleaning.Given the cost of the device, it can be argued that the device will be of interest to anyone who is interested in purchasing an inexpensive and high-quality device, without wishing to overpay for additional functions. Bright design perfectly fit into the interior of almost any apartment, and thanks to its compact dimensions, the vacuum cleaner itself does not take up much space in the closet.

  • reliable;
  • quality from a proven brand;
  • productive;
  • beautiful body;
  • several color options;
  • double filtration system, including fine filter;
  • copes well with a hard pile;
  • light;
  • compact.
  • few tips;
  • noisy;
  • non-separable suction pipe.

Prices Samsung VC20M25:

4. KARCHER DS 6.000

Fourth place is one of the best cleaning devices in the world. This model has received good feedback from users, it is recommended by a number of specialists. Bright modern design and a high degree of reliability allows the device to remain one of the best-selling models on the market for a long time. The average price for a device in retail networks is 14,990 rubles.

 KARCHER DS 6.000 set

The high-end model has a number of advantages that competitors do not have.Type of cleaning classic, dry. The maximum power is only 900 W, but this is enough for the implementation of all the functions present in the vacuum cleaner. The device is supplied with aqua filter, but without garbage bags, which is very convenient. The noise level also pleasantly surprises: it is here at 66 dB, and this is at maximum load. Unfortunately, power control is not available. The power cord is pulled out to 7.5 meters, which is enough to clean a room of medium size. The same pipe as the previous model has a telescopic, non-separable tube for suction.


Included in the delivery is just several brushes: for carpet surfaces, for floors, crevices and non-standard surfaces. Dimensions allow you to easily move the device from one room to another. Vacuum cleaner weight 7.5 kg. The device is parked vertically, taking up very little space in the storage room, and there is also a separate place for storing brush attachments. The useful cleaning radius is 9.6 meters. In addition to the water-based filter, the device is equipped with a HEPA13 filter, which greatly enhances its cleaning qualities. Despite the high cost, the model from “Carher” definitely deserves the money.An interesting combination of classic design and high quality. The model will attract connoisseurs of comfortable and quiet cleaning, as well as all those who are interested in a wide functionality of equipment.

  • high functionality;
  • attractive design;
  • wide useful cleaning radius;
  • quiet work;
  • triple filtration system;
  • comfortable grip;
  • dimensions;
  • filter capacity 1.7 liters;
  • energy savings.
  • in a set there are not enough nozzles;
  • high price;
  • non-separable tube.

Prices KARCHER DS 6.000:

3. Philips FC 8471

The ranking of the best continues to model from the famous brand "Philips". This is a mid-price vacuum cleaner with an attractive, modern design. Two wide wheelsinstalled in the back of the device, provide him with additional stability and maneuverability, allowing you to follow the owner. The cost of the device is 5350 rubles.

The type of cleaning is traditional, dry. The maximum performance is 1700 W, and the suction power is 330 W, which is a very good result. The filter of cyclone type, without bags, acts as a dust collector. Its capacity is 1.5 liters. Power adjustment is not provided, but there is a fine filter. The maximum noise level is 83 dB.The power cord extends 6 meters. Special attention is given to the pipe for sucking dirt and debris: it is a team here.

 Philips FC 8471

It comes with several nozzles for working with a smooth surface, with carpets, crevices and one special, small size. This nozzle, specifically designed to work with non-standard surfaces, will help to clean household appliances, as well as in hard to reach placesIn which dust usually accumulates. The dimensions are quite standard, 28.5x40.6x2.8 cm, thanks to which the device is convenient to park and store. The weight of the vacuum cleaner is only 4.5 kg.

A pleasant surprise is the availability of the automatic power cord rewinding option, as well as a pressure switch with a foot. This greatly simplifies the use of the device.

Given the price tag and a set of characteristics, we can safely say that the model turned out to be reliable and optimally balanced. The small weight of the device makes it easy to move it from place to place, and its stylish design will help it fit into almost any interior. Excellent solutions in the middle class, deserved third place.

  • affordable price:
  • strong body;
  • several degrees of filtration;
  • small weight;
  • high performance;
  • can be turned on and off without stooping;
  • wide radius of cleaning;
  • comfortable dimensions;
  • the maneuverability of the apparatus itself;
  • vertical parking.
  • few tips included;
  • tightness of the pipe for suction (it can snap into place at the joints);
  • noisy work.

Prices Philips FC 8471:

2. Thomas AQUA-BOX Compact

The rating of vacuum cleaners for the house in 2018 continues with a model from the company “Thomas”. This is a well-known manufacturer of household appliances designed for cleaning. The equipment of this company is distinguished by a high degree of reliability and an excellent assembly of all components and assemblies. The cost of the device is 15,790 rubles. For this price, the buyer has at his disposal a whole range of impressive characteristics, most of which are absent from the closest competitors.

 Thomas AQUA-BOX Compact

The stylish and elegant case combines modern design solutions with modest ergonomics. Only dry cleaning is available, but the vacuum cleaner has an option. fluid collection. Maximum performance is 1700 watts. A 1.9-liter water-based filter serves as a dust collector. Power adjustment made on the body and is not duplicated on the suction pipe.The noise level is at around 81 dB. Record such a mark can not be called, but in general, the device is quite quiet. The power cord is pulled out to a maximum length of 6 meters. The suction pipe is not collapsible, telescopic sample. The kit comes with several nozzles for cleaning a smooth surface, carpets and furniture.

Among the additional features should be noted the possibility of humidifying the air during cleaning.

Pleasantly surprised by the small size and weight of only 6.9 kg. The power cord is unwound automatically. The case has a large power button that can be pressed with the foot. Park the device vertically. In addition to the fine filter, the device also HEPA13 installed with the possibility of suction of liquid up to 1.8 liters and aqua filter per 1 liter. The Thomas vacuum cleaner is a traditional model, with a stylish case and a functional filling that is suitable for a wide range of customers.

  • functionality;
  • bright design;
  • strong body;
  • wonderful build;
  • triple filtration system;
  • small weight;
  • dimensions, convenient for carrying;
  • maneuverability;
  • convenient nozzle for cracks;
  • large useful range.
  • noisy work at maximum load;
  • equipment;
  • there is no separate place for storing brush nozzles.

Prices Thomas AQUA-BOX Compact:

1. Morphy Richards Supervac Deluxe 734050

Unusual in the first place of our ratingcordless vacuum cleaner by morphy richards. Despite the fact that traditional models still confidently “hold” the market, many modern housewives have already appreciated the convenience of vacuum cleaners without wires: working without being tied to the network, you can collect garbage in any corners of the apartment and even in rooms with no outlets. Such a device is always at hand, it is compact and mobile. The Morphy Richards Supervac Deluxe 734050 model has three configurations for cleaning, providing comfortable access to any place:

  • classical vertical (the handle can be bent at the right angle for access under the bed, pedestals, etc.);
  • manual for car interior and cleaning upholstered furniture;
  • handstick providing maximum maneuverability.

 vacuum cleaner configurations

At the same time, the weight of the device is slightly less than 3 kg; it is easy and convenient to move it. A vacuum cleaner equipped with a turbo brush, which will cope with cleaning carpet surfaces from the hair and hair of animals. Besides it, the kit includes a nozzle for cleaning upholstered furniture, cleaning gaps, long-pile carpets. The air cleaning system in the device is four-stage.There is a HEPA filter that cleans the air of mites and pollens that cause allergies.

The main point that worries when buying equipment on the battery - is the duration of battery life.Morphy Richards Supervac Deluxe 734050 is equipped with a Li-Ion battery that allows you to work for 1 hour in standard mode and 20 minutes in maximum suction mode. This is the highest rate among wireless vacuum cleaners. At the same time, it restores the charge by 75% in 2 hours, and by 100% in four.

 vacuum cleaner charging

Charging is carried out on the floor base, which is equipped with mounts for all attachments and does not take up much space. The warranty on the battery from the manufacturer - 2 years.

Note: the average harvesting time for an apartment’s area (about 60 squares) is from 15 to 35 minutes.

You have to pay for innovation: you can buy Morphy Richards Supervac Deluxe 734050 from a Russian representative for 23,990 rubles. This technique will be appreciated by lovers of progressive solutions and all hostesses who are tired of carrying heavy vacuum cleaners.

  • ease and maneuverability;
  • lack of wires;
  • high battery life;
  • multifunctionality;
  • 4-stage air purification.
  • noise level (78 dB);
  • no wet cleaning;
  • full charge time 4 hours.


Today, many choose multitasking devices, often with rich functionality. The classic vacuum cleaner has undergone great changes, today there are a lot of functions in its arsenal, some of which are really useful. It is important to determine which of them will be important in the operation, before making a choice in favor of a particular model. It should be remembered that the simplest in functional devices, as a rule, the most reliable. When making a choice in favor of multi-tasking vacuum cleaners, it is necessary to study the manufacturer and the reviews about the model in order not to get “the cat in the bag.

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